Those feelings you get when you've waited hours for a reply from your crush

You send the message & automatically you’re like:

But then you’re happy because you’re bold enough to send the message like:

& then he doesn’t reply & you’re staring at your phone like:

But then your phone rings & you’re hoping it’s him so your anxious like:

& then you find out the message is from your crush so your expression is like:


.. you treat me like shit, but I’ll still take you back if you needed me too.

.. I was the one by your side when shit was tough for you.. & now you treat me like a scar slowly fading away.

.. truth of the matter is that.. I’m not over you.

I pretend to be all happy & uncaring.. but when reality hits..

you’re the one I miss ending my day with, with just a smile on my face..