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13 Elizona

“Kiss me.” Arizona murmured as she looked out at the bright lights of the city before turning to looking at the brunette whose hand she was gripping onto, more so due to the fact she was scared of heights and that was the only safety she felt she had at that moment in time.

The two women had decided to take a trip to the Space Needle, one of Seattle’s most popular landmarks. Although Arizona had lived in the city for a while, visiting the landmark had never been something she had gotten round to doing and while Eliza had only moved here a few months ago, it was definitely on her to do list. Having decided to kill two birds with one stone, they both decided that it would be a good idea for them to go together, though that didn’t go without a slight bit of reluctance from Arizona due to her small fear of heights.

The sun was now setting as they looked over the city skyline, it was breathtaking in every sense, but while standing at the top of the monument, Arizona couldn’t ignore the spark that was igniting within her or the feelings she had gained for Eliza over the past couple of months.

Turning to look at Arizona, Eliza frowned at the words that fell from the blonde’s mouth, she almost felt as though she had misheard, mainly due to the fact Arizona had been playing hard to get for months now.

“What?” Eliza laughed slightly, looking at the blonde with a confused expression.

“I can’t ignore it anymore, not while standing up here with you.” Arizona spoke softly as she looked into the green eyes staring back at her. “I think that before I was scared which is why I came across the way I did to you, but I’m not scared anymore.”

It was true, Arizona was scared of falling for someone again in case it ended in yet more heartache for her, but right now she didn’t care, she wanted to feel loved in the way it was meant to be.

“Wh-What? I mean, are you sure? I know I maybe came on too strong these past few weeks but I don’t want you to do this just for me.” Eliza said with concern, butterflies beginning to erupt in the pit of her stomach as she she looked into bright blue eyes.

Shaking her head, Arizona couldn’t drop the smile from her face. “Kiss me, Eliza.”

Letting go of the blonde’s hand, Eliza moved her own to move stray strands of blonde hair behind Arizona’s ear before her hand glided down to Arizona’s upper arm. Searching for the consent in Arizona’s eyes, it was granted when Eliza noticed the twinkle in the other woman’s eyes. 

Watching as Eliza moved closer to her, Arizona’s breth was swiftly taken away from her when she felt a soft pair of lips push themselves gently against her own. Her eyes fell instantly shut as she savoured the gentleness of the kiss, lost in her own world as butterflies erupted in her stomach. 

Before Eliza knew it, Arizona began kissing her back just as softly, the blonde’s lips felt heavenly upon hers. Arizona’s hand moved to the back of the brunette’s neck, her thumb just resting in front of her ear as they kissed.

Neither women wanted to pull away but had to when air became a necessity. Pulling away briefly, both women looked into one another’s eyes, a sparkle evident just before they close the gap once more and their lips connected.

They were lost in their own world, one that had finally been connected after so long.

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