aristocrat the dog

daemon fic, eheheheh

The new captain’s daemon wasn’t visible. That was more than a little improper, by most people’s standards, but a fleet captain, a Mianaai fleet captain, could get away with as much impropriety as she pleased. At least, the crew supposed, it would be a change from the old one’s… old-fashioned interpretation of propriety, was perhaps one way to put it.

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Vincent of Beauvais, in the mid- thirteenth century, identified three types of dog: hunting dogs, with drooping ears, guard dogs, which are more rustic than other dogs, and Greyhounds, which are “the noblest, the most elegant, the swiftest, and the best at hunting.”

The Greyhound was used as an emblem, often in tombs, at the feet of the effigies of gentlemen, symbolizing the knightly virtues (faith), occupations (hunting) and generally the aristocratic way of life.