Background in otome game looks familiar?

You might have noticed that some backgrounds can be seen in several otome games, not only from the same company but from different companies. This is because it is the same background. There is actually this one company that makes backgrounds. Companies like Genius, Abracadabra and Arithemtic uses them for all their games. Voltage uses them for some of their games. (OKKO and Cybird don’t use them). And while it is nice and all that, there is also a problem with having standard/generic backgrounds. Many times, the game gives descriptions that won’t match the background. Like it will say “the garden was full of fruit trees. He took a peach from one of them and gave it to me” and the background is a rosegarden with green grass and no trees at all.

Here are 2 examples:

This garden is used in Princess of the Moon, The Lost Prince Pirates, My Angel Romance, and some other games. I don’t see any buildings like the text is saying. In My Angel Romance I did not see any fruit trees. Oh and I don’t see how this is on the roof of the palace/castle in Princess of the Moon! (I think it was the roof?)

This one is used in My Elemental Prince as a place you frequently go to. It looks very Roman. Not to mention in My Angel Romance, this is supposedly a sacred, holy place in Heaven. Yes, Heaven, with the Christian/Jewish/Muslim God… It looks pagan… and quite rude, even if it’s unintentional. I was appalled when I played the game and saw this. I hope people agree on this, regardless of their faith / religion.