family expectations / sirius black

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Your elbows were propped on the table, fingers pressed against your temple as your right leg bounced up and down, brows furrowed in concentration. You kept mumbling to yourself ingredients to a potion, your concentration drifting away every time laughter erupted from a group of what seemed to be second years sitting in a corner.

You were at the library trying to revise for your upcoming N.E.W.T. exam in Potions and it was going well till those disruptive kids appeared.

“Powdered root of Asphodel, Wormwood, Valerian Spri-”

“Thats bloody hilarious!”

Your hands clenched into tight fists, knuckles turning white as you slammed them down on the table and abruptly stood up to make your way over to the group. If Madam Pince wasn’t going to resolve this issue then you were.

All you wanted was peace and quiet but it appeared that no matter where you went to revise, distractions always followed you.

“Whoa! Who are you going to kill?” 

Speaking of distractions.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” You huffed.

“Really? Because your eyes scream murder.” He commented.

You stared at the luxuriant ebony-haired boy, another huff escaping your lips as you ignored his comment. “What are you doing here?” You questioned.

“What? Am I not the type to be found at a library, finding a solid good book to read?”

“You and reading don’t really go hand in hand.” The tone of your voice hinted irritation.  

“Ouch.” He feigned, placing a hand over his chest. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” You lied, your eyes flickering over to the group that erupted into another fit of laughter, your hands clenching against your sides.

Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, silence consuming him for a moment as he didn’t want to press any buttons that would cause you to become more irritated than what you already are, so he studied the look on your face in hopes to find evidence about what’s bugging you. The dark bags under your eyes gave away how restless you’ve been, the pale color that covered your usually rosy lips hinted insufficient fluid consumption, and the sight of your unkempt hair showed that you’ve been far too distracted with something that you were neglecting your appearance. And he knew the reason why had to be that you’ve been relentlessly revising for the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Y/N, baby. I think you should take a break.” He said softly, reaching for one of your hands.

You shook your head, biting at your bottom lip. “No. I can’t rest until I take the exam, Sirius.”

“C'mon you’ve been revising all week. A little break won’t hurt, love. We can sneak out and go out to eat or do whatever you want. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade but you shook your head again. “Listen Sirius, I’m fine and just need to study, alright? Please just leave me alone. That’s what I want. Peace and quiet with no distractions.” You explained.


“No buts, Sirius. You don’t understand. I need to study and you’re not helping. You’ll only be distracting me so please go.” You requested as the edges of your lips twitched into a frown, your eyes closing when he leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“If that’s what you really want.” He mumbled against your skin. “I’m here for you, you know that right?” His hands squeezed yours, his soften eyes fixed on you.

You nodded but stayed silent, a sigh escaping your lips once you watched him eventually walk away from you. You were angry at yourself for responding to him that way, but you knew that revising was far more important at the moment, especially since having received that Howler not too long ago.

“Y/F/N, your father and I have heard a rumor that you blew up your cauldron in class recently. That indicates that you have made a mistake and such things are not tolerated in this household. You should be ashamed! You’re the Head Girl and a top student! You come from a lineage of Ravenclaws and to make such an empty-headed mistake brings dishonor to this family. It will be in your best interest to maintain top marks in your N.E.W.T.s. or else.”

Your mothers words constantly replayed itself in your head and you knew that if anyone would’ve overheard the Howler, they would have laughed at how your mother was plainly overreacting and you would’ve agreed with them. She was overreacting but she never played around when it came to your academics. That’s why you’ve been pushing yourself past your limit these days, you had to achieve top marks. You feared that wouldn’t be the case with your Potions class though. You had always struggled a bit with the class, not being a natural potion maker like one of your friends from Gryffindor. You tend to mix up the ingredients and never actually had the patience to brew the thing.

You had came to a decision the next day that you were going to skip your classes the entire day, spending your time and attention on revising and memorizing the potions you needed to know instead. It was your absence that caused Sirius to worry even more. That following morning after having found you in the library, he didn’t see you in the Great Hall where you usually sat with your friends and throughout the day you never showed up at your usual meet up spots nor in the classes the two of you shared together. He was worried for you and began to ask around if anyone knew your whereabouts but no one could give him an accurate answer because they were just as clueless.

“B-Bowtruckle.” You managed to spit out, the Fat Lady eyeing you for a moment before opening up the entrance to the Gryffindor’s Common Room. You managed to walk through the entrance without falling, the grasp you had on the bottle of Firewhisky tightening. “Sirius?” You slurred, eyebrows knitting together as you tried to get a good look of the boy who was slumped in one of the couches.

Sirius head swiftly turned to look at you, his eyes widening as he practically flew off the couch and was by your side in seconds. “Have you been drinking?” He questioned, his voice trailing off when he caught site of the bottle held tightly in one of your hands.

“No.” You lied.

“I can see the bottle, Y/N/N.”

“What bottle?” You grinned cheekily at him, moving your hand behind your back.

“Give it to me.”


“Give it.”


He tried to reach behind your back but you quickly moved, stumbling a bit in the process. “Don’t be stubborn and give me the bottle. I can practically smell the alcohol on you.” He pointed out, grabbing a tight hold of you as his free hand reached for the bottle once more, managing to be successful this time.

“Boo! You’re no fun.” You stuck your tongue at him, crossing your arms against your chest in defiance as you refused to let him drag you to the couch.

“Why are you drinking, love? Especially at this time of night?” He asked.

“Well, why are you up so late?” You questioned.

“Because I was hoping you’d show up with an explanation to why you’ve disappeared all day without telling me or anyone in fact.” He answered.

The only thing your mind was able to grasp though was the Howler your mother had sent, your lips beginning to tremble as your eyes started watering.“I’m so dumb!” You cried, falling to the floor. Sirius couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh, the small smile etched on his lips soon disappearing when he noticed the tears that started to stream down your cheeks. “Ssh baby, don’t cry. You’re not dumb.” He assured, dropping the bottle before sitting down beside you and trying to wipe the tears but you gently swatted his hand away.

Your body was sprawled across the floor, eyes lazily staring up at the common room ceiling, “Yes I am!” You declared. “I’m terrible at potions! I blew up t-that cauldron last week, remember?” Your words were slurred but still understandable.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make you dumb.” He tried to reason.

“Yes it does!” You hiccuped, your arms flailing around as you tried to use proper hand gestures. “It’s a mistake! I made a mistake and in my family that i-isn’t acceptable! I’m in Ravenclaw we’re s-supposed to be the smart ones and I’m terrible at Potions so I’m going to fail my exam and my family will d-disown me and i’ll be homeless and eat sewer rats for the rest of my life because I won’t find a job! That’s why i’ve been studying for that final all day. And oh merlin! I was so rude to you yesterday at the library. I’m such a terrible person! All you wanted to do was help and I’m so sorry! I needed to be alone and to study in peace. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Sirius stared at you with wide eyes, not being able to stop himself from smiling at the way you overdramatized part of your reasons. It was clear to him now on why you didn’t show up to class today. You were overly stressed about the exams that were quickly approaching.

“Stop it! You’re laughing at me.” You accused, covering your face with your hands. “I came here to find and talk to you and apologize for being such a mean girlfriend, but you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, love. I swear. And you’re not some terrible girlfriend. You’re just stressed and I think you’re overreacting a tad bit.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are and do you know why?” He questioned.

“Why?” You whispered, peeping through your fingers so you could look at him.

“Because you’re the smartest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And don’t say you’re not because you are.” He went on. “So what if you blew up some cauldrons? Peter has blown up twice as many I bet. And if your family is going to disown you because of that then screw them. And that’s coming from the original family disappointment here.” He laughed. “You’re not perfect, Y/N, no one is. So it’s okay if you struggle with a class, trust me. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent. I also don’t think that just because you’re not able to brew up a potion properly it will land you on the streets and cause you to eat sewer rats. Besides, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You sat up swiftly, elbows propping up on the floor as you felt the blood rushing to your head, causing your vision to blur a bit. “Do you mean that?” You whispered, tears stinging the corners of your eyes.

“Every word.” He smiled. “You’re going to do just fine. And besides, if you do end up living in the streets and eating rats then I know the perfect spell that’ll make it taste better.”

You let out out a laugh, your lips curving up into a smile. “Oh Sirius Black! I love you so much!” You exclaimed, throwing yourself on top of him, your arms wrapping around him as the two of you fell back.

“I love you too, princess. Just remember to take it easy and find some time to give yourself a break.” He murmured, his voice softly spoken as he massaged deep circles onto your back. “And don’t try to live up to some ridiculously high expectations. Like i’ve mentioned, It’s not worth it and it doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”

“What would I do without you?” You mused into his chest, the both of you nonverbally deciding to stay on the common room floor for the rest of the night.

“Dunno, love. Maybe eat sewer rats?”


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best mate sister / james potter

author note: here’s some black!twin for you to enjoy. suggested and approved by my precious bruna ! sorry for the wait x 

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 You were currently standing in the Marauders dorm, your back facing your boyfriend as you studied Remus’ collection of books that were unevenly stacked on his nightstand. 

 “I’m going to miss you.” James whined.

 “It’s only winter break. Besides, Sirius and I will visit of course.” You assured, your attention still on trying to find the book Remus suggested you to read. He claimed it was on his nightstand with the others but you couldn’t find it.

 “Exactly. Padfoot will be around, leaving no privacy for us.” He stated as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into him. “I won’t be able to hold you like this.” 

 His voice was low, moving a hand up and pushing your hair aside as you felt his hot breath trickle down your neck when he planted a sloppy kiss onto the exposed skin. “Or kiss you.”

 “Mmm.” You hummed, closing your eyes in delight as a small smile tugged at the corner of your lips, trying to squirm from his grip. 

 “Let me love on you.” He whined, his grip around your waist tightening.

 “Someone can walk in, James. We almost got caught last time, remember?”   

James spun you around to face him, revealing the smirk he had as he hastily picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist in return. “Don’t care, love.” He murmured. 

 He didn’t want to waste any time on taking you to his bed so he gently laid you down on the nearest one which happened to be poor Remus’, his silky lips attaching to yours as his digits quickly fumbled to unbutton your blouse.

 “Desperate are we?” You laughed, tilting your head up with a quiet moan as he began to trail his delightful kisses down your neck. 

 “Mhm. Not sure when someone might walk in.” He mumbled a response, glancing up at you with a smirk when he unbuttoned the last part of your school shirt, revealing the eye-catching complexion of your now bare torso that was only being covered by your bra. 

 After a moment of admiration, he started to pepper kisses down your chest, leaving a burning sensation on the areas that came in contact with his silk-like lips, his hands pushing your skirt up to plant a kiss onto your inner thigh. Your hands were now fisting the sheets on the bed with anticipation and yearning as the sound of the door opening went unnoticed. 

 “Hey, did you- OH MY GOD!” Remus yelled as he quickly shut his eyes at the sight ahead of him.

You instantly sat up and pushed James away from you, accidentally knocking him off the bed. “Remus!” You gasped, buttoning up your shirt with shaking fingers. “Moony listen.”

 “No no no, w-why were you and James on my bed looking like you were about to-”

 “Ssh, mate!” James hushed him as if afraid that someone was hearing. That someone being Sirius. He stood up from the floor and walked over to a mortified Remus, grabbing his arm and guiding him to the bed to sit him down. 

“You- Y/N- my bed.” He couldn’t even start a simple sentence as he pressed his digits against his temple. “Merlin, my bed!” He shot up, staring at his bed with a look of disgust. 

“H-How long has this been going on?” He questioned, gesturing between the two of you. 

“Just a few months.” James answered.

 “And i’m assuming Sirius doesn’t know, does he?”

You shook your head, “And you can’t tell him.” You implored, having been relieved that it had only been him who walked in. 

 “What- why? He’s our best mate.” Remus stressed. “He’s your brother for merlin’s sake, Y/N. He deserves to know.“ 

  “I know- we know.” You sighed, readjusting your skirt. “We’ve been meaning to tell him, I swear, but can’t find the right moment.”

 “Well you two need to tell him soon because I don’t think i’ll honestly be able to hide something like this from him.”

 “What’s with all the tension?” Sirius chimed in, the sound of his voice startling all three of you. 

 “Uh nothing. Just picking up a book.” You lied, reaching over to grab a random book off of Remus’ desk and shooting him a smile. “Goodbye.” And as you walked by Remus, your eyes shined a pleading look for him not to say anything.  

Sirius moved out of the way so you could leave, a chuckle escaping his lips as he walked over to his bed and flopped onto it. “Sisters.” He laughed, tossing his pillow up in the air. 

 “He’s going to kill you, mate.” Remus whispered and James nodded, watching his friend. 

 “I know.”

You could feel the taste of fire whisky burn down your throat as you tried to talk over the music blaring within the common room walls. Some guy in your year was throwing a party to celebrate the holidays coming up, but it was really just an excuse to get drunk with friends before leaving for the much needed break. 

“I need a man.” One of your friends whined as she took a swig of her drink. 

 “I need to get laid.” Another chimed in. “We all do.” 

 You and James had decided at the start of your relationship that no one should know about it because of how risky it could be. The both of you were actually astonished that you’d manage to keep your relationship discreet for so long. It seemed like only yesterday that the two of you were secretly crushing on each other. James was very hesitant at first due to you being Sirius’ sister but that didn’t stop him entirely. It was exhilarating for him, but only made him more cautious with the things he would do or say to you when your brother was around. And when the two of you actually started dating, James was even more careful, not wanting him to find out of course. He knew Sirius wouldn’t approve of him dating you and would give him hell for it. Your brother was way too protective over you. 

 You almost choked at how suddenly your friend smacked your chest, a grin forming on her lips. “James Potter is heading this way.” 

 Your head whipped to see and true enough, he had been walking over to where you and your friends were standing. “I would love me a piece of him.” You could hear a friend say, your jaw clenching at her comment. 

 “Ladies. Y/L/N.” He smirked.

 “Potter.” You cautioned. 

 “Can I borrow Y/N for a moment?” He asked your friends, all of them being dazed by him and nodding, but before you could respond, James grabbed one of your arms and dragged you away to a more secluded corner. He had his ridiculous smirk still etched onto his face when he looked down at you, licking his lips and tugging at the bottom one. 

 “What?” You questioned expectantly.

 He ignored you, leaning down to kiss you but frowning when you jerked away before he had the chance. 

 “James!” You hissed. “What are you doing?”

 “Just wanted to kiss my girl.” He mumbled, the smell of fire whisky exuding from his pouted lips.

 “Someone can see us.” You explained. 

“Then let them. S’not fair we’re not able to do anything public.” His words slurred a bit. “Let me kiss you.” 

 You sighed, suppressing the smile that wanted to beam. “Once we tell Sirius about us then you can kiss me whenever you want in public, love.”

 “Let me kiss you, Y/N.” He repeated. 


 “Just a peck?” 



 You quickly scanned the room to make sure no one was looking before nodding slightly. “Fine.” You sighed and without hesitating, James leaned down to kiss you, smiling against your lips as his hands gripped your hips to bring you closer. 

 “James. We’re in a room full of people, remember?” You grinned as you placed both your hands on his chest to gently push him away from you. 

 “Hey James! People want to hear about that prank you pulled yesterday with Sirius.” Some guy in your year came up to the both of you, his attention on your boyfriend.

 “I’ll be there in a sec.” He assured before looking at you again. “Astronomy Tower after the party?”

 You nodded, “I’ll be there.” 

 “You better.” 

You stirred awake at the sound of one of your dormmates getting ready, your eyes opening but quickly shutting at the brightness shining in the room. You kept them squeezed shut for a moment before slowly opening them again, adjusting your vision to the light. Eventually, you sat up and stretched your limbs as a smile formed at the thought of last nights memory at the Astronomy Tower with James. 

“Someone looks a little too happy.” One of your dormmates teased with a knowing smirk, interrupting you from your thoughts.

“Shut up.” You bit your lip as you dragged yourself off the bed and into the bathroom, ignoring your friends teasing comments in the background.


You were walking down the stairs after having gotten ready when you spotted Remus sitting on a couch. “Hey Moony.” You greeted. “Where are the others?”

His eyes went wide at the sight of you, standing up quickly and walking over to you as if in a rush. “Padfoot knows, Y/N.” He informed. “He knows.”

Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion before your eyes grew wide as well. “H-How?” You stammered.

“We overheard someone talking about the two of you kissing and sneaking off last night.”

“Where’s James and Sirius?”

“I warned James beforehand, but Padfoot is looking for him.” He answered. “I’ve sent Peter with the map to find Sirius and hopefully slow him down so you can get to Prongs first.”

You didn’t have time to respond as you immediately darted to the portrait hole in hopes of finding James first. You knew exactly where he would be hiding from your brother, it was the place the two of you always snuck off to.

The Astronomy Tower.


You stopped in your tracks when you spotted your boyfriend, trying to catch your breath from all the running you had done to get up to the tower.

James jumped due to being startled, his eyes soon softening when he saw it was only you. “He’s going to kill us.” His voice was tremulous as he paced around the place, running his digits through his untidy hair. “No, he’s going to kill me.” 

“A-At least we don’t have to stress anymore about telling him?” You tried to lighten the situation but it wasn’t working out well.

“You don’t understand.” James went on, stopping in front of you and grabbing your arms before shaking you lightly. “I’m a dead man.”

“Surely he won’t react that bad.” You insisted, but you knew it was a lie. Sirius was one of the most dramatic person to date and the fact that you had been hiding your relationship with his best mate from him was way more than enough to set him off. You were scared that he was going to hate you for not telling him.

James had let go of you and shook his head, “This is Pads we’re talking about, Y/N. The man is ready to fight anyone who even looks at you.” He pointed out.

Potter!” Sirius had yelled, his nostrils flaring.

James jumped, staring at his friend with wide eyes and so did you. “Now mate, before you do anything just listen to what I have to say.” He pleaded, taking a step back with every word.

Sirius ignored him though, charging after him and tackling him to the ground. “You’re screwing around with my sister, aren’t you? My bloody sister!” He cried.

“Sirius stop!” You shrieked, grabbing a hold of one of his arms and trying to get him off your boyfriend.

“Pads! Get off me and just listen!” James exclaimed, struggling to get his friend off of him while trying to protect his face all at the same time.

“No! You had enough chances to explain.” Sirius exasperated, looking over at you. “You too. How long have you been screwing around behind my back for?”

“A few months but-.” You tried to explain but he interrupted.

“A few months? Merlin! You had more than enough chances!”  

“Mate, we’re not screwing around!” James tried to explain.

“Liar! I heard about the sneaking off last night!”

“Pads. Listen. I’m not screwing around with your sister. We’re dating.”

“WHAT?” Sirius almost choked on his own saliva. “Were you ever going to tell me?” Your brother glared down at his best friend, fighting back every fiber in his body that wanted to punch him.

“We were trying to find the right time to tell you, mate.” James grunted.

“Right time to tell me my ass. I told you since our first year to stay away from my sister! And now you’ve been dating her behind my back?”

“Because no matter what, this is how you were going to react! I’m capable of making my own decisions on who I get to date or not, Sirius!” You interjected. “It’s my life. Not yours!”

“But you’re my little sister. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He explained.

“First of all, you’re only older than me by 10 minutes. Second, I can handle myself, Pads. Besides, at least i’m dating someone we both really trust.” You tried to reason. “James is a great guy and I care deeply for him. He isn’t going to hurt me and if he ever does, it’ll be over for him.” You assured. 

“Why couldn’t you guys just tell me? You two dating without telling me is big stab in the back.”

“And we’re really sorry about that.” James spoke truthfully. “We didn’t mean to hurt you. We were just scared that you wouldn’t allow it.”

Sirius was quiet now, a conflicting look in his eyes before he looked down at James with a frown. “I swear to merlin, Prongs. If you hurt her I will kill you.” He made known.

“I’m not going to hurt her, Padfoot.” James assured. “I’m in too deep for that.”

Sirius sighed, running his digits through his hair. “I don’t like this at all but I trust both of you.“ He stated. “I swear, none of that snogging in front of me crap or I’ll hex the two of you into next week.”

You and James laughed, the both of you relieved that he was going to be fine with your relationship eventually. “Now Sirius, since you’re not angry about us dating then can you please get off my boyfriend?” You gestured at how he was practically on top of him still.

“I’m still angry and no.”

camping / sirius black

author note: aaah so this is my first fic! this was actually inspired by the film the parent trap. i had watched it last night and got the idea to use it for this fic. i hope you guys enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! requests are open as well now! 

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 It was a week before school started again when you and your friends decided that a weekend camping trip was necessary before the new school year. Well, it was actually Lily’s idea but none of you opposed it.

 "And I should’ve realized sooner how sweet he really is,“ Lily rambled on about James and their nth date over the summer. “I think he’s going to make it official soon. I hope.” she continued but you weren’t exactly paying attention. Not because you didn’t care or because it was boring you out, but because your attention was on someone else. 

 Your eyes were locked on the young man who was encouraging his best mate on making a handmade fire for the night. Though it was turning dark, you could still see the crinkles appearing at the corner of his eyes every time he smiled widely. “Y/N, do you-” Lily stopped when she realized you weren’t listening to a single word, she followed your gaze, smirking when seeing who you were admiring- “You know you could always just tell him how you feel. It’ll make it easier.” 

 “I was actually looking at James in amusement so I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You lied, gesturing over at the boy failing miserably on starting a fire.

 “I’m not going to use magic, Padfoot! I’ve seen someone in a Muggle film do this with just sticks and a stone.” James was determined on making it happen. 

“There’s a reason why it’s called a film, James.” Lily shouted which caused him to send a glare in her direction. 

 Remus agreed with Lils, but James was quick to comment on how poorly him and Peter had done their tent. Your heart fluttered at the sound of Sirius laughter, his gaze meeting yours as you sucked in your breath and forced yourself to look away. You had come to terms on the crush you had on the Marauder during your third year, keeping it a secret from everyone. Lily was quick to catch on and had always tried to push you to tell him, but you knew you couldn’t deal with the sting of rejection if you ever did. He was one of your best friends after all which meant your friendship came first and meant more to you than a stupid crush ever would.

 ‘It’s only a crush’ you always found yourself saying, knowing deep down that it had blossom to something much more. 

 You were all huddled close around the bonfire that James failed to make, Remus having had to step in and take care of it himself with a swift flick of his wand. You were all talking about the new school year that was going to start, sad looks hidden behind everyone’s eyes though. You all knew it was your last year and were well aware of the fact that the war was quickly approaching. You had glanced over at Sirius, seeing that his eyes were already fixated on you. He winked at you before looking away, a smile creeping on his lips. 

‘How long had he been staring at me?’ 

‘Was that smile because of me?’

Your thoughts were whirling as your cheeks blushed a bright shade of pink. Of course it wasn’t because of you.

 “I think the fire is dying. You should get more wood.” James ordered, his attention averting to Sirius. 

 “Wha- No it’s not.” Sirius pointed out, but pulled his wand out from his back pocket. “I can jus-”

 “No. You will do no such thing. Just find some wood out there, mate.” James insisted, whispering something before looking over at you. “Y/N/N, you should go too.” Lily quickly nodded at the idea and grinned widely at you, causing suspicion to arise from you.

 You got up regardless but in slight confusion, “Okay?.. Are you coming?” You looked at Sirius.

 The two of you were heading back to the camp, your path being illuminated by the moon as you both carried a fair share of collected wood. Sirius was saying something but you weren’t paying attention to be honest. You were staring at him, taking in his exquisite features. You noticed how the moon shined perfectly on him and made it seem like his long, ebony locks was flowing. His grey eyes appeared darker than usual and his cheekbones seemed more prominent. Due to his distracting appearance, not only were you not paying attention to what he was saying, but you weren’t looking at where you were going. A yelp soon escaped your lips when you tripped, the wood you were carrying soon fell to the ground as you tried to catch your fall.

 You didn’t of course. 

 Sirius ruptured in laughter, quickly trying to muffle his laugh when you shot him a threatening glare.”Oh love, you can’t deny that wasn’t funny.” He beamed with an amused smile, biting down his bottom lip to try and stop him from laughing again.

 “It’s not funny when you’re the one busting your ass.”

 “Right. Not funny.” He chuckled before dropping the wood he was carrying. “Are you alright though?” 

 You quickly took the hand he offered, “I’m fine.” You assured. “Mildly embarrassed though.” 

 Sirius helped you up to your feet, pulling you close to him. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about with me, love.” He said softly, staring down at you intently with a smile plastered against his lips still. Your cheeks blushed profusely, quickly pulling away from him.

 “We should pick up the wood.” Your voice hitched quietly, Sirius’ smile that was now faltering going unnoticed by you. 

 You both picked up your respective pieces of wood before continuing your way back to the others in silence.

 “Should we really be doing this?” Peter questioned with uncertainty as he watched James pick your sleeping body up from the mattress you had been sharing with Lily.

 “Of course. I warned Padfoot that if he didn’t make a move when they went to grab wood last night, that I would intervene somehow.” James spoke as he laid your body down by Sirius.

 “I’m surprised they haven’t woken up to being handled. They’re pretty knocked out.” Lily mused and James snorted.


 “I might’ve drugged them.” He admitted with a smirk.

 “YOU WHAT?” Both Remus and Lily quietly yelled.

 “Ah yes, their butterbeer was mixed with a strong sleeping potion. But enough about that, let’s drag this to the lake as planned. Shall we?”

“Why were you even carrying around a potion? You know what, I don’t even want to know.” Lily sighed, shaking her head.

You had slowly stirred in your sleep, waking up to a strange amount of brightness shining on your face. You groaned as you hovered an arm over your eyes to block it but felt the mattress you were sharing with Lily move strangely as well. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, your mouth gaping open when you saw the situation you were in. 

You looked over and instead of seeing Lily you were surprised with Sirius.

 “S-Sirius?” You stammered, only causing him to stir slightly. “Sirius!” You tried to shake him awake now. 

 He groaned, rolling over to face you. “What Ja- Y/N?” He frowned. “What are you-”

 You cut him off, gesturing around- “Look.” 

 The both of you were on a inflatable mattress that was floating on the lake by your campsite. He sat up now to look around, his mouth parting as if he was going to say something but deciding not to. “How the hell did this happened?” You questioned, more to yourself than anything. But what you saw ahead of you answered your question.

 Remus, Lily, Peter, and James were all sitting on folding chairs and waving at the two of you as if nothing. 

“What did you guys do?” You shouted, you and Sirius glaring at them.

 “What was right!” Lily shouted right back.

 “What was right? What are they going on about?” You asked as you looked over at Sirius. He seemed quite amused about the predicament you were both in but his heartbeat started picking up when he realized what this was about.

 “How’d you even bloody manage this?” He asked out loud, avoiding your question. 

 “I’ve impressively managed to drug the two of you!” James shouted now, sounding rather proud of himself. “Now stop talking to us and get on about your feelings.” 

 Sirius face instantly froze as you looked at him again with confusion, “Your feelings?” You tried not to stammer, making a mental note to yell at James later for drugging you.

 And by the look on his face it dawned on you that this wasn’t a prank being pulled on either of you, it was meant to be a confession.

 “Look, Y/N,” He began, knowing there was no way out of this if he didn’t tell you how he felt for you all these years. “You don’t have to say anything but-”

 “Sirius I fancy you.”

 “I fancy-” He tried to finish but abruptly stopped when he realized what you had confessed. “Y-You fancy me?” He grinned, his face lighting up. You nodded, the grin you wore matching his. “Oh thank Merlin,” He seemed to let out the breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding in. “Because I fancy you too, Y/N. For such a long time and hadn’t had the slightest clue on how to tell you correctly. I mean I wanted to tell you last night but didn’t want to ruin anything and-”

 “Sirius?” You interrupted his uncharacteristically rambling.


 “Just kiss me already.”

 With that Sirius eagerly moved over to kiss you but the sudden movement wasn’t favorable to the inflatable mattress because it had suddenly turned and flip the both of you into the water. You and Sirius emerged up to the surface, looking at each other before erupting into laughter. He splashed you and you feigned a shocked look before sending water back his way. After your short water fight and fits of laughter died down, the two of you had locked eyes on each other. His orbs boring into yours with adoration.

 “C’mere, beautiful.” He whispered, his tongue grazing over his bottom lip as you moved closer to him. He grabbed your hips, pulling you tightly against him as your heart raced against your chest uncontrollably fast. “I think this is going to be the start of a great school year, don’t you think?” He grinned, his hands moving up as his heart was just as much of a mess as yours. He cupped your face with his hands, a thumb stroking your cheek gently before tilting your head upwards a bit and leaning down to place a kiss on your wet lips. You kissed him back instantly, running a hand through his soaked hair, the kiss turning into a much more passionate yet needy one.

The two of you eventually pulled away slightly to catch your breath, Sirius resting his forehead against yours as his slightly swollen lips broke into an enormous smile. The cheers and roars coming from your group of friends went unnoticed due to the fact that the two of you were entranced with each other. 

And true to his words, it was one of the best starts to a new school year.

my world / sirius black

requested: Could u do a Sirius black imagine (young) where the reader goes on a order mission by herself and gets hurt and is sent back to hog warts (they are in there 7th year) and the marauders find out and freak out and u wake up and Sirius admits his feelings for u!!!!! Thx if u do this! (@evolutionofkatep)

author note: okay so i changed this around a bit to where it actually takes place after they graduated from hogwarts since they would’ve been considered underage?? i hope you like it anyways  x 

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Shit. Shit. Shit.

It was supposed to be a simple mission. You were spying on the Death Eater, Antonin Dolohov, seeing if you could discover any useful information that could help the Order gain an advantage over Voldemort. Dumbledore had originally planned for you and Sirius to go and spy on Dolohov together, but you insisted that you would much rather go alone. That it would be better. 

It wasn’t that Sirius was a terrible partner or could give away your position. It was the fact that Dolohov was considered one of the most dangerous Death Eater. He was loyal to the cause and would not hesitate to kill anyone on spot that defied his Dark Lord. It was because of those very reasons that made you want to go alone. You knew that if Sirius was with you and something went south, he would very much jump in front of the line of fire to save you. You knew that anyone you cared for in the Order would sacrifice themselves for you as you would for them, but it was your worst fear that someone would die for you. It would’ve felt like their blood was on your hands as well. That’s why you would much rather go alone. But why join the Order if you’re afraid of the people around you dying? Well, it was for a good cause. It was to make the world a safer place; to lessen the casualties. So when you received a letter to join after graduation, during your seventh year at Hogwarts, you knew you couldn’t reject the offer. And neither could your friends. 

Reducto!” Dolohov vehemently roaredlashing out his wand at you. 

You managed to dodge the spell, your back pressing up against a wooden counter that was currently aiding you with cover. Your heart was beating rapidly and your breath was coming out in sporadic huffs. 

Somehow, someway you had made your presence known to the Death Eater. You were following him around Diagon Alley, Dumbledore having informed you of his rumored whereabouts. You had discreetly pursued Dolohov into a murky alleyway known as Knockturn Alley and had watched as he entered Borgin and Burkes. Through the shaded glass you could see him heading towards the backroom so you apparated into the antique shop, appearing behind some shelves without a single sound. It all went downhill shortly. 

Antonin and you were in the midst of a duel inside the shop, your hand clutching your wand in a tight grip. You had a stinging cut on your right cheek, but no real damage had been done yet.

Expulso!” you yelled after quickly rising to your feet, a burst of blue light firing at Dolohov and forcefully hurling him back into some shelves.

Glass shattered some more, pieces of it flying everywhere and joining other already broken objects. The poor shop looked like a war had went on inside. 

Dolohov seemed unresponsive so when you took a moment to catch your breath, you heard the words ‘Crucio’ being vocalized before your body, in a matter of seconds, fell to the floor in excruciating pain. 

You ripped out a bloodcurdling scream, your back arching up in agony as your hands clenched into fists, your body soon beginning to convulse. 

“And I thought we were just getting started.” Antonin laughed as he stumbled to stand.

You didn’t hear him of course. You were far too distracted with the fact that your head was inflamed with agonizing pain, feeling as if scalding daggers were rapidly penetrating every inch of your body.   

“F-fu-” you tried to gasp out, but nothing coherent was able to be said. 

“F-fu what?” Dolohov mocked your state. “And here I thought my Dark Lord was rather intimidated by you. But I can see now that you’re not as strong as they say you are, Y/L/N. Such a shame really.” 

As the internal pain wore out, you reached for your wand, swiftly directing it towards the man inching closer to you. “Stupefy!” You cried out.

But Dolohov had managed a shield charm, deflecting the stunning spell you casted. Quickly you tried to apparate out of the shop but as you did so, the Death Eater had mutely cast his own curse with a sudden slashing movement of his wand. A streak of purple flame was the last thing you witnessed before rendering unconscious. 

“Bloody hell, mate.” James remarked. “If you get your face any closer your breath is going to be the thing that kills her.” 

Sirius had been right by your side when he found out were admitted into St. Mungo’s.

“You know that Y/N is very strong, right? It wont take long before she wakes up. She’ll be alright.” Remus chimed in. 

“She’ll be alright? Moony, it’s been three days!” Sirius voice was thick, his grey orbs never leaving your sight. “I’m worried sick.”

“And you think we’re not? We’re terrified, Padfoot. But I know Y/N would hate for us to be glued to her bed like this. She’d want us to take care of ourselves.” Remus sighed. “You need to go and eat. Do something, anything, and we can watch over her while you’re gone.”

When the rest of the Marauders were informed about your current state, boy did they hit the ceiling. James started lecturing Dumbledore about how idiotic it was to listen and send you alone, a ‘don’t kick me out of the Order please’ kind of look resting on his face after his rant. Remus had froze, panic registering as he tried to comfort Sirius and himself. Peter didn’t know what to do. He was scared for you and terrified he might say the wrong thing that would upset his friends even more. They were all worried sick for you.

“No.” Sirius huffed. “I want to be here when she wakes up. I’m not going anywhere.” 


“Moony, I swear to Merlin if you say another word. Any of you I’ll-”

“What’s the bicker about this time?” Your whisper was softly-spoken as your eyes opened, wincing as you tried to sit up.

Sirius head snapped, gaining his composure as he gently pushed you to lay back down. “S’alright, love. Don’t sit up just yet.” he cooed. “Are you alright? Are you in pain? Should I get the nurse? Moony, get the nur-”

“No.” you interrupted Sirius, grabbing his arm and shaking your head. “I’m alright. Just a bit sore, that’s all.” 

“Are you sure?”


The others were surrounding your bed now, the worry look they carried was quickly changing to a much more different one.

“Y/N how incredibly stupid it was of you to go alone and spy on Antonin Dolohov by yourself.” James stated with a cross of his arms.

“Prongs,” Remus warned before looking at you as well. “It was rather sluggish of you though.”

“What were you thinking? Dumbledore told us that you insisted on going alone. That I was originally planned to tag along with you!” Sirius exclaimed. “You almost died!”

You were quiet, studying the creases they had on their forehead and the frown carved on their lips. “I was thinking of you guys. I was thinking that I didn’t want anything to happen to you, Sirius.” You revealed. “I knew Dolohov is a walking hazard and that if things went south, you would be quick to sacrifice yourself just to make sure I made it out safe. I knew that you would be so willing to die for me and I couldn’t have that blood on my hands. I couldn’t bare to imagine any of you dying for me and then I would have to carry the burden that your death was somehow, in someway, my fault.”

The brim of your eyes were threatening to spill tears as a hard lump filled your throat. Your sore fingers kept grasping at your sheets, tugging at them as you tried to avoid eye contact with the four boys surrounding you and instead stared up at the white ceiling. 

They were all quiet, unsure of the right thing to say before Sirius eventually spoke up. “You’re right.” he spoke quietly. “I would’ve gladly died for you and so would they; just as much as you’d die for us. We all knew what we would be getting into when we got asked to join. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and that sacrifices would be made for the greater good. But doing something ridiculous like you did, Y/N, doesn’t help anyone. I cant even imagine what I would do right now if you had died.” 

You noticed how his voice slowly began to crack, looking over at him and seeing how intensely his orbs were burning through you. You hadn’t noticed that one of his hands was gripping your forearm, his other pushing back a strand of your y/h/c locks behind your ear as his eyes never left you.

“I love you, Y/N.” He confessed. “I love you so much that it hurts me. When I found out that you had gotten hurt it felt like I couldn’t breathe. It felt like my whole world just stopped.”

Your lips were quivering as the young man beside you spoke with such sincerity that a warm feeling began to engulf the inside of your body. You were thankful that you had been laying for if you were standing, you’d most certainly have fallen to the floor because of how weak your knees got. The others knew that this was their moment to exit, leaving the two of you alone.

“And that’s when I had realized that I love you. That I didn’t just fancy you, it was something much more. It was the thought of you not being in my life anymore, of us not having any chance of a future together. And the reason why it felt like my world stopped is simply because you are my world, Y/N.” Sirius whispered,  his thumb brushing against your cheek and down to your lips as he smiled softly at you.

“You are my world.” He repeated. “If you would’ve died, my world would have ended because there would’ve been no you. And without you, I’d cease to exist. So promise me, swear to me, that you will never willingly put yourself in danger like that again.”

“I promise, Sirius.” You managed to say, the tears that were threatening to spill earlier streaming down your cheeks. Not because you were sad, but because you couldn’t have been any happier. 

“Good.” He mumbled before leaning down to gently kiss your forehead. 

noellehope  asked:

can you do a headcanon where draco malfoy x reader makes up after a huge fight? thanks. xx. loving your blog so far:)

  • lets be honest, its because of how long you guys went without talking to each other after the argument that would cause for the much needed make up
  • he got his act together after a few days and spotted you in the library but what he saw shattered his heart
  • you were in tears
  • crying
  • because of him
  • you were crying to your friends about the fight and about him when he cautiously walked over to you
  • your friends of course stood defensively in front of you, as if protecting you from being hurt even more
  • “Y/N?”, “Love”, “Baby”  he would plead 
  • “Go away, Draco” or “She doesn’t want to talk to you, Draco” your friends would say
  • but of course he would call out your name again and you would reassure your friends you’ll be fine so they would hesitantly walk away to give the two of you some space
  • they actually hid behind some shelves 
  • just in case
  • “what do you want?” your voice would croak as you wiped your tears and stood up to face him
  • you didn’t want to fight. you were just so tired of crying and wondering where your relationship stood as of now
  • “Y/N, love, i’m so sorry” the slytherin prince would apologize
  • he would tell you how much of an ass he is and was and that he didn’t care if you forgave him or not. he just wanted you to know how sorry he truly was
  • but of course he cared
  • he wanted you to forgive him
  • he wanted to hold you again
  • kiss you 
  • talk to you 
  • have you by his side again
  • it was the look in his eyes that started to make your heart swell
  • you could tell he was being sincere and you knew you couldn’t stay mad at your boy for long
  • “I forgive you.” 
  • and god did his face light up because his girl actually forgave him
  • he grinned widely and pulled you in for a tight hug, the words “i’m sorry” being mumbled again, into your shoulder
  • you would smile as he made you look at him, wiping away any wet tear stains that were still lingering on your rosy cheeks before kissing you
  • “I-”
  • kiss
  • “love-”
  • kiss
  • “you.”
  • and he would continue to pepper kisses all over your face to show you just how much he truly did love and care for you

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side note: okay so this is my first time doing headcanons and i apologize if its long, but i hope it did you justice! and thank you for the compliment, love! means a lot x