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also (sorry I'm saying so much about this) but what are the signs of Katniss being a demi-girl as well? She never says anything about not being wholly female. Does she? I guess these things aren't really addressed in the book as they don't really commit to the storyline. With taking down the government and all it hardly seems like she would think it's important. But I am curious to see your (or anyone else's) reasoning for thinking these things. I would like to think of her like that.

Demigirl is when you identify as partially a boy/girl and partially something else as a percentage. That’s the most basic definition. Gender roles are a social construct so often people are probably demigirls or demiboys without even realizing it.

Her gender isn’t an issue but people can also headcanon her as a demigirl because she doesn’t adhere to female gender roles.

(personally i’m starting to realize i’m a demigirl - 30% agender to be exact because, though i’ve been comfortable using she/her pronouns and i’ve been comfortable being cis, i really don’t feel like a ‘girl’ sometimes but i also don’t feel like a boy at all. like sometmes i have no gender and it’s cool lol)

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Do you ever find someone Australian on tumblr and you're like "YEEEEAH! Country buddies!!"? Cuz I feel like there's barely any Australians on here (even though there's probably heaps)

I know it’s like there are literally millions of Australians with an entire country’s worth of very different individuals but if you put us in an environment where it isn’t assumed that you’re Australian and we find each other we’re automatically like ‘YOU’RE AUSTRALIAN I’M AUSTRALIAN WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON.’

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You wash your hair daily? Um... I don't mean to be rude but it's kinda bad for your hair to wash it every day. Maybe try every second day? Because when you wash it too much you're stripping the hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy. If you look it up it would explain it far better than I can. Also I'm not an expert I'm just a girl with hair. I'm sure your hair's fine but just consider it. If you like. So yeah sorry to bother you. I don't mean to be critical. Just suggesting something.

You guys make me feel so bad for washing my hair every day.

I mean I know about all the oils and toxins and stuff in hair. Man let me tell you about the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands and arrector pili muscles on your hair follicles and all about your cuticle and cortex and hair growth, hEcKkKK. I mean yes you’ve got natural sebum being produced in your hair but at the same time sweats and toxins are being produced that are totally useless to the hair and scalp too. So if you don’t wash it that stuff’s just sitting there. 

Man I don’t even care what you do with your own hair but I really hate the way my hair feels when it’s not been washed.

Sorry I’m rambling I don’t even wanna talk about this, but I’ve been taking a hair dressing course where I’d probably be shunned for showing up with unclean hair.