arizona festival

It’s always a pleasure visiting my favorite Privateer at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. If you’re a local who goes regularly, make sure you pay a visit to the supremely charming and funny Captain Francis Drake. (Bring some tips of you want the treatment I’m getting in the pictures 😉)
He’s only been at our faire two years and already he’s made a lasting impact as a performer.


So we ran into my friend Ryann at the Renaissance Faire (Actually we ran into a lot of friends and I didn’t??? take?? selFIES??????????)

And we watched the Cast in Bronze performance and met the guy at the end! It was really nice!

Going to the Arizona Renaissance Festival this Saturday and I’m for sure going to try to get good shots of my Cubone costume this time around to post now that I’ve mostly perfected it.

…also if anyone is in that area and going this Saturday, too, look for the human!Cubone walking around it’s me lol

Omfg look at how cute this kid is aaaaaaaaahhhhh I’m gonna die!!!! Damn I miss Japan, I really shouldn’t have postponed my trip back for work… But if I did I wouldn’t have found out about the Arizona Matsuri festival of Japan, which is cool as fuck! Lol


Garb Week!

crumpetsandcorsets submitted:

Garb Week makes me so damn happy!!! Thank you so much for sharing my Josephine cosplay. I’d also like to share with you a couple costumes I made for the Arizona Renaissance Festival: an Elizabethan gown and an Elf Queen costume. Thank you very much for all you do!

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Okay, this is the very last one for Garb Week! These two gowns are really impressive work, and thank YOU so much for sharing them!