aristocratic goth

All in one image and non-transparent if that’s what you prefer! 

And some commentary for those who like reading

Despite the fact that canon is relative in TAZ, I like my Taako to fit in-podcast descriptors so he’s about as tall as Magnus, making him taller than most people… including the reaper (who dresses like an aristocrat goth I guess??)

Also a few people have commented on how tiny my Merle is… he’s 3ft 6 it’s just that the other two horns boys are upwards of 6ft hahah


“Slay him!

The Christian’s son has bewitched

The Mountain King’s fairest daughter!

Slay him!”

Peer Gynt 


Dorothea in one of Rivershire’s study room, with Muginn,,, You tricky creature!

I miss drawing Dorothea, but her appearance in the story only happens a lot later…



To be honest, this is pretty close to how I wish I dressed every day, problem being it feels too up-scaled and formal for daily use. I love wearing elegant black with frills and laces, hopefully in time I can bring myself to go more full time gothy aristocrat. I’d also have to get more clothes in this range of the spectrum, ooooh shame, it’s not at all like I like getting new clothes or anything.



The reason you are seeing a lot of my old pictures being (edited) and re-uploaded here, it’s because they are going to be posters!

Rivershire is like a decomponser in the food chain, he is not considered a predator, but he is the very final stage in the food chain. Taking care of the waste. Remember guys, no energy is ever wasted.

So here is another thing about Rivershire and a proof that even when you are checking artists in Tumblr you are actually learning something. Today’s lesson: Food Chain.

Model: Mademoiselle Karma
Photographer & Headpiece: Viola.Odorata

Model: Mademoiselle Karma
Photographer: Viola Odorata
Headpiece, Collier & Feathershrug: DeadDoll’s Needful Things