arisan 2

Rio Dewanto - Cinta Terlarang (OST Arisan 2!)
Bebas (arisan 2 ost)

Last friday, I watched arisan 2 by my self. Dunno why but I just want to watch it without any accompany me. The theater was empty. Bought a glass of soda without popcorn.. First impression for the character was, all of them were grown up.. Different perspective and mindset. Like andien can think wiser now.. Memey take care of lita’s daughter. Etc… About the relationship.. Umm.. I don’t think its all about Nino and Sakti anymore (the gay couple). But Nia Dinata now want show us more complicated relationship in this Jakarta that happen nowadays… And its patheticed

One scene that make me very touched is Memey and the Barista girl. The moment when barista said, “cancer is a gift’. That was unbelieveble. Its remind me part of my memory this year. That chemo is very painful. That is very shock for the stamina which is drop day by day… Yeah I almost cry that time.. But not.

Ok that’s all

This is part of lyric sung by Sore which played when memey feel a blessfull in Gili that really impressed me. What a wonderful life that I have.

Mulai kini, Tak ada salah di dunia
Terpancarkan, muslihat kita yang hina
Bebas kita merayap bersama
Biar semua layak punah