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Record of nursery payments for the young Henry VIII and his siblings

Record of payment of nursery servants. The nursery in question was for the children of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. The document dates to 17th September 1493 and therefore concerns the welfare of three of the royal children – Princess Margaret (later queen consort to James IV of Scotland), prince Henry (later Henry VIII), and the princess Elizabeth (who died in infancy). Henry VII’s heir, Prince Arthur, was raised in a separate establishment to his siblings.
Much attention has been paid on the fact that Henry VIII, unusual for a male of his position, was raised alongside women, including his sisters, female attendants and frequently with his mother. It was customary for infant boys to be raised by women as childrearing was regarded as a female task, however Henry remained in this environment until the death of his mother in 1503. By that date Henry was eleven years old, an age which most aristocratic and royal boys were forced into a male dominated environment to embark on their education. Dr David Starkey has implied that Henry’s upbringing in a female environment had an impact upon Henry’s character, by making him fond of the attention and admiration of women. This of course had explosive consequences later on in life!

“No modern actor was better at making you feel sympathy for fucking idiots, failures, degenerates, sad sacks and hangdogs dealt a bum hand by life, even as — no, especially when — he played them with all of their worst qualities front and center. But Philip Seymour Hoffman had a range that seemed all-encompassing, and he could breathe life into any role he took on: a famous author, a globetrotting party-boy aristocrat, a German counterintelligence agent, a charismatic cult leader, a genius who planned games of death in dystopic futures. He added heft to low-budget art films, and nuance and unpredictability to blockbuster franchises. He was a transformative performer who worked from the inside out, blessed with an emotional transparency that could be overwhelming, invigorating, compelling, devastating.”

—David Fear of Rolling Stone on Hoffman

the absolute deal breaker in a fic for me is when someone writes james as cold/aristocratic. this is a boy who doodled him and lily’s initials on a standardized test. this boy is an idiot. this boy isn’t a cold arrogant but the kind of arrogant that’s almost endearing and bordering annoying but there’s no way in hell james potter would have been cold