Top ten reasons to win

1. To be financially secure and independent
2. Have my mom retire from her two jobs
3. Invest in my siblings education
4. Buy my mom a house
5. Sponsor my aunt and her family
6. Build a strong team so I never have to worry about money ever!
7. Pay off my student loans
8. Invest in hotels
9. Travel, see the world
10. Live free

Men assume such prowess,
In control of women’s affairs,

Life becomes full of darkness,
It is every woman’s nightmare,

When she is told how to dress,
And how to impress,

Men, who aren’t even interested,
In anything unless it’s her form,

Intellect gets ignored, tossed,
Beauty, objectification is the norm,

In a society based on equality,
The female form is used as commodity,

Commercials, advertisements include half naked women,
She’s been reduced to her tits and thighs,
Which is also what seems to attract and sell,

We claim to have achieved liberty,
Because a woman can vote and work in the same industry,
We think society is equal,

Only when patriarchy is abolished can we say we’ve achieved something.
© Ariet Obong