Here’s that Ghibli movie flowchart I tweeted about making last week. I couldn’t decide which film to watch, so I drew this to help me choose, and in the end I didn’t have enough time to watch a movie anyway.


Ghibli’s Movies Art

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BTS as Miyazaki Characters

Literally some dumb idea that popped into my head while I sit here drinking La Croix and being a millennial stereotype. 

Kim Seokjin as “No Face” (don’t get it twisted, i <3 No Face and this was my halloween costume!) 

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Min Yoongi as “Haku” (i just get a similar vibe idk. I was also thinking JiJi from Kiki’s Delivery Service-clearly I’ve read too many hybrid au’s).

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Jung Hoseok  as “the Catbus” (also a personal fave. and I mean, look at that smile <3 ) 

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Kim Namjoon as “Sho”

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Park Jimin as “Pazu”

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Kim Taehyung as “Howl”

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Jeon Jungkook as “Ashitaka”

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me, asleep. breathing in and out. deep in the REM cycle. when suddenly, i am awaken. I feel the earth spinning under me. I turn and helplessly grasp for my phone. I log into the tumblr dot com. And there he is. The boy with the glitter nails. I fall down. Knees weak. Arms heavy. Mom’s spaghetti. Arietty. I cry. and i cry and i cry. into the darkness of my room. but my heart is full.


Spirited Away Backgrounds


I wanted to do one of these that celebrated all types of women - strong, brave, sad, happy, single, mothers because there’s nothing insulting about being a woman, no matter how you fit in the world.