Sneak Peek! Part I

Hi, Potterheads!

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the whole castle and invite you to give me your suggestions and comments.

If there is an especific room you guys would like me to include in the build let me know so I can see if I can build it.

Here is the list of the rooms (in alphabetical order) I’ve already built, if possible I included pictures. This is only the first part of the list, and it goes until the letter G, otherwise it would be too long. I’ll post the second part tomorrow!

Bird’s-eye view:

Ground Floor:

Armour Gallery:

Art classroom:

Astronomy Tower:

Astronomy Tower Courtyard:

Bell Towers:


Boathouse passageway:

Broom Cupboard:

Caretaker’s filing cabinet/Argus Filch’s Office/Pepperpot:

Chamber of Secrets:

Charms Classroom:

Classroom 7A/ Arithmacy Classroom -WIP

Classroom Eleven (temporary Divination Classroom, for Firenze):

Clock Tower:

Clock Tower Courtyard:

Cuthbert Binns’s office:

Dark Tower topmost cell:

Deathday Party Hall:

Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom (Classroom 3C):

Disused Classroom/Mirror of Erised (Magical Mirror Room):

Divination Classroom:

Entrance Courtyard/ Viaduct Courtyard:

Entrance Hall:

Fat Lady’s Corridor:

First Floor Girls’ lavatory/Troll Bathroom:

Grand Staircase -WIP:

Great Hall:

Greenhouse Tower:

3 Greenhouses -WIP:

Gryffindor Common Room:

Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory (No Room for the Girls’):


So last night this post got me, @elanev91 &  @levins18 into fit of hysterics. This story is a result of those hysterics. I blame levins, as per usual, for finding all the fun things to reblog, like vine compilations. NSFW b/c I’m a horrible person.

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Smaragdine. (Greek/Latin) loosely interpreted as “rare emerald”. In alchemy, the Smaragdine Tablet was used by Flamel to invent the Philospher’s Stone, giving the owner and his lover the ability to live forever.

Green eyes.

They get under his skin more than any other eyes have been able.

White snow falls around James, placing mismatched white dots on her black cloak. She’d found him sitting in the bar alone watching the ice melt in his drink. Lily had simply brushed her fingers along his shoulders (her cheeks rosy from the weather) and James had paid his tab immediately, ignoring the rest of the russet colored drink by his fingertips.

They play their amusements gracelessly. He doesn’t like to take it slow and she doesn’t ever know how to jump without diving in headfirst so it’s no surprise when he falls in love effortlessly under the shiver-inducing glare of her green eyes. Sometimes he feels like he’s sleepwalking in the dark and can’t keep up with her lighthearted dance but then her touch wakes him like lightening each time their skin touches.

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Inazuma Eleven ☆ Harry Potter AU  |   Hogwarts Subjects Headcanons


Gouenji Shuuya - 
Gouenji gained his love for potions from his mother who was a top Potioneer. When his mother had died, he continued to do his best in the subject because it reminded him of her. Especially with his father pushing him to become a Healer, he’s always been forced to get the best grades possible for potions - since it was the main requirement to become a Healer. 

Kidou Yuuto - Arithmancy
Being one of hardest classes at Hogwarts, Arithmacy has always challenged Kidou. The complexity of magical numbers and it’s uses for prediction and other means - he has been experimenting with implementing the discipline within other areas such as Quidditch strategy and Kidou Financial Group. 

Fudou Akio - Transfiguration
During one class, Fudou transfigured Kidou and Sakuma into penguins just for a laugh. He has never let them forget it and they have never forgiven him since. Fudou finds it even more hilarious when he finds out Kidou’s patronus is also a penguin - much to Kidou’s dismay.

Shirou Fubuki - Care of Magical Creatures
Ever since he could see Thestrals in his first year at Hogwarts, Shirou has always had a thing for Magical Creatures. Even as a half-blood, he was never exposed to many magical pets or creatures as a child and yet he has a innate talent for handling beasts and creatures. He is able to tame creatures like Acromantula, Cerberus and some dragons and has even gained the respect of the Forbidden Forest’s Centaur

Shirou Atsuya - Defence Against the Dark Arts
Unlike his brother, Atsuya prefers much more exciting classes with spells than creatures. DADA has always been his favourite class because he loves learning about offensive spells and he gets to duel with other students without consequence. He wants to graduate from Hogwarts quickly so that he can become an auror like his parents. 

Kiyama Hiroto - Alchemy
As one of the few students hand picked to take Alchemy is an elective in his sixth year, Hiroto took to a serious love of the subject. He was intrigued by the connection of transformation magic, potion making and muggle chemistry and how it would relate to the creation of  remedies/ artefacts such as Panacea and The Philosopher stone. When he finished Hogwarts, he’d like to become an alchemist.

Midorikawa Ryuuji - Herbology
Midorikawa has never been particularly good at any of the more academic or core classes at Hogwarts, and yet he finds peace and comfort taking care of the plants in the Herbology. Although Nagumo teases him constantly that his hair looks like it belongs in the greenhouse, Midorikawa has the last laugh when a baby Mandrake’s cry makes him faint in the middle of class. He hasn’t teased him about it since. 

Tachimukai Yuuki - History of Magic
As one of the few muggleborns in his class, Tachimukai loves History of Magic. Pretty much everyone who is required to take the class finds it an absolute bore (especially because the professor could go on and on about uninteresting nonsense. However, as the world of magic is so different from his own, Tachimukai can’t help but be pulled into each textbook with excitement. 

Endou Mamoru - Flying
Too bad Flying classes were only during first year.

ok but someone talk to me about wayhaught hogwarts au headcanons

  • they are like the hogwarts power couple, not because people are intimidated by them but just because they’re so perfect for each other and they’re both so nice to everyone they meet that everyone loves them
  • with the exception of waverly getting angry when people talk down to her because that’s the straw like if ur not nice to her (or her boo tbh) she’ll fuck you up
  • waverly laughs in the face of hufflepuff stereotypes because she is the smartest one not just in her grade but the whole goddamn school and nicole is so proud of her gf
  • waverly’s really into the more complicated classes like transfiguration and potions and ancient runes and arithmacy while nicole is way better at the ones that involve more creative thinking and also defense against the dark arts
  • nicole’s favorite class, by far, is care of magical creatures because she’s really good at it and animals usually just like her and she has a way of understanding what they need and waverly is v impressed
  • nicole steals a hippogriff to take waverly for a ride once and waverly is In Love ™
  • Waverly hearing all about Hogwarts from her big sister and by the time she gets her letter she knows for a fact that she is a ravenclaw because she gets straight As and loves reading but she has a hatstall because the hat is trying to convince her that she is a Hufflepuff
  • Waverly doesn’t want to be a hufflepuff not because she looks down on them but because she doesn’t think she’s worthy. Hufflepuff is the best house and she’s confused as to why the hat wants her there
  • Nicole on the other hand is almost instantly placed in Hufflepuff. She sits down next to Waverly Earp and is immediately a goner. Little baby gay Nicole like what is this feeling so sudden and new and they become best friends and eventually lovers


anonymous asked:

Ravenclaw Grantaire and Slytherin Enjolras? Then Hufflepuff Courf and Ravenclaw Combeferre?

Grantaire and Combeferre (along with Joly and Jehan) have shared a dorm in Ravenclaw tower since first year, so by now they have gotten used to living together in such close quarters. Grantaire and Combeferre offer both ends spectrum of Ravenclaw students. Combeferre has his moments of absolute organisation, where his books are neatly situated in spare trunks he keeps under his bed. He also has his moments of extreme laziness where he lets his mind wander when reading and gets distracted by other things, likes magical creatures, or Courfeyrac.

Grantaire on the other hand, is academically lazy. He has a brilliant mind, and has a natural affinity with most aspects of the magical curriculum (well except arithmacy) and he coasts through a lot of the first few years at Hogwarts through sheer stubbornness and his natural gift of bullshitting. He argued with the hat at first about wanting to put him in Ravenclaw with the ‘brainy people’ but he has since come to terms with the fact he belongs in Ravenclaw tower. His claim to fame is the highest grade in his OWLS came in Divination, where he completely made up the prediction he gave Bousset and somehow received an Outstanding.

Enjolras, along with Montparnasse and Eponine are the three in Slytherin house that most of the group interact with. Most of his classes end up with Gryffindor so spends most of his time studying with Marius as Bahorel spends too long on the Quidditch field for it to be totally healthy, at least in Enjolras’ eyes. He’s endlessly frustrated in the classes they share with Ravenclaw, like potions where Grantaire and Combeferre finish their potion half way through the class so Grantaire spends most of his time needling Enjolras.

(okay I’m more of a Gryffindor Courfeyrac, but Hufflepuff is my second house for him)

Courfeyrac shares his room with Feuilly, Bossuet and Feuilly’s cat Wispa. The spare bed in their room is usually taken up by Quidditch Equipment drying across the four poster bed, or a spare set of robes for Bossuet, because god knows what he will end up doing in the course of a day. They are also the sleepover kings, as Hufflepuff is the cosiest of all four dorms. Courfeyrac is Quidditch Captain, and Feuilly is his vice-captain and Feuilly is the Hufflepuff Prefect. It’s a toss-up between himself and Combeferre who will get Headboy when they reach final year. Headgirl is a forgone conclusion with Cosette.

Bahorel is Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Musichetta is his vice-captain.

Grantaire is Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Jehan is his vice-captain.

Eponine is Slytherin Captain. She doesn’t need a vice.

Ravenclaw House: Grantaire, Combeferre, Joly & Jehan.

Gryffindor House: Musichetta, Bahorel, & Marius

Slytherin House: Enjolras, Eponine & Montparnasse.

Hufflepuff House: Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Bossuet & Cosette.

More American Wizarding Headcanons

That don’t involve Ilvermorny…..

- Maya wizards charting celestial movements Europe could only dream of. 
-The Secotans and Croatoan wizards wondering how dumb and desperate you have to be to attempt to apparate an entire colony at once. (Judging by the amount of splinching left behind in Roanoke, plenty).
-Indigenous Arctic and Athabaskan wizards practicing their charms so they exactly mimic the Aurora Borealis any time of day (a particularly skilled one can conjure up new, unusual colors to include).
-Sure, JK, indigenous wizards didn’t have wands…. but they did have flutes, rattles, and, in the case of some Mohawk wizards- lacrosse sticks. The Iroquois Confederacy used their own magical version of the game to hone their reflexes and accuracy.
-Rip van Winkle and the Headless Horsemen were both true incidents involving wizards trying to give muggles a fright- in both cases, the hapless people had wandered too close to a gathering. (Although Van Winkle was only obliviated for a few days, not 20 years. Washington Irving got a bit carried away.)
-A few wizards served as spies during the American Revolution- using coding and disappearing charms to conceal information.
-Johnny Appleseed was a Colonial American wizard particularly gifted in herbology. He kept retreating further and further into the frontier to keep his more magical cultivation (APPLES WITH TEETH) away from muggle eyes.
-The Star-Spangled Banner remained untouched during the bombardment on Fort McHenry because of a strong self-repairing charm cast by freed black witch Iocaste Fullbright.
-Legends of the Bermuda Triangle originated from the protective spells concealing a Carribbean School of magic (which I will not attempt to name) founded by Taino and Maroon wizards. They teach a comprehensive mix of African, Indigenous American, and European magic.
-Much lauded was the Oglala Lakota witch She-Tends-the-Fire who enchanted her own self-erecting tipi (but not before a few incidents refining the spells where it would fly around the prairie in several pieces).
-Midwestern wizards can opt to attend school on a pastel orange and purple, enchanted steamboat dubbed the MSS Skittles perpetually trawling the waters of the Mississippi River. Somehow mysteriously able to pick up and drop off students on rivers that don’t even connect to the waterway… 
-Theophilius Mudd was a wizard who worked behind the scenes assisting PT Barnum with his elaborate shows. The American Wizard Governing body did not approve…
-Speaking of circuses, during their hayday during the late 19th, early 20th century, many served as traveling schools for young magic-users. Some would even take on promising talent as “acts”- hence the old phrase “running away to join the circus”.
-Enterprising magical entrepreneurs offered mail order catalogs containing the newest spells and enchanted housewares to the spread-out populations of the West. Smaller scale businesswixen would go on the road as traveling salesmen, hawking everything from 5 minute magic lessons to snake oil (actual snake oil, though, pressed from the finest snakes, very handy in health tonics).
-Rumors circulate that a few wizard woodcarvers of the Northwest Coast tribes enchanted their totem poles to animate stories of the ancestors or spirits they represented. House-mounted poles could even be imbued with alarm spells that would scream the inhabitants awake.
-Wizards in the Old West trained coyotes to carry their messages, originating in 17th century Santa Fe.
-In modern day Guatamala, a stone city sits covered in unplottable charms in the middle of the jungle. After the Spanish conquest, many remaining indigenous wizards from groups such as the Mixtec, Mexica, Maya, and Purepecha gathered as much old knowledge together as possible and started a library. Numerous magical codices, items, stelae, and inscriptions reside there, being dutifully restored or copied. New research, particularly on arithmacy, astronomy, and divination is still conducted. Only indigenous, mixed-race, or wizards specially invited by the archivists can find the right path through the jungle, however.
-Paul Bunyan was a real half-giant magizoologist traveling the frontiers of America and Canada composing a book on magical wildlife for wizards back East. Babe was his familiar, rescued from a warlock displaying her as an oddity after pelting her with coloring and enlargening spells. Throughout his travels he documented furry trout, sasquatch, teakettlers, cactus cats, hoop snakes, and the almost impossible to spot Hunting Snipes.
-During Prohibition, the best rum-runners and bootleggers were wizards.

My Heart

Harry slid into the seat, having carefully maneuvered Ron to sit across from him so he could cast his eyes onto the Hufflepuff table. Katelyn Turner sat there near the end and alone. He had ran into her on the train and just like that, he was lost to her. She was beautiful and he just…couldn’t ignore her. He couldn’t forget her.

She had long brown hair that he swore shined like the suits of armor and she had softer green eyes than his own, which he liked. She was also short like him, yet still shorter which was another plus. And he was positive she was smart. She took arithmacy and runes, alongside care of magical creatures.

He had been watching her and even now he couldn’t see her enough. He needs to meet her for real. Maybe the library.



1.11.15 // 9:07 PM

And that’s a wrap on today’s frantic study session. As a die-hard Halloweener the last 2 days were mainly spent on game-plan finalisations. But real talk: have any of you ever tried studying with ASMR videos on youtube?! It made my studying sessions fly by in a breeze and all of a sudden my economics and math slides felt a whole lot more like Arithmacy (and Ancient Runes judging by all the mysterious signs that I had to decipher on my notes).

In case any of you are interested: I highly, highly recommend this one:

Hogwarts Library. Parchment scratching. A animated fire. Rain. FLYING BOOKS (I spent 5 minutes searching for this monent so I could show you what it looks like)

2015: Another Year At Hogwarts

September comes again, bringing the first chills of Autumn and the looming promise of another cold winter in Great Britain. It also brings a new term and another new year at our countries esteemed educational institution of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The famed establishment has announced several of its proposals for the forthcoming year. The first and most notable of which is the introduction of gender neutral dormitories. This is presumably an enormous announcement for S.P.E.L.L.S (Students Partnership for Equality and Legislation of LGBTQ+ Students), whom have been campaigning for gender-neutral dormitories over the past year with the legal help of current Deputy Head Of Magical Law Enforcement, Hermione Granger. 

Granger, 35, famously made a striking speech on the campaign at the ministry of magic earlier this month, appealing for spectators to support their cause. The dormitories will come into action the evening of September 1st, and are the first of it’s kind amongst the 52 wizarding schools around the world. 

Hogwarts has also disclosed assorted staffing alterations, including the appointment of a new Arithmacy teacher - Arcus Ridgebit. Silvia Chaddesley also takes over as a cover for Study of Ancient Runes, due to Bathsheda Babbling’s recent contraction of Dragon Pox. 

A familiar face will also be returning to Hogwarts this year, former student and classmate of Harry Potter and Herbology Professor, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas will be assuming the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, after travelling the world as an Freelance Art Collector and Procurer of Dangerous Artefacts for the Ministry, as well as the greatest and richest. 

The Hogwarts Head Girl and Boy for the year are Chelsea Weatherwax and Teddy Lupin, both of Hufflepuff house. Lupin shall be familiar with our readers as Harry Potter’s godson; a surprising election, considering Lupin’s rebellious mishaps over the years. 

However Headmistress Minerva McGonagall repudiated this yesterday in her annual speech, stating that “Chelsea and Teddy are two dedicated, disciplined and delightful students, whom I know Helga Hufflepuff herself would he proud to have in her house." 

The two certainly have their work cut out, bearing in mind Harry Potter’s eldest son begins his Hogwarts journey this year. The notably rebellious youth is also Lupin’s godbrother, and has stuck to Potter tradition, being sorted into Gryffindor house. 

Potter and his wife Ginevra, 34, were seen in Kings Cross earlier this morning to bid their goodbyes to their eldest son, their famed presence causing quite a stir amongst students and parents. 

With the numerous changes to the forthcoming Hogwarts school year, here at The Daily Prophet we can only wish its students pleasure and good luck in their magical education!

Evans and Potter

For as long as James Potter had known Lily Evans he’d only ever really called her by her surname. For as long as Lily Evans had known James Potter she’d only ever really called him by his surname. 

It wasn’t out of disrespect and it certainly wasn’t because they didn’t like each other–in fact they liked each other very much. The half glances in the hallways, the fingers touching as they passed notes in class, the longing stares at quidditch practice…it was so very clear that they wanted to be more than just friends.

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SPN At Hogwarts: The Lineup For the Professors

So, I’m making this list of teachers both as a reminder for myself as well as to give you guys a bit of a glimpse for what may come for later chapters for this crazy little AU I’ve been doing this past week.

| - Master Post - | - Post That Inspired This - | - The Lineup For The Professors - | - People By House and Year - | - Information on the Triwizard Tournament - | - Intro - | - The Sorting Hat - | - The Boggart - | - The Goblet - | - The Knitting Club - | - Cousins - | - The First Task - | - The Hogsmeade Trip - | - The Second Task - | - Halloween - | - The Yule Ball - | - The Order - | - The Secret Meeting - | - Valentine’s Day - | - Spring Break - | - Ancestors - | - Time Travelers - | - The Birthday - | - The Third Task - | - The Unexpected Victor - | - Consequences - | - The Weapon - | - The Disease - | - The Fallen - | - The Cure - | - The End - |

The Professors:

- Headmaster: Chuck Shurley - Hufflepuff

- Head of Hufflepuff; Charms Professor: Josie Sands - Hufflepuff

- Head of Ravenclaw; Study of Ancient Runes Professor: Gabriel Shurley - Ravenclaw

- Head of Griffindor; Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor: Gordon Walker - Griffindor

- Head of Slytherin; Divination Professor: Pamela Barnes - Slytherin

- Herbology Professor: Rufus Turner - Griffindor

- Muggle Studies Professor: Peter Jenkins - Ravenclaw

- History of Magic: Ethan Snyder - Hufflepuff

- Care of Magical Creatures Professor: Cuthbert Sinclair - Slytherin

- Astronomy Professor: Naomi Shurley - Slytherin

- Transfiguration Professor: Abaddon Sands - Slytherin

- Potions Professor: Fergus “Crowley” McLeod  - Ravenclaw

- Arithmacy Professor: Frank Devereaux - Ravenclaw

- Nurse: Missouri Moseley - Griffindor

Hogwarts 2015-2016: 7 Weeks in Review 

12th October 2015 

As a great quantity of our readers shall know, this Tuesday marks 7 weeks since Hogwart’s 2015-2016 academic year initiated. However with the multiple changes to both policy and staffing, as well as the addition of a Potter, how is Hogwarts fairing?

One of the most notable changes to policy was the establishment of gender neutral dormitories. According to reports, the dormitories have been a soaring success, with a number of students choosing to house themselves within them. 

The staffing alterations have received mixed reviews. Arcus Ridgebit, replacement for long-time Arithmacy Professor, Septima Vector is said to be an efficient teacher, with mid-term test results up significantly from 2014. However reports suggest that 25-year-old Ridgebit’s charming looks have endeared many of Hogwarts’ students. Ridgebit’s morning pumpkin juice is reportedly being checked daily after an unnamed 4th year girl was caught attempting to sneak Weasley’s Wheezes’s Best Love Potion upon it earlier this month. In the mean time Silvia Chaddesley, Study of Ancient Runes cover, is reportedly not matching up to her predecessor Bathsheda Babbling, whom taught at the school for nearly 40 years. An anonymous source exclusively informed us earlier this week that “Her lessons are so boring, I’ve marked my Ancient Runes periods ‘naps’”

Meanwhile the wizarding community has been itching for updates on 11-year-old James Potter, whom initiated his Hogwarts journey last month. Bearing in mind the youth’s parentage, many were worried his rebellious ways would plunge Hogwarts into (another) age of anarchy - and recent accounts correspond with this. “He got a weeks worth detention on his first full day,” claimed one of our many exclusive inside sources. “As soon as Moaning Myrtle caught wind of the fact Harry Potter’s son was at Hogwarts, she tracked him down and started stalking him around the halls. In the end he got annoyed, so he threw his potions book at her, but missed and it hit Peeves.” According to the source, Peeves was so disgruntled by the young Potter’s action, he proceeded to go on a three-day rampage, causing havoc amongst the school and disrupting classes. Furthermore the ghost known as “Moaning Myrtle” was also upset by Potter’s missed attempt - she began to guard entrance to all bathrooms refused to let any student resembling James access.

Despite this, according to reports Potter appears to be doing well in classes, taking after his parents and excelling particularly in Defence Against The Dark Arts and Charms.

In Quidditch News, the 2015-2016 season is expected to initiate in the coming weeks, with all 4 teams assembled and training hard. Our Quidditch Correspondent Ginny Potter will be in attendance of the first match. With Ravenclaw annihilating Slytherin for the cup last May, and Gryffindor placing last for the first time in more that 150 years, who knows what this coming year shall bring!