Ahhh, a doodle redesign of Mada, yet another one of my characters.

Mada’s one of a yet-to-be-named semi-antagonistic race in Origin point and one of the Arishadvargas- they embody the closest the race has come to understanding the negative qualities in human kind.

Admittedly, Arishadvargas are pretty similar to The seven deadly sins, minus two of them and adding in Mada. I decided to go with these instead of the sins to stick to a Buddhist theme for these group of characters.

And yes, the red areas on Mada’s limbs are areas where the blood of his fallen enemies has stained his very skin

??? has appeared!

??? is unique among the other Arishadvargas in that he/she/it/they isn’t organic in any way shape or form.

Other Arishadvargas have speculated that this is due to he/she/it/they rejecting their human-like growth, as well as rejecting his/hers/its/their original nature as well as the other Inva'ad.

(Couldn’t figure out how to do what I wanted with the lighting so I just eventually gave up u_u)


Krodha is another one of the Arishadvargas, like Kama Lobh and Mada (I mixed up some of the characters before). Though he differs from them.

Mada is the only one of two original Arishadvargas, having not have received the title ‘Krodha’ from a previous fallen or replaced tribe leader (The other being Matsarya). Krodha is also the most powerful Inva'ad out of the group.

Matsarya is also different from the rest because they chose not to let the human fragment that made them become all that they are. Krodha instead chose to take up the role of a 'keeper of balance’ of sorts, maintaining the status quo between humans and Inva'ad. The Krodha tribe members underneath him, however, weren’t as interested in 'preserving the balance’ and instead chose to let their anger consume them. Realizing that that was the fate of all of their tribe members, Krodha consumed all of them and any that spawned in his tribe later on.

krodha accepts that they are destined for an eternity of solitude, and makes it his duty to try and persuade anyone who is able to reach him to turn back before destroying anyone who refuses. Whether it be other Inva'ad seeking power, or humans seeking 'peace’.

wanlingnic replied to your photo: Okay, another character! This is Lobh, he’s the…

His design is wonderful! It’s equal parts ominous and not-too-spooky. I could see his rocking some stripes. OvO

That’s a good idea! Unfortunately I got carried away throwing stripes on the legs and then got the idea to only put them on there. Reason being I kinda liked how it gave Lobh a chimera-ish look… like he was stiched together with a zebra or something.

I might try to keep trying out different things with stripes, because I really do like the idea!