@whateversclevergreer: You wont see a tiara on any of the british princesses unless they are getting married or marry an aristo whose family has one. You wont find PE or PB wearing one unless either is the case.

That is likely the case for Eugenie and Beatrice because they’re not working royals and have no reason to wear a tiara but it’s untrue to say you won’t see a British princess in a tiara until they marry. Princess Margaret married in 1960. Here’s her in a tiara in 1951:

Anne married in 1973. Here’s her in a tiara in 1969:

Princess Alexandra married in 1963. Here’s her in a tiara in 1960:


Hahahahaha - this is the most romance novel set up ever - he’s a bastard-born rich guy holding the aristo family’s deeds and tittles lost by the wastrel son and he says he will give them back if he can marry the daughter of the family.