arizona and lauren

  • Ally: My apartment is infested with bugs and roaches and the exterminators are spraying all weekend, so I can't stay there. Is it okay if I crash on your couch?
  • Camila: No, it's not alright. Cause you're gonna stay in my room with Lauren!
  • Lauren: WHAT?
  • Ally: But there are only two beds in your room.
  • Camila: I know. I'm gonna be in Phoenix in the next two days.
  • Lauren: If you want to stay here, great. But I'm going with Camila to Pheonix.
  • Camila: No, Lauren. You can't come to the Phoenix with me. It's in Arizona.
  • Lauren: Oh, Yeah.
  • Ally: Why can't you go to Arizona?
  • Lauren: Let's just say they might be a warrant for my arrest, and in Ohio and in some other states that I can't even remember.
  • Camila: Well you just need to learn the song I made up for you. [starts singing] What are the states where Lauren can't go? Arizona, Utah and Ohio
  • Ally: Oh my!
  • Camila: There's three more states where Lauren can't be. Texas, New Hampshire and Tennessee.
  • Lauren: [singing] I'm also not welcome in Europe.

Here’s an idea.
Fill up Litchfield with guards like Nicole Haught, Maggie Sawyer, and Gail Peck.


Backstage at Lanvin Spring/Summer 2017

The fashion world was shocked when veteran Lanvin designer, Alber Elbaz, got fired from the brand last year. At a time when many designers were leaving fashion houses, not many seemed optimistic at the state of play in the fashion industry. 

Fast forward to 2016, at Bouchra Jarrar’s first showing for Lanvin. Sure, she is no Alber Elbaz, but her collection still hit all the right notes for me. The sheer pieces played up the sensuality of the female body; but the masculine jackets brought a nice contrast to the outfits. And amen to the flats! 

Lesbian TV/Webseries/YouTube Couples :-)

I’ve been putting the list together for a while and I keep on adding to it! Please feel free to add any :-) I’ll watch them lol

Tv Shows
Clara & Marina
Marlene & Rebecca
Julia & Mariana
Pepa & Silvia
Arizona & Callie
Bianca & Marissa/Maggie
Spencer & Ashley
Emily & Paige/Samara/Maya
Frankie & Cat
Tilly & Jen/Esther
Gail & Holly
Bo & Lauren
Emily & Naomi
Brittany & Santana
Kerstin & Juliette
Patricia & Lucia
Karma & Amy

Jelly & Day
Rose & Rosie
Lucy & Kaelyn
Whitney & Megan
Katy & Eilis
Stef & Chloe