arizona festival

Loving this bralette. I have a photo of someone from Coachella wearing a similar one layered under a black mesh dress. So cute.

Prickly Pear Embroidered Bralette: Birds and Beestings on Etsy, $120, Buy it Here


So we ran into my friend Ryann at the Renaissance Faire (Actually we ran into a lot of friends and I didn’t??? take?? selFIES??????????)

And we watched the Cast in Bronze performance and met the guy at the end! It was really nice!

I love faire virgins

I’m not kidding, they are my favorite patrons and always have been since I was one of them! They are so remarkable to watch as they first walk through the gates and meet their first character because of the sheer wonder you can see in their eyes. Even with my most uptight and cynical friends, that little twinkle is still noticeable. The “deflowering” of a faire virgin is simply magical.

So if you have never been to a renaissance festival, please visit your local faire! :)


Watch, share and then vote for this week’s featured films from the PBS Online Film Festival:

National Black Programming Consortium's 7 Day GigA young man sits Shiva, mourns for his father’s death with strangers from the Internet.

Latino Public Broadcasting’s El Doctor: Worlds collide when an Arizona family hires an undocumented day laborer.

Pacific Islanders in Communications’ Dog Save the Queen: The Million Dollar Corgi Quest comes to the Island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

National Black Programming Consortium’s El Reloj: Experience a day in the life of a Zapotec grandfather and his city-born granddaughter.

Pacific Islanders in Communications’ My Dear Americans: An Indian-American husband and wife adjust to immigrant life in an American suburb.