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gadge arranged marriage au

she’s furious, at first, and it’s appropriate, to be furious she supposes. she barely knows gale hawthorne let alone likes him. he’s katniss’ friend, that’s all he is. he seems nice enough, only glaring at her twice at the three parties they had happened to run into each other at. they’re from the same circle of friends, sure. but they aren’t the same, she has it easier, she knows, her parents didn’t have to fight tooth and nail to be where they are today, she didn’t have to work towards a scholarship just to get into a prestigious school. they’re completely different, she knows that, if they were similar gale wouldn’t feel the need to point out her privilege whenever he could. 

she doesn’t understand how this is supposed to help either of their families, the marriage. her whole life she’s let her parents tell her what to do, who to be with, how to act. and she so desperately wants to stand up for herself this time. 

but no, she can’t, and maybe gale hawthorne wont be that terrible.