ariston napoli


As a very proud Italian, I am thrilled to finally say…Francesco Serraiocco, handmade in Napoli, Italia.

Ariston Napoli reddish beige solaro fabric. High notch, 3 button rolled 2 lapel. Very light canvassing of just one layer. Spalla camicia, without shoulder padding.


BLVDier Fall/Winter Editorial Pt. 2

Donegal is a small town in northern Ireland.  It is in a region of the world where warmth is a prized possession and became a hub for tweed textile manufacturing around the 18th century.

Although this jacket’s fabric wasn’t milled in Donegal, Ariston Napoli added their Italian twist by producing a soft, spongy and rich donegal fabric.  It comes in an array of colors ranging from deep red to charcoal grey but this green stood out.  At 380 grams, it doubles as an outerwear piece in 35-50 degree weather.

Made up with a 3/2 tip-over closure and 3 patch, snifter shaped pockets with corozo nut buttons and a notched lapel.

Forest green (as well as olive, taupe and brown) jackets are incredibly versatile as they go well with almost all pants; navy trousers, blue jeans, khaki chinos, grey slacks brown corduroys.  Seeing as though the chambray shirt movement hasn’t lost traction, this jacket proves to be the best covering heading forward.

5 pockets pants by Lee Black Label.  Shirt, lapel pin and pocket square by BLVDier.

Photos by @superdanger-us