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Hi, I know I’m not the best to start the meme…. but I tried? and I had asked…. although, I got no really a answer… I thought why not? just draw a Naruto…. don’t need to be perfect,  just have fun ^^ ^^

Hola, sé que no soy la mejor para comenzar el meme… pero lo intenté? y había preguntado… aunque, no conseguí realmente una respuesta… pensé por qué no? sólo dibuja un Naruto… no tiene que ser perfecto, solo diviertanse ^^ ^^

In honor of the “Chat’s meme” started by @sweet-childhood-dreams I bring the “Ladybug meme?” I’m sorry I’m not the best to start a meme… but I just had to try?

En honor del “Chat’s meme” comenzado por @sweet-childhood-dreams les traigo el “Ladybug meme?” lo siento no soy la mejor para comenzar un meme… pero tenía que intentarlo? 

(thanks to those who helped me decide if I should upload this or not!)

I traced and colored the early illustration of the boueibu guys that was shown in this post, I wanted to see how it would have looked like (well, more or less) if they decided to stick to the old designs.
I love how Yumoto basically looked the same even back then, except he looks somewhat more mature there.
Ah, fun fact: I noticed that early En’s shoes were reused as Yumoto’s shoes in the Summer episode, and early Ryuu’s shoes are very similar to actual Ryuu’s shoes in that same ep7 too.
… Also, not sure who the guy on the far left is supposed to be, but I lowkey wish they had kept it he looks cool.

Did they look more like straight out of a reverse-harem or is it just me?