aristotle amadopolis

Our mysterious picture from Moho House just got released and let’s take a closer look upon this candid scene and try to gather exactly what is going on here.

For all of us, the man above is a new character being introduced to the series, Nigel. He is played by Michael York, who has been a reoccurring famous voice actor to the show- you might know him best as the veterinarian Dr. Budgie who appeared as both in episodes Lisa the Veterinarian and Pork and Burns. Because of York’s occasional appearance, we won’t have any idea whether or not Nigel will be a one shot or reoccurring, but it is a good detail to keep in mind.

Nigel is explained by the synopsis that he and Mr. Burns wager whether or not he can break up the Simpsons. Yes, this sounds like bottom of the barrel plot scraping considering for Burns’ deviousness, marital affairs is something he never fools around with given his sacrosanct values despite his misanthropy. It seemed the writer shoved that detail to the side unless Nigel INSISTS upon it. Speaking of Nigel, from the synopsis, we can presume he is probably a friend or acquaintance of Burns because of how Monty is willing to toss something valuable at a bet, and Burns hasn’t been known to do that except only with friends and friendly rivals such as Aristotle Amadopolis and Rich Texan (who he shared more animosity with in The Seemingly Never Ending Story.)

As seen above in the picture, we see Nigel plant a kiss on Smithers, if not nearly throwing himself on Monty’s lackey. Now what can we gather from this snapshot? Well for one, Smithers’ body language. He is tossed into this situation, surprised obviously from his arcing eyebrows, similar to when Moe kissed him all of a sudden in Flaming Moe. However, Smithers is also leaning away which seems to indicate that it was also a violation of his personal space and unwanted. His bewilderment however seems to take the reigns, and whatever follows will certainly be towards Nigel.

That brings up another speculation - why is Nigel kissing him?

I can only think of a few things; this scene happens at the end of the episode where Nigel loses that bet with charisma and attractiveness on breaking up the Simpsons and decides to kiss Smithers to inflate his ego in desperation to see if he still has it.

This scene happens in the beginning when we are introduced to him and Monty and find out that Nigel is a gambler, a betting whore who would do anything for the thrill of the chase and financial payout (see what may be in his hand, it looks like pearls or some jewelry,) and he does it because Monty bets him (and maybe its a contest on who can kiss Smithers better?)

Another yet simple and innocuous point, those might be breath mints in his hand and Nigel is making an introduction as a famous Don Juan and Burns dares to test his ego.

Or scenario four: Nigel is a raging bisexual or gay and we are introduced to this detail only through him kissing Smithers (maybe as a bet,) which leaves the possibility that he might hit on Homer instead of Marge to fulfil this bet. Considering that there is another promo pic of Nigel seated next to Homer fresh from work or a work party and drinking at Moe’s Tavern (because under the coat we can see his work tie) this could very well be a possibility.

Whatever the case, there is another detail about this picture is how oddly framed it is for a promo pic, likely because it appears to obstruct something behind Smithers? The way the picture is cut, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something going on that gives more detail to this scene, probably Mr. Burns standing near Smithers. Time can only tell whether or not this hypothesis is correct.

For now we can only wait for Smithers to be kissed by one ancient, suave billionaire this season.