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Misunderstandings & Missteps: Japril

(like something out of a goddamn Shakespeare play) 

13x19 AU: When Arizona mistakenly guesses that Riggs is in love with April, instead of Meredith, things get complicated. Jackson makes a misstep that sends him reeling on what he really wants. Will Japril ever be able to find their way back to each other? 

Chapter 1: Misunderstandings

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the-mental-immigrant  asked:

Hi, Alex. I just saw your post concerning climate change. Id like to start by saying that I agree with your points. Do you think green energy is as accessible as it should be? And if so, what can people do to utilize it?

This is definitely a complicated question. I’m going to focus on solar energy as an example, but this can be broadly applied to other renewable energies.

I think, yes, green energy and renewables are accessible. I think more people can (and SHOULD) afford them than we’re led to believe. All the rhetoric we hear about how expensive solar installations are to individual consumers (i.e. solar panels) is largely a scare tactic. People who are undecided – and in some cases, already oppose renewables – are told that the “upfront cost” is not worth the long-term payoff. We’re given numbers like $25,000 for an installation with 20 years until you make back your money. Long-term numbers scare people. Individual homeowners want quick turnarounds.

The economics of solar power aren’t about getting off the grid and generating income – not exactly, at least. The long-term goal is to create an energy grid where individual homes and businesses in solar-abundant regions generate more power than they use, stored, and delivered to solar-lacking regions. That is to say, if a lot of homes in Arizona and Nevada are collecting and storing solar energy year-round, that energy can be transferred to homes in, say, the Pacific Northwest, where solar is only abundantly available for a few months out of the year.

It’s the key point that people often miss, and the point that opponents of renewable energy intentionally misconstrue: renewable energy isn’t all about generating energy, but about storing energy. In recent years, we’ve been seeing entire countries have a stretch of days, even MONTHS, where they received all their energy from renewables. Denmark. Chile. The American Samoa. Now Germany. And in Southern Australia, which last year suffered massive winds that effectively destroyed the power grid and to this day is causing unpredictable, widespread blackouts, there is now a race to provide what could become the most efficient energy generation and storage installations in the world, after Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink) offered to install Tesla Powerwalls to solve the energy crisis there in 100 days or less – or it’s free.

Energy storage is the important part of renewables. Long-term savings, and as the tech becomes more efficient and widely used, personal financial gain, are the benefits of installing renewables now. Every installation is a step forward. “But the tech isn’t good enough yet!” Yes, it is. The most advanced solar panels being developed in the United States today are upwards of 27% efficient – that is, 27% of the energy that hits the panel from the sun is converted into electricity, and the rest is either converted into heat, or reflected back into the atmosphere. There’s a whole other discussion we could have that talks about how better solar panels will even reduce the heat captured by Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Less reflected light and heat = more electricity and less energy stuck in the atmosphere, which is good for the current rate of human-accelerated climate change.

That 27% number might seem low, but consider this: all of the sunlight that hits the Earth in ONE HOUR (source, page 10) is enough to power the entire world for more than a year. And with improving tech and infrastructure, that figure is growing.

A lot of people call solar panels ugly and complicated. Well, those complaints are about to come to an end, thanks to the latest developments in solar panel tech: solar shingles. Although they have been in the market for several years, they weren’t made popular until, of course, Elon Musk spoke. So for anyone worried about aesthetics, worry no more.

Here’s a good run-down of what a solar roof might cost. Some estimates put the installation cost close to the cost of installing a new roof on your house – so if you’re in need of a new roof, everyone is saying the same thing: GO SOLAR. You’ll save money in the long-term. You’ll have one of the most durable roofs on the market. You’ll be contributing to the acceleration of renewable energy. And it looks friggin sexy as hell.

Here are two good reports about the costs of solar roofs:

So hopefully this answers your question. Yes, renewable technology is accessible, some of it more than others. The responsibility comes down to the individual consumer: they must educate themselves on the benefits and downfalls of installing new systems, and they must also financially prepare ahead of time – while keeping in mind the long-term 20-30 year payoff could be worth more than they invest upfront.

The transition to renewable energy is a game of future outlooks. Not everyone cares how the world will look in 30 years. A lot of people just say “I’ll be dead anyway.” We need to change that mindset for the betterment of future generations. The world (hopefully) isn’t coming to an end any time soon, so it will always be up to the current generations to prepare a better future for the next generations to enjoy. Whether that be economically, technologically, or politically, our choices now forever determine the quality of life people will have in the future. That mindset is what drives these industries, and it’s also the mindset that will put an end to others.


Ask Me Anything: Earth Day Edition


etsyfindoftheday | CURATION BLITZ 3 | 2.5.14

requested by: leggieblondieeee
looking for: gifties for her sister who just moved to AZ

i have a sister who lives in AZ, so i just HAD to jump on this curation for you, leggieblondieeee!! let me know if you need more ideas …

  • viceandvelvet’s gift box (feature 1) contains soap, body polish, and body mousse – it can even be giftwrapped specially for your sis with ‘best sister ever’ wrap :)
  • i love lip balms, too – check out the tasty options at ripeshop (feature 2, 3) and orangethyme
  • a couple custom pillows – either your state and AZ from lovecalifornia (feature 4) or this sweet US map heartstrings one via felixstreetstudio
  • you could even get her a new return address stamp – i recommend checking out foryoo (feature 5) and typeandtitle

let me know if you still need more ideas – this is fun!! :D