The Collective welcomes our newest recruits, a hunter of demons, a trader of goods and ideas, and a member of the aristocracy...

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Not all who fight the dark forces that threaten the world do so with divine support. No, these ordinary men and women represent those who find themselves fighting the eldritch and demonic…and find that steel and fire work plenty well against them. 

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Trade. The bloodline of civilization, as goods and ideas pass hands among cultures and nations separated leagues and customs of great number. Many of the worlds adventurers set out into the unknown in the hopes of finding their fortunes in distant lands. And now, one such entrepreneur has thrown in with us.

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Aristocrats, nobles, blue bloods, upper class twits. Whatever you call them, they tend to have names that are associated with the higher echelons of power and the weight of history behind their name. Whether the bloodlines are worthy of the legacy they leave behind, or noble isn’t a word that doesn’t describe their character at all, many aristoracts, young and old, are patrons of or adventurers themselves. And at least one has signed up with us.

So, with peasure, I belatedly welcome @we-aredemonhunter, @wearemerchant, and @we-are-noble

JG oc~ I decided that it would be a great way to relax a little~ I’ve been thinking about him for awhile too~also cause @jlin-yukarin made her own JG oc~

Name: Kasumi (霞- Haze. Cause he’s super shady. Do not trust this man.)
- Has an aristocratic background, he’s very pompous like a young master.
- Due to his privileged upbringing, he was given many opportunities to dabble in politics. He used these opportunities to get hold of dirty little secrets.
- Before becoming a spy, he worked behind the scenes as an informant, selling his collection of secrets when he sees fit. It’s his very shady hobby.
- Maybe it’s some side effect of his hobby, he’s the gossip king and small talk master. He’s also super social.
- Cannot cook to save his life. He’s really a young master ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ Someone please make sure this man doesn’t starve to death.

I’m so planning to make a comic about his backstory someday~ after my exams and stuff~

Update: Kasumi’s name can also be written as 香澄, meaning fragrant scent… He uses this variant of his name more often since it sounds nicer than “Haze”.
I want to play too

Everybody’s posting headcanons (and by everybody I mean @beckyh2112 and @slackeremeritus, who I can’t tag) so I’m going to babble happily about some stuff.

In my head Noxus is divided into several sections that have distinct accents (at least, distinct to a native). The residents of each section regard other sections with varying degrees of apprehension, and each group has stereotypes. They serve as poor men’s noble houses. In the lower sections of the city people make assumptions about you based on your accent the same way people make assumptions about nobles based on their name. You can hear “Oh, he’s from XPLACE,” in the same tone of voice you might hear “Oh, she’s a Du Couteau.” I even have… uh… names for some of the sections, but I will spare you that for now.

The Du Couteau Sisters have aristocratic accents, obviously. Katarina will occasionally use slang she learned in the army, Cassiopeia’s vocabulary is more refined from her time in politics (she reads a lot too).

LeBlanc also has an aristocratic accent, although hers is slightly different. She sounds a little bit like someone from an older generation, a grandma or a great aunt, both in vocabulary and diction. Fools think this is because she’s putting on airs and trying to make herself sound fancy, when it’s really because aristocratic language is more old-fashioned to begin with and she’s hundreds of years old. She can’t be bothered to keep up with those damn kids and their weird slang. Her way of speaking is very aesthetic, and she’ll pick up modern phrases to mix with all her old favorites based on how they sound.

Swain sounds refined, but not aristocratic. His accent is very bland and mostly identifiable by what it’s not.

Darius and Draven have a base accent from a section of the city that is mostly kinda middle-class army people and the people who support/provide services for them. HOWEVER, their accent has been altered both by their time on the street and by their rise to a much higher class. People from their home section are still very proud of them, and brag incessantly, even though they treated them really badly at the time.

Talon’s original accent is from the slummiest slum section, but he found it useful to imitate other accents while he was freelancing and learned how to speak “properly” while working for general Du Couteau. Now that the general is gone he usually talks like a slum-child just to disconcert people.

Lux can speak Noxian with any of its many accents. In professional/formal settings she speaks like the noblewoman she is, but in personal conversations she’ll usually match the accent of whoever she’s speaking with.

The Du Couteau sisters are both secretly horrified whenever they hear her speak with anything but a noble accent. Intellectually they know it’s a valuable skill, it’s just so antithetical to their upbringing they can’t help feeling unnerved. They take it out on her with snarky comments about her rank and status being fake.

She doesn’t match accents with LeBlanc or Swain. Swain because he’s the Grand General and there is no casual conversation with heads of enemy foreign nations. She would have done the same with Darius, but he slipped in with Draven somehow. LeBlanc’s accent is so unique that matching her would be more antagonistic than anything else. She’s holding it in reserve as a possible last-ditch distraction technique.

Darius was used to encountering her in formal situations, and got thrown off a little the first time he came across her sounding like the girl next door, laughing and chatting with Draven, and they both got whiplash when they heard her talking to Talon like she was some scummy gutter-hoyden. Darius is both impressed and irritated by the way she can manipulate people’s reactions with a simple change in inflection and word choice. Draven just wants her to talk “right” (with a side of “AUGH stop that!”) Because she’s speaking like a respectable woman from their class/section she occasionally says something that reminds them of their mother, which is as awkward as it sounds. She can tell she’s done something “wrong” but she can’t tell what (her accent is perfect dammit!) and they aren’t sharing.

Talon’s internal hierarchy has Lux listed under “My job, but less stabbing and more stealing”, so he is unmoved. He would be more surprised if she were bad with accents.