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Love Live! x BanG Dream!!
UPODATE: Full set ;^)

Maki as Aoba Moca
Rin as Kitazawa Hagumi
Hanayo as Hazawa Tsugumi
Eli as Yamabuki Saaya
Nico as Mitake Ran
Nozomi as Ichigaya Arisa
Kotori as Ushigome Rimi
Honoka as Toyama Kasumi
Umi as Hanazono Tae

Easter eggs/ Staff Roster for LLSHP AU

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I really love the relationship Eli and Arisa have. I usually see people say that Eli’s line at the end - that she’s not nervous anymore - is due to Nozomi showing up, but it’s not. It’s all Arisa. Arisa and Nozomi both notice that Eli’s nervous, but Arisa is the one who comes right out and says it’s due to ballet. This is the second time this has happened; Arisa called Eli out on her actions during season 1 too, when Eli was preparing a speech for the open house.

It’s an interesting aspect to their relationship. When we first meet Arisa she’s portrayed as an innocent little girl who can’t tell the difference between a can of food and a can of drink, and Eli is the one who has to guide her. Here we have a reversal of that, where Arisa is the one pushing Eli and helping her out. Their relationship goes both ways, both needing each other, and it’s so sweet to see

Birthday Cake

It had to be perfect. 

Eli took in a deep breath as she stretched across the kitchen counter, a tiny cherry gripped tightly between her thumb and index finger. Arisa continued to watch from the doorway of the kitchen, a baffled expression as she laid her eyes on the humongous cake.

“That’s… for Nozomi-chan?” her little sister asked, pointing at it. Eli hurriedly turned to her and nodded with a proud smile. “You baked that.”

Another nod.

“Onee-chan… you burned half of it.”

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Acceptance - Chapter 1

Eli stood nervously in front of her full-length mirror as she readjusted her skirt for the hundredth time that morning, making sure it properly covered her bulge. this was the first time she ever wore a skirt and the thought of people gossiping and making fun of her made her palms nervous with sweat.

“Eli..?” Eli heard a tentative voice call out. she looked at the door and smiled at her younger sister. 

“hello Arisa,” Eli replied as she briskly walked over to her desk to make sure her bag was ready.

“mum wanted me to come get you..” she said fiddling with her own school uniform. Eli nodded in reply as she grabbed her bag and walked over to Arisa.

“let’s go then, better not keep mum waiting,” Eli said as she walked down towards the kitchen. 

“good morning mum,” Eli greeted in Russian.

“good morning Elicchika. ready for you first day of school?” Eli’s mum asked as she prepared some eggs, bacon and French toast. Eli bit her lip nervously and chose not to answer. 

“Also, we will be going to look for suitable ballet studios around-” Eli’s mum started before she was cut off. 

“I’m not going to do ballet anymore.” Eli said looking down at the table. After the controversy and discrimination she faced when she auditioned for the Nutcracker in Russia, she vowed to never to do ballet again. Eli heard her mum sigh and that she knew that was the end of the conversation.

just before Eli left her house, her mother stopped her. 

“this a new beginning for you okay, Eli? embrace this new start. also, we’ll be scheduling an appointment with the doctor that was recommended for this weekend,” Eli’s mum informed her. 

“do you.. do you think I can start on.. on hormone pills soon..?” Eli hesitantly asked, her gaze on the floor the entire time. 

“let’s see how the appointment goes alright? remember that no matter what I will always love you,” Eli’s mum reassured her as she embraced her daughter.

somewhere else in Japan, someone else had just woken up. 

Nozomi rubbed their eyes tiredly as their alarm woke them up from their deep slumber. as they got around to preparing for the day, they got increasingly nervous for their first day of high school. after washing up and putting their long purple hair into their classic two pigtail hairstyle, they walked to kitchen to be greeted with a plate of food left on the table and a note. 

unsurprised at their parent’s absence, they started eating their breakfast as they scrolled through their phone.

*ding* a message had come in.

good morning Nozomi. what’s today’s gender?

after a while, they finally typed out a reply. 


Nozomi sighed as they finished off their breakfast and washed the dishes. 

they grabbed their stuff, left the house, locked the door and started on their trip to Otonokizaka High. Nozomi unlocked their phone to see a new message. 

well, then have a good day today Nozomi-kun. if you absolutely need to then come back and rest alright?

Nozomi sighed and chose not reply. 

as they neared school they caught sight of a blonde entering the school. someone new? 

before Nozomi could walk up to her and start a conversation, the blonde noticed them and hurried away.

how odd, Nozomi thought as they made their way inside the school. who was this new girl? they had never seen her around before.. Nozomi quickly made their way to the auditorium as a quick look at their watch showed that if they did not hurry, they would be late for the briefing for the new first years. 

hopefully, just hopefully, this year would be the year they finally could feel accepted.. Nozomi thought as they hurried along. suddenly, they let out a bitter laugh. that would probably never happen. they would always be an outcast.. no matter what the cirucumstance.

HI PEOPLE SO @n0zoeli MADE A CUTE NOZOELI HEADCANON SO I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT AND SEE IF YALL THOUGHT I GAVE IT JUSTICE so pls do tell me what y'all think about it !! this is just chapter 1, more chapters will be up soon :))