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jacketgay  asked:

I've had some interest in classical studies for a whole, but I feel terribly underinformed. Do you have any book recommendations for someone just starting to learn? Anything from history to mythology to philosophy.

Of course! What you might like to read depends entirely on what sorts of things you’re already interested in, but here’s a brief list for you of books I read when I was just starting my foray into Classical Studies:


The Classics: From Zeus’ Throne to the Fall of Rome by Caroline Taggart


The Greek Myths by Robert Graves

The Complete World of Greek Mythology by Richard Buxton

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by Cory O’Brien (it’s a newer, funny book but worth it)


The Greek City-States: A Source Book by P.J. Rhodes

Courtesans and Fishcakes by James Davidson

Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy by John R. Hale

The Early History of Rome by Livy (more of a mythological history than anything)


Plato’s Apology and Republic

Greek Philosophy: Thales to Aristotle by Reginald E. Allen

Early Greek Philosophy (From the Penguin Classics Series)

Xenophon’s Oeconomicus (also important for domestic life/historical purposes)

Classical Lit:

Aeneid by Virgil

Odyssey and the Iliad by Homer

Lysistrata and The Clouds by Aristophanes

Sophocles’ Theban Plays (Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone)

Euripides’ Medea, Alcestis, and Hippolytus

Plutarch’s Lives

(I hope this helps!)