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umbr3​ Said:

Hey naturepunk! I admire your knowledge of dogs and wolf-dog hybrids, and was wondering if you could tell from this pic of me and this pup what he might be? Does he even have any wolf in him?

This was taken at the Arizona Matsuri festival in 2013, the owner said he was a quarter wolf, and I think you can tell by the long “toes” and the ears and eyes of this one that there may be some wolf in him. His temperament was very mellow though, even then everybody was afraid to go up and pet him until I kneeled next to him and let him sniff my hand (which he then proceeded to lick haha).

I forgot if those were the right characteristics to judge if it’s a wolf hybrid or not, what do you think though?

Hi, umbr3​! Thanks for sharing this beautiful animal! I usually start these things off by saying, “it’s difficult to say from just one picture”, but this time around, it’s pretty clear that the animal in question has a lot more than just “one quarter” wolf in it! 

I’m actually kind of perplexed here, because this pup looks to be a high-content wolfdog! Typically, we see folks with dog-dogs claiming that their animals are “part wolf” when they aren’t; but here we see the opposite of that. 

It kind of worries me, actually, not just because of the misrepresentation factor, (it goes both ways, folks!) but because Arizona has strict laws stipulating that, in order to keep a wolf (or, subsequently, any animal that cannot be distinguished from a pure wolf) as a pet, the owner must hold proper permits, which are apparently difficult (though not impossible!) to get. 

If the owner of this animal had the proper permits, they wouldn’t need to lie about the content of the animal, unless they are lying about it for some other reason (which I really don’t see a benefit to, honestly - if you have the permits, no one can take your animal away from you, and if you’re really THAT worried about it, just stop taking your pup out to public crowded places).

It’s unusual to see high-content woofers out and about like this, though some woofers with significant content can be indeed trained and socialized as animal ambassadors, and are usually groomed for an early age to play that roll. It’s no easy task to get a pup to that point, so this owner very obviously knows his wolfdog training methods! That makes the misrepresentation aspect all the more perplexing. Someone with that much experience should absolutely know better. 

Here are some other high-content and upper-mid content animals, for comparison: 

External image

Hope this answers your questions!