arizona con


All the furries I saw at PCC2014!!! This con was a lot of fun for me and it’s good to know I’ve been progressing on my social anxiety >< I only felt mild anxiety talking to other furs and tried my best to talk just a little. Hopefully if I go to Saboten or for sure at Taiyou I can hold conversations and not be afraid!


Come visit the wondrous land that most resembles the temperature of hell


It’s nearly September and every Arizona Otaku knows what that means.. Saboten Con is coming up! Last year they had great guests like Cosplay-Wrestler-Metal Singer LadyBeard, Twinzik, and Tara Platt.. 

This year Saboten Con will have Johnny Yong Bosch, Eyeshine, Cherami Leigh, and even Yuko Miyamura! I can’t wait to see all the awesome cosplayers and guests at this upcoming Saboten Con!

-KatDensetsu (About @sabotencon 2017)


MY FRAN!!! Took these all myself! I am so in love with this cosplay. Already figuring out what I can improve on and what I want to keep. Since they announced the remastering of Final Fantasy XII this is perfect timing!! 

What I wore to Phoenix Comic Con


So somebody went to comic con in Arizona for the intent to murder Jason David Frank. Thankfully the guy was caught by the police before any tragedy could happen at the convention, Jason is not hurt, and no innocent con-goers were hurt.

Picture from Yesterday’s panel at Amazing AZ comicon! It was a blast as we introduced many fans young and old to the wonderful world of Transformers Comics through discussion of Windblade, MTMTE and much more! A big thank you to those who attended and asked some awesome questions!