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Calzona’s elevator scene in 6x22 is literally one of the most iconic elevator scenes in the entire show.

This is literally how it goes:

Arizona walks in and sees Callie. Both of their hearts flutter for a second before remembering they aren’t together anymore and the heartache settles back in. Callie desperately wants to say something to her, but no words would come. Arizona stands breathing deeply, counting the seconds until she could get off because the thick tension was making it difficult for her to breathe or think clearly. Finally, Callie whispers her name almost as if she’s afraid of what’d happen if she spoke and her name rolling smoothly off Callie’s lips was enough for Arizona’s hold on her control to slip. She turns around forcefully pressing her lips onto Callie’s, kissing her as if it would be the last time she’d ever get to do so. She savored it. When she finally pulls away, they stare into each other’s eyes, taking a mental image of this moment, their possible last moment. And then Arizona just walks off, needing to get away from Callie because knowing that, that may have been the last time she’d ever be that close to Calliope was too much for her to bear and she needed a drink. Lots of them. Arizona’s lunge left Callie breathless. She could still feel Arizona’s lips on hers. Needing a minute to for the haze in her head to clear, she just leans against the elevator wall and let the doors close.

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