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Some history notes and my bullet journal spread for march break. I’ve been feeling so low lately but the increasing luminosity is clearly affecting my health positively! I forgot lately how much good updating my studyblr did, and thus I’ll try to do it more often.

Also, shoutout at @berrywyvern for the Arizona 💛


The Peach-faced Lovebird aka Agapornis roseicollis lives in the dry open countries of Southwest Africa, ranging from Angola and Namibia to the South African North Cape Province, though many have escaped captivity as pets and can be seen feral in both rural and urban areas in Phoenix, Arizona. They feed on seeds and berries. They are very social animals and can be seen congregating in small groups.

Once upon a time, there were 3 girls and 1 boy. They were Tumblr and they took some cute pics. This (☝🏼️) is one of those.
Credits: @littl3sams
Tumblr/ig: @alexqu4lity

Peach-faced lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis), at Kiwanis Park, in Tempe, Arizona.

These birds are native to the Namib Desert region of southwest Africa. Feral populations are common throughout Phoenix. In this photo the bird’s nest cavity (in a groomed Canary Island date palm) can be seen in the background - real estate probably made by a native woodpecker. Because the rate of cavity creation among native species is so high the lovebirds are not generally considered disruptive.  

Bonus etymology: The generic name is a New Latin construction from the Greek words ἀγάπη (agápē, “love”) and ὄρνις (órnis, “bird”).

alabama gothic
  • when you drive down the road that leads to your grandparents’ house, you notice the kudzu has overtaken the sidewalks. as you enter the house, your grandmother smiles at you, a vine creeping up her right leg.
  • it is november, and you sweat. it is march, and it snows. james spann holds morning televised blood rituals to right these wrongs, and you know they’ll never truly work, but you tune in anyway.
  • you buy a can of arizona peach tea from the kangaroo, and thank the woman at the counter as you walk out. “bless your heart,” she says, and you feel a burst in your chest as the demons you’ve been harboring are banished. you fall to the floor in relief, and the can rolls into the hostess display.
  • when you were a child, there was a ravine behind your school. it was filled with honeysuckle that can never stop growing and, you heard, fairies. you weren’t sure about that, but when you fell and scraped your knee on your way out, the skin closed back over the wound. 
  • when you drive through the state, you are either inundated with peeling paint and toothless gas station attendants or run-down strip malls and teen-staffed hardees. you have learned to stop questioning the difference and paying attention to the road, and it all becomes much more pleasant after that.
  • the lights are on in the church downtown, and the bell rings at night, but no one worships there. no one has for years.
  • a man you pass in the park nods and says, “roll tide.” you reply, “roll tide.” children with no eyes and houndstooth dresses rise out of the bushes on the side of the path and chime “roll tide” in unison. 
  • you love your mama with a fierceness wild dogs cannot rival. there is a circle of ash around your house warning all: you would kill for your mama. you may have killed for your mama–you don’t remember where the ashes came from, anyway.
  • you are in bryant-denny stadium, and you are cheering. it is full and everyone is cheering. there is no one on the field and the astroturf is dead.

I just had a whole gallon of Arizona peach tea fucking break on my foot and it was like the heavens opened and all I know is that my foot definitely felt like Beyoncé during hold up.


“ Peaches is devoted and loyal to her humans, both adult and children. She is a little timid with men at first, but once she knows you, she loves you. She has plenty of energy and loves to play, go for walks, and loves the outdoors. However, she is never one to turn down a good cuddle and even sneaks into bed with her humans to steal a nap.“