arizona iced tea with lemonade

Arizona Gothic
  • It is hot, too hot, your flip flops are melted to the sidewalk and you’re melting down to join them it is too too hot
  • There are so many churches on Central. There’s a church on every corner. All praising someone invisible who tries their best to drown out the noise
  • There is a young man on the corner. He looks homeless, he looks hungry, his face is covered in dirt and his eyes have black circles instead of irises. He is top of his class. 
  • Waffle House. As far as the eye can see Waffle House. The Denny’s parasite is not strong enough to survive the desert heat. It will perish. 
  • That is a Republican. So is that. They are all Republicans. The liberals are in hiding. 
  • It takes 13 minutes to get from 7th street to 7th avenue. It feels like 13 years. It feels like 13 eons. Where is Central avenue?
  • It takes 3 Circle K’s for you to find an Arizona Iced Tea. It is not iced. it is not tea. It is lemonade. 
  • The saguaro cacti say hello. They wave. They are friendly. They are deadly. it is against the law to touch them. 
  • Chick-fil-a is closed on Sunday. You only ever want Chick-fil-a on Sundays. Every day is Sunday. 
  • It doesn’t rain in California much like Arizona. Much Like Arizona. Much like Arizona. 

I’m wearing my good striped shirt and I have a refreshing arizona iced tea lemonade in the refrigerator machine and I’m about to take a nap and that’s just the way it is!

thought this day couldnt get any better and then i found a large can of delicious refreshing arizona arnold palmer iced tea lemonade in my refrigerator!!! what a day


It’s finally done oh my god…I worked on this all week??? I drew Shae last and u can probably tell how tired I was…

A series of portraits for hwupocam!! My fave gals of color in the game <3 Hopefully I can make one w/ Zoe (love her too!!) and the rest some day. I drew Holly first, I picked up some of that Arizona from the 7-11 and got inspired and it spiraled out of control, lol…

Please click on them to full-view + see the drinks/race headcanons (rly only for Shae, who I imagine is Filipina!) This was a lot of work so please let me know what you all think.