Oh my stars drenched in corn syrup! There’s a lot of you that have followed me in the last 72 hours or so! I suppose it would be rude for me to blog any further without introducing myself and welcoming you cordially!

Salutations, one and all! The name’s Max, but feel absolutely free to call me Jake if you want to(it’s endearing and I feel honored when people do so). I’m just a simple 18 year-old poet and writer that cracks the occasional pun-filled, update-related jokes every now and then. 

If you can see this on your dash, that means you are following me and have earner the title of my internet friendo! I have a preference of calling you folks such over followers. I’m no one Tumblr famous nor should any of you feel intimidated to talk to me. You are absolutely permitted to initiate conversation with me via askbox or fanmail and I’d be more than happy to answer inquiries and present some of my own. 

I acknowledge the fact that you are all people and took some time to hit that plus, so I am ever grateful for each and everyone of you. I hope you all have a fine night and stay lovely!