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Do you have any advice for writing/drawing mermaids?

um um um make sure the tail’s big enough!!! as much as i love the little mermaid, in real life ariel’s tail wouldn’t be strong enough to get her anywhere!!! if you’ve ever seen the show ‘h2o just add water’ their tails are actually a lot more proportionate because the actresses actually swim in them! uvu theyre still not perfect but eh i’ll take what i can get

uuum another thing that a lot of artists do is draw 'knees’ when tails are bent? which i guess is more about style and me being kinda nitpicky but realistic fish tails would just gradually curve as opposed to bending!!

for writing i’d say it depends how you want them to appear! like if you want to keep them v mysterious and almost alien it’s good to never really write from their perspective? like explain from a third person pov and try not to overly explain what they’re thinking!!

whereas if they’re more humanoid and think like people then yr ok to write from their perspective!!! ye

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you're an attention whore

nop friend ur wrong

p much everyone wants attention sometimes dude and i don’t do anything destructive or rash to get attention so i have come to the conclusion that i am just a normal person!!

(only not because soft grunge mermaid princess but u know how it is xo)

have a nice day

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Youre gorgeous, opinionated, sassy and wont take no shit and you do it all while being all adorabubble and princessy and youre so honest about yourself and open. You really inspire me to just be me. Theres so much more to say but word count

i aM GOGIGN TO CRY this is rly lovely ah

it’s really nice to know that i’m inspiring someone ahhhhhh


like this is probably one of the nicest messages i’ve ever got omg

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im dating someone who is asexual or close to it and she has never called me disgusting, people who do that arent being asexual they are just being bungholes. im sorry you or anyone has to deal with such bullshit.

i know i know :c smooches u

a few people (mostly anons) called me a bad person because i said i’d have to think carefully about compromises if i were dating an asexual

and it’s like,,,,,, i’m pretty sure anyone with my experiences would flinch away from that too like i remember exactly how ugly and worthless i felt and i really would do absolutely anything to not feel that way again and??? if someone’s asking me out it’s my choice as to whether or not i want to date them and if i think ‘actually no i’ve thought about it and decided no’ it doesnt make me a bad person at all

i don’t owe anyone anything i could say no because i didn’t like their shoes and i’d still be totally within my right!!! and that doesn’t make me a bad person so frick everyone

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your jelly fronds tag is really relaxing wow i hope you don't mind me borrowing that before i roll off now to sleep

yeah!! that’s what it’s there for hun uvu

there’s also ’#sea fronds’ and my ’#h’ tag which are both meant to be relaxing and stuff!!! uvu eee i’m glad you like it!

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I always see you as literally feferi like this literal personification of feferi is that weird? Also your floating Equius always makes me laugh oh gosh!!!!!

ahhhhhh that’s super flattering because i love her a lot!!! and i can rly see that a lot of my character flaws are really similar to hers?? so i’m glad that you think my good points are too!

but eeee i’m super glad that he’s made so many people happy!! he was a happy accident!

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do you honestly like beating people up though

yeAH i do it’s a great stress reliever i think?? i prefer it in a measured way tho like i’ve done judo and kung fu and capoeira in the past??

i don’t like hurting people for the sake of it or for revenge but if it’s agreed to by both parties then heck yeah (punches a wall)

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i just followed you the other day and youre literally the cutest person ive ever followed on tumblr ever youre just really cute is what im trying to say glub on (as in rock on but glub on instead bc fishes)

im gonna screaM,,,,,,,,,,, thank u honey!!!! ahhhhhhh

glubs happily in the distance

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how do you become friends with fandom famous people?

mix your tears into their food every day and they will fall in friend-love with you

seriously though just treat them like people and realize that they have their own lives??? so y'know if they don’t answer your message for a couple days it’s not cause they hate you or because you annoy them

it’s just because they’re busy!!!!

and also!!! don’t be all like ‘omggg you’re so perfect let’s be friends’ because that is the easiest way to spook someone out????

if you have mutual interests (outside of the fandom ur in) then try talking about that!!!!

and at the end of the day they aren’t required to be your friend or follow you back or whatever!!! you have to respect them and sometimes friendships just don’t rly work out!

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you shouldn't use a slur in your username.

dude i think i’m entitled to use a slur that am still frequently called? like if i weren’t i could see how it’d be problematic but my advice is if you really dislike slurs and are uncomfortable with my attempt at reappropriating the word then i honestly wouldn’t be angry or upset if you unfollowed me!! i want my blog to be somewhere people feel ~safe~ and if my url makes you uncomfortable then it means i’m not able to do that and perhaps that would be the best option!

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imagine a tiny pastel goth pony guy throwing flowers and sparkles around and neighing 'feel better' at you. that is me.

iM PUBLISHING THIS it deserves to be published

im gonna crY THO thank u smooches u a lot ahhhhh,,,

are u like fast equius but pastel goth bc that sounds cute as heck