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alright but angsty dark souls egobang au where arin’s a pyromancer and he’s got a temper, but after meeting danny it gets better and he tries hard to control it bc his magic can get out of control when he’s angry sometimes. and then they’re fighting a boss and it hurts danny (not badly, but enough) and arin fucking loses it and his whole body lights up, his eyes glowing and danny feels so desperate bc he can’t get near arin when he’s flaming, and arin just drains himself after obliterating the boss and collapses. danny rushes over and cries “arin! arin!” and arin is so ashamed of himself he can’t even look at danny, whispering “i’m sorry, fuck i’m sorry” and danny kisses him fiercely and shouts “i don’t give a fuck just don’t hurt yourself like that ever again”

Morning Cuddles

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Your education as something you had always prided yourself on. You were valedictorian in high school, hate some of the highest marks in your graduating class in college, and you landed yourself a pretty great job as an accountant for a large YouTube company. So, you were a pretty educated woman.

So why you thought it would be a smart idea to sleep with one of your clients was a mystery to you. Of course around the seventh or eight time you stopped wondering.

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Fanfiction Masterpost

Updated as of: 9/22/17

A/N: This is a collection of all my work from this blog. This includes stories in different parts, but they are mostly oneshots. I am very proud of these, so if you do read, please let me know what you think!


Rules - There’s an unspoken rule in the apartment. Alex decides to break that rule. Rylex. Songfic, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, First Confessions.

Choking - Prompt. Alex may or may not blurt out a kink of Ryland’s, outing them to their friends. Rylex. Humor/Fluff.

Together - Prompt. Alex reminds Ryland how amazing he is before the final match. They’re gonna do this together. Rylex. Fluff.

Too Much Hair - Prompt. Ryland tries to cuddle. There’s just too much hair. Alex suggests a compromise. Rylex. Fluff.

Baby Steps - Prompt. Ryland is opening up to physical affection one step at a time. It doesn’t help when your friends walk in during a make-out session. Rylex. Fluff/Humor.

First Impressions - Prompt. Ryland doesn’t go to bars. But when he does, he meets drunk emotional strangers he can’t leave alone. Rylex. Fluff.

3AM - Prompt. Danny can’t sleep. He calls Arin at 3 am and they have a heart-to-heart. Egobang. Fluff.

Life of the Party - Prompt. Danny loses Arin at a party. He manages to find him, but Arin’s already having a panic attack. Warnings: panic attacks, alcohol mentions. Egobang. Comfort/Fluff.

It’s Time to Stop - Prompt. Arin wakes up in the middle of the night. Danny is sending him memes. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Noisy Neighbor - Arin’s constantly bothered by his noisy downstairs neighbor. Only, when he goes to confront him, he turns out to be really cute. Egobang. College AU. Fluff.

Mixed Feelings - Prompt. After Arin confesses, Danny rejects him because he doesn’t even understand himself. Brian gives Danny advice; Danny learns what it means to rediscover yourself. Warnings: Sexuality crisis. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Seagull Snatching - Prompt. Arin and Danny go on an impromptu trip to Michigan. Arin proceeds to be a dork and Danny reflects on how much he loves his dork. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Decisions - Prompt. NSP is offered a residency in Vegas, but Danny must decide in pursuing his dreams or if he’s already living his dream. After a good talk with Ross, Danny knows it’s time to tell Arin the truth. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Where You Belong - Prompt. Danny has doubts about where he belongs and why Arin chose him. He finds himself in the Grump Room, feeling numb about it all. Fortunately, Arin’s always there. No matter what. Warnings: depression. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Stupid with People - Prompt. Brian calls Danny. Turns out, he’s not exactly the best when it comes to dealing with people. Ninja Ship Party. Fluff.

You Want Me - Prompt. Danny’s having trouble dealing with the new employee at work. Rubberbang. AU. Fluff.

As If I Deserve You - Prompt. Danny can’t believe he deserves Arin. It’s up to Arin to show him he deserves this and more. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Expensive - Prompt. Danny goes shopping for wedding rings, and Suzy helps him out. Egobang. Fluff.

You’re Wrong and I’ll Prove It - Prompt. Ross teases Danny. So Danny takes the best course of action and kisses Arin to shut Ross up. Egobang. Fluff.

I’ve Got You - Prompt. Arin breaks down after too much stress and work. Danny’s there for his snuggle man. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Morning Kisses - Prompt. Danny wakes up to snuggly morning kisses from Arin. Egobang. Fluff.

Revenge of the Not-So-Grump - Prompt. When Arin starts beating Danny in a karaoke game, Danny decides his best course of action is to kiss Arin to distract him. Egobang. Fluff.

Hands Off - Prompt. Danny gets angry when someone gets a little too handsy with his boyfriend at a party. Egobang. Punk!AU. Warnings: drugs and alchohol mention. Fluff.

The Same Height - Prompt. Arin kisses the top of Danny’s head to prove a point, but Danny refuses to let Arin have the last word. Egobang. Humor/Fluff.

Stay With Me ForeverDanny hadn’t meant to blurt it out during an episode. But now all of his previous doubts return and he just wants this happy time to last forever. Arin notices. He always does. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Home Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end. Egobang. Fluff.

That Warm FeelingA reoccurring warm feeling keeps showing up in Danny’s life. He doesn’t think much of it until he realizes the reason for this feeling–Arin Han//son. Egobang. Fluff.

What It Looks Like - Prompt. Danny’s tearing himself up inside because of his feelings. The person he wants more than anything doesn’t belong to him. Arin comes to his rescue. Egobang. Warnings: Self-Loathing. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

I Chose You - Prompt. Danny doesn’t feel like he belongs. It becomes too much and he breaks. Luckily, he’s always got Arin. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Angst.

You’re Perfect - Prompt. Danny gets particularly touchy-feely, and Arin gets embarrassed. It’s up to Danny to show Arin that his body is beautiful. Egobang. Fluff/Angst.

You’re Bleeding - Prompt. After a romp, Ross is accidentally injured. Danny freaks out. Rubberbang. Humor/Fluff.

Two Men, One Bed - Prompt. After somehow only getting one bed in their hotel room, Arin and Danny must share a bed. Danny has feelings. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Day of Rest - Prompt. Danny gets really sick. Arin acts as a local nurse. Egobang. Fluff.

Danny BoyDanny finds a weird art major lying on the floor of a practice room. Oddly enough, he finds that he enjoys this guy’s company while he sings. College AU. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Bromeo & Juliet Series - Romeo & Juliet AU

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 1 - Romeo and Juliet AU. The Sexbangs decide to crash a Neverbone party. Danny and Brian lead the way. 

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 2 - Romeo and Juliet AU. Danny finds a cute dance partner. Unfortunately, he turns out to be someone Danny really shouldn’t be dancing with. Egobang.

The Last Unicorn Series - Magic Blood AU

Part OneArin’s just a normal college student. Until one day, he gets involved with people with magic blood. Especially one man with siren’s blood. The catch? Arin’s immune to all magic. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Part Two - Arin begins to learn more about Dan, and a mysterious attacker appears. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Hidden Flames Series - Avatar The Last Airbender AU

Part One - Danny, an airbender staying in the Fire Nation to study the culture, finds a waterbender pretending to be a fire bender. He wants to find out why. Egobang. Mystery/Humor.

Arin and Dan meet Ryland and Alex AU

Part One - Prompt. Arin and Dan wake up to find themselves in a world that isn’t their own. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.

Part Two - Prompt. Dan and Alex have a heart-to-heart about their lives and how similar, yet different, they are. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.

Original Works

The Beginning and The EndAsher and Zoelle are twins with a special bond. Asher enjoys hunting down ghost stories, but one day mysteriously disappears. It’s up to Zoelle to find her missing brother and the horrors that await her at the mysterious Fate’s Village. Mystery/Supernatural.

Okay here’s a sad thought.

So maybe Arin is pining after Dan but most importantly Dan is pining after Arin but he never does anything about it because 1) Arin is married, and 2) Dan is so afraid, like, with how much he’s afraid of commitment, but then you have Arin, who’s been his best friend for many years, who’s a fucking lighthouse in the middle of a storm, who’s a warm tea in a quiet afternoon, who’s always got his back, whom he tells secrets to, talks about both stupid and serious things, who’s been one of the most important people in Dan’s life for so long and he remembers the time Before and he doesn’t wanna go back so he can’t be like “oh and btw I’m in love with you”. What would happen then? Losing Arin would crush him so much, would make his life a fucking hell, and, for what? A simple crush? No, he has to get over it. Or live in denial. 

And, what if. What if Arin is like “oh cool let’s date”. What if they date for some time but there’s a tiny voice only Dan can hear telling him- all these things that make him doubt and start avoiding Arin. What if he’s like “on second thought I like being single”. That’s what he would say on the outside, but on the inside he’s being crushing by the weight of everything happening around him, of the face Arin makes for a moment before saying “oh no problem dude”. And it only gets worse from there. Arin starts wondering what did he do to push Dan away. And Dan is too busy worrying about the things he feels and the things he said and doesn’t even realise what’s happening with everything else. Arin is drifting away from him (to give him some space maybe?) but it’s too late, Dan can only see his life crumbling before his eyes.

So he never says anything. They record GG episodes, they go out like normal friends do, they tell jokes and talk about non funny topics too. But Dan never says what’s really in his heart at all times. He doesn’t tell Arin all the things he means for him. He just smiles and hugs him. Whatever this is, it’s better than the alternatives.

anonymous asked:

Some super angsty egobang with a happy ending??

This fic kinda goes with my ABOverse Rubberbrian series, but you don’t need to read that beforehand. This is kinda a bit Egoflapbang, but not really. Hope you enjoy. 

True Alpha

It wasn’t Arin’s fault. He wasn’t doing it intentionally, Dan knew this. It was normal for Arin to strut around the office when he was coming into heat, acting as if everything was fine. Everything was fine, there was no reason that it shouldn’t be.

Except for the fact that Dan was in love with Arin.

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skidspace  asked:

Okay but that last ask had me thinking about the Host being a big Game Grumps fan because it's easy for him to listen to Dan and Arin just talk without always needing to understand the game play since he can't watch it

You know, I often have them on in the background while I’m doing other stuff, so I can totally imagine that.

I can picture Host falling out of his chair with laughter when Arin loses his mind over stupidly difficult games. :)

I swear if we don’t get more Host content soon I’m gonna burst!!


My favorite “Arin completely loses his shit” moment in Game Grumps at the moment.

Hey look it’s me taking a crack at drawing real people and I have been watching Game Grumps for so long I really should have made some fan art sooner…

EDIT: Some lovelies pointed out some minor errors which I fixed (namely Arin’s streak and changing “that is genuine rage” to “that’s legit anger”).


Like, imagine even if the shirts or whatever were a little tight Arin still wears them because he wants to wear Dan’s clothes and Dan watches him struggle to pull a t-shirt down and laughs so fondly. 

Arin, arms stuck above his head and tangled in fabric is like “Stop laughing and help me!” 

Dan helps him tug it down and straightens it for him. He smiles softly at Arin afterward. 

Also imagine Arin wearing Dan’s shirts to bed or just when he misses Dan because they smell like him. Maybe Arin mixes up their clothes on tour and wears Dan’s stuff in the hotel or while they drive or fly to the next city.