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zodiac signs? in MY 2019?

  • dwarves - (march 21 - apr 19)
  • hobbits - (apr 20 - may 20)
  • nymphs - (may 21 - june 20)
  • angels - (june 21 - july 22)
  • dragons - (july 23 - aug 22)
  • mermaids - (aug 23 - sep 22)
  • banshees - (sep 23 - oct 22)
  • elves - (oct 23 - nov 21)
  • werewolves - (nov 22 - dec 21)
  • sirens - (dec 22 - jan 19)
  • vampires - (jan 20 - feb 20)
  • faeries - (feb 21 - march 20)
the signs as “negative” qualities

Aries: tries to do everything at once, doesn’t know when to stop and take care of themselves, bends over backwards for everyone even if someone did them dirty, has entirely too much on their plate

Taurus: idealistic, spends a lot of time trying to impress others, doesn’t like to apologize, eating is a coping mechanism or just addictive personalties in general, a tad codependent

Gemini: the most flip floppy people ever, what’s today’s mood?, never apologizes, in denial 90% of the time, their way is the highway, desperately needs a break, they have a hard time setting goals because their goals scare them

Cancer: the literal meaning of I’ll give you the shirt off my back, isolates themselves in fear of someone hurting them, wants to change but is scared of change, complains a lot but never takes advice people give them

Leo: no one takes them seriously because they feel they always have to portray themselves as the fun one, is actually really sad inside, honestly needs a hug, exhausted always, a crackhead

Virgo: can dish it but can’t take it, rushes everything, anxious, plans their future but forgets to live in the moment, sometimes ignores their friends because they have so much on their mind, talks about themselves a lot and sometimes forgets to ask the other person how they are

Libra: solves everyone’s problems but their own, is actually really sad and lonely, gets easily heartbroken but tries not to show it, will do anything to justify bad decisions, honestly just wants everyone to love them but doesn’t really love  their self

Scorpio: easily set off, will give anyone the cold shoulder at any time even without reason, keeps a lot in, so observant that they often times find out things that hurt them, too many “what ifs” swirling in their heads, has trouble showing their true selves

Sagittarius: impatient, brash, commitment issues, body issues, doesn’t realize they don’t need to change for anyone, has a lot of different goals to a point where they get overwhelmed, just wants to disappear and do what they want without anyone questioning them

Capricorn: scared people won’t like them unless they’re at the top of their game 24/7, takes a LOT for them to talk about their feelings, secretly struggling, fake happy, needs a plan but doesn’t know what that plan is, confident but insecure at the same time, wants to be stable but sometimes wishes they could drop everyone’s expectations of them and live normally

Aquarius: gets heartbroken like 30 times a week, trust issues, can be unmotivated and disinterested, feels they have to adapt to every person they meet so they can be liked, doesn’t know how tap into their emotions despite being very intuitive, confused, expects little

Pisces: empathetic often to a point of no return, plays the victim, doesn’t know when to say no, cynical, hermit, is very impatient, trusts everyone too much, can be secretly very critical and judgmental, can only tolerate maybe ten minutes of social interaction, needs a lot of validation

What Kind of Love Do You Want?

Aries kind of love - the kind that sweeps you off your feet by the sheer speed of it, the kind that will transform nighttime from a time of sleep to a time of adventures, the kind that will leave you breathless from the aggressiveness, from the unabashed, unfiltered desire and passion it brings, the kind that feels like nobody can ever touch you two

Taurus kind of love - the kind of love full of sensuality, gifts, and romance; where touch is worship and devotion is daily, where you’ll never have to doubt your royalty for there is an unconditionally loyal knight at your feet, the kind of love that is so velvety and soft, like climbing into a king bed, lying on silk sheets in a warm robe, the kind of love that is classic and idolized

Gemini kind of love - the kind of love full of laughter and wit, the kind of laughter where tomorrow has no promise except for one another, where every part of you is matched by your partner, the kind of love with eyes staring at you in endless fascination, the kind of love where you create your very own languages of inside jokes and references; the love that will never suffocate you

Cancer kind of love - the kind of love that is coming home on a long day, the kind of love that’s nuzzling your face into your lovers neck, the kind that is so warm and forgiving and nurturing, the kind that will never turn you away, the kind that soothes all your ailments, that will answer your call at 3 in the morning, a love that you will be grateful your entire lifetime

Leo kind of love - the kind of love that brings the entire sun into your life, the kind of love that makes your heart more full than you could ever imagine that you want to weep from happiness, ‘you and me against the world’ and you believe it, the find-sticky-notes-everywhere kind of love, love that is so encompassing your grandchildren will pray for one of the same

Virgo kind of love - the kind of love of devotion to the tiniest details, the kind where they buy you the gift you mentioned offhandedly eight months ago, the kind of love that brings breakfast in bed without question, the kind that will memorize your favorite way to be stroked on the back, the kind of love that will know you down to the deepest layers of your self

Libra kind of love - the kind of love that they write about in romance novels, the kind of love you don’t think is true until it happens to you, the kind of love that has you dancing in their arms around your kitchen, designer kind of love - high quality, luxurious, and the envy of everyone else, a fair kind of love, interested in preserving harmony of your soul above all

Scorpio kind of love -  the kind of love that brings forth unconscious desires and fulfills them; love that has turned your world upside down since day one, love worth drowning for, worth all the pain in the world for a chance of tomorrow, love that will push you to do what you have never done for anyone else, and will never do again; love you can never escape

Sagittarius kind of love - the kind of love where you never have to be alone in your head again, the do some silly pose in front of the cameras of a rollercoaster kind of love, the kind of love where they would shoot down a star for you, the kind of love that must have some element of mystical, the kind of love that began when the stars were born and will last until they die

Capricorn kind of love - the kind of love that would build you a home with their own hands just so every single one of your dreams was fulfilled, the kind of love that will stand besides you through hell and brimstone, the kind of love that will promise you everything and give it all, the love that is so empowering that even if it ends you never forget how they uplifted you

Aquarius kind of love - the kind of love that makes you believe the entire cosmos can fit in a person, the kind of love where exploration never ends, the kind of love that will force you out of complacency, love that touches you so deeply their imprint lasts for thousands of reincarnations, the kind of love that has no pretenses, that will understand you again and again

Pisces kind of love - the kind of love that will make it impossible for anyone after to follow up, the kind of love that drowns you in honey and kisses, the kind of love you write poetry for and seal the paper with a kiss, love that must have been made by the gods themselves for nothing mortal could have made something so ethereal and encompassing

The Royal Signs:

Aries: An emperor decked in robes made from spiders silk, attendants watching silently as the room fills with pipe smoke. The rain outside the palace grows louder, he is deep in thought.

Taurus: The usurper, the hunter of kings. Golden Diadems crushed underfoot. A twisted hunting horn, a gift from something thought long dead.

Gemini: A philosopher king, a holy king, a conqueror and a liberator. Evenings in the palace archives filled with tea and chess and maps of lands he has never met. A veil, a crooked walking stick.

Cancer: A dead queen, but a queen nonetheless. Clothing covered in shimmering azure beads. Exposed bone and fossilized flesh deftly manipulate sewing needles made from her fathers ribs. 

Leo: A young king, a king who never should have been. Watery blue eyes, and grit teeth, trying to stay composed till the last moment. A king that would give everything.

Virgo: A wild queen, more scars than flesh, disfigured by years of war. A cruel, damaged blade at her side, festering with the scent of a recent kill. Gauze strips inlaid with arcane symbols, glowing faintly in the starlight. 

Libra: A mysterious ruler, ever silent, ever masked. A great, white steed with unblinking eyes and decked in barbed armor.

Scorpio: A holy queen, though none would rightly guess so. Sight beyond. Grisly rituals. Quiet dead. A queen of rest.

Ophiuchus: A pontiff, a shepherd, a leader, but by no means a king. A guide, one who stayed behind to show his disciples the way. Evenings in meditation, gazing at the horizon, silently envious of those who found their wings and teeth.

Sagittarius: A queen in finery that strolls the boulevards of the castle town. Her affect is not one of carelessness, it is one of confidence. Bodyguards watch her every step, moving in the shadows like cats.

Capricorn: A lost king, hidden far from the sun and wind. Those who venture too far north slowly begin to hear him. How sweetly he sings, how lonely his song. A ruined, sunken court.

Aquarius: A mad king. Whispers in the night of impending treachery, of spies in the walls, of lying allies. He assembles his cabinet in the dark of night, and makes plans for war.

Pisces: A queen of thieves. She sits sideways on the throne, idly twirling the crown around her finger.

the signs as girlfriends 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

aries - teases you all the time, makes you laugh, random screaming 📢, your #1 supporter, tons of compliments, needs a lot of love and understanding and patience

taurus - homey, thinks of a future with you, wants to sit down with you and a cup of tea and listen to your hopes and dreams, can seem shy or unsure but they will want to take the lead sometimes, food as love language

gemini - introduces you to all their friends, *been inseparable for six months* are we in a relationship?, wont tell you but they’re in love with you, breaks all their rules for you, takes you out on fun dates

cancer - low maintenance but demanding with cuddles and kisses, loves affection, good morning and good night texts, loves to cook for you, knows all your favorite songs

leo - demands affection, there for you through ups and downs, if they like you you’re special, dominant, has many interesting qualities, love you passionately and wholeheartedly

virgo - shows you new songs, great kisser, always has good advice ready, best friend type of a gf, someone you can trust with anything, very understanding, good date ideas

libra - small gestures, very thoughtful and caring, asks how you’re feeling, worries about you, good listener, remembers small details about you

scorpio - a passionate lover, very cute with you, silly, stares at you then looks away, loves to make you smile, puts in the effort, intelligent and funny

sagittarius - leaves love notes in your apartment for you to read and smile at after a long day, bakes you heart shaped cookies, wants to travel the world with you

capricorn - tries to play it cool when they’re in love, needs a lot of validation, shows you that they care through actions instead of words, lowkey wants to marry you asap

aquarius - intense eye contact, closeness, supports you 100%, always has your back, shows you their weird side, surprises you with creative gifts, inappropriate jokes

pisces - writes you love letters, texts you constantly, wants to tell you everything, dreams about a future with you, passionate and over the top kind of love

The Signs as Lovers


  • Quick kisses when you’re not expecting it. Whispers love songs to you. Is the big spoon. Gives you their jacket when it’s cold out. Tells you that your love keeps them warm. Can’t look at you without falling in love all over again.


  • Tells you that they love you without warning. Warm hugs, soft kisses. Slow dancing in a candle lit room. Has a way of making you feel like you’re the only person who matters. Wears your favorite color on gloomy days.


  • Writes poems and sonnets in your honor. Takes you to museums, says that Venus doesn’t have anything on you. Notebooks upon notebooks of romance stories where you’re the lead. Seems to sway when in your presence. Lights up when they see you.


  • Will tell cheesy jokes to make you smile. Massages for when you’ve had a hard day. Long nights of whispering ‘I love you’. Will always attempt to win you a stuffed animal from a carnival booth. Will tell you non-stop how much they love you.


  • Lazy days in bed. Spending hours in the garden with you. Brings a bouquet of flowers to you to remind you how much they love you. Rubs your hand when holding it. Tries to be smooth but ends up saying quite plainly that they love you. Giggle fits when they realize that they are your partner.  


  • Walks in the forest. Draws you in natural poses when you least expect it. Considers you their eternal muse. Can’t put the words together on how much they love you. Starry-eyed every time you pass by whether it’s the first time or the hundredth.


  • Stargazing under a full moon. Walking along the beach. Silly photos with one serious kiss at the end. If given the chance they will pick you up and do a spin finished with a kiss. Tells you that you’re their favorite person in the world. Can’t stop telling people how much they love you and what a wonderful person you are.


  • Kisses your hand when holding it. Takes you to the most exclusive parties but always ends up avoiding the other guests to spend time with you. Can’t start a sentence about you without saying “The love of my life”. Thinks that you deserve the world, the stars, the moon, the entire universe and will attempt to give you all that an more.


  • Stares at you in awe whenever you walk by. Calls you just to remind you that they love you. Plans about your future. Sings love songs without realizing it, always embarrassed when you point it out but goes back to singing anyways. Leans on you.


  • Comments on your beauty all the time. Cuddling on the couch. Wonders how they were lucky enough to have a partner like you. Values your input 24/7 365. Can’t imagine life without you, becomes tearful at the thought of that happening.


  • Motorcycle rides into the city. Dates at the café. Long kisses that leave you breathless. Always brushes that one strand of hair out of your face. Affectionate head bumps and soft laughter. Mischievous winks at you during the most innocent of things.


  • Soft kisses on your forehead. Holding hands without realizing their doing it. Lovesick looks in public spaces. Love letters in hidden places. Reads poems out loud about you. Touch-starved all the time. Melts in your embrace.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my- 

Aries: ability to make last-minute plans when a sudden urge to go out pops up, and my lack of patience for people who can’t decide where to go

Taurus: secret sensitivity under a tough layer of unflappability, and inability to focus on anything else when i’m in a bad mood 

Gemini: habit of distracting myself with random things that catch my eye, but demanding your attention nonetheless

Cancer: unexpected lashing out when i’m tired or stressed, then 1 hour later, my constant apologies to know if we’re still okay 

Leo: need for our relationship to be a whirlwind romance full of sweeping moments, love confessions and emotional rollercoasters

Virgo: need to be alone after minor work failures and also an intense desire for you to distract me from the pressing daily issues that haunt me

Libra: ability to spend a discretionary fund on vanity products and clothing within 30 minutes as a distraction from personal, deep-rooted issues

Scorpio: “you’ll never see me cry” mentality coupled with an expectation that you, too, would kill for our love, like I would

Sagittarius: reluctance to rely on you for anything and extreme discomfort when talking about deeper emotions

Capricorn: carefully planned schedule and working routine that i will not abandon for an hour of spontaneous romance 

Aquarius: extremely friendly approach to romance because of my fear of opening up on a deeper level

Pisces: need to fully experience every human emotion ever and fluctuating emotional states depending on who’s around me 

march lessons

aries: you are starting to become the best version of yourself and you need to embrace it. lean on yourself when things become hard and you will never turn back.

taurus: inhale what you have now. take it in and remember these moments in time. things may not be the same in a year, appreciate where you are now.

gemini: the last thing you need right now is negativity, especially in this time of growth. cut off anything that makes you feel bad, let yourself bloom away from negative energy.

cancer: i know it’s very hard to see things beyond your own perspective when things get hard, but start listening to what people have to say. you may find a light, and that light may just guide you to where you need to be.

leo: be aware of what you need. give yourself some love and do the things that make you happy. whether that be relaxing, working out, etc. just do what you need to do and you will get to the state of bliss you’ve been hoping for.

virgo: there is no need to stress, things really do end up working out. keep pushing yourself forward and ask for guidance when you need it. you’re on the home stretch.

libra: do not apologize for how you feel, ever. you are human and if something hurts your feelings, then that’s how it is. you do not need people who water down your feelings.

scorpio: the people who matter are the ones who stick by you. forget about the ones who left or who act like they don’t care, focus on the one who do and be loyal to them. you’ll need them.

sagittarius: patience is a virtue. i have a feeling that something very exciting is about to happen, but first you must be patient and let it come to you. time may be dragging now, but soon this event will hit you hard.

capricorn: don’t live inside your bubble, you deserve to have some fun every once in a while and forget about the stresses that life brings you. you don’t always have to be working so hard.

aquairus: remember to love yourself and RELAX. life has been very “go go go: lately, and you need to remember that caring for yourself has to be top priority.

pisces: get ready for a big change, but be excited about it! take it on with no hesitation, this is going to be a good thing as long as you let it be.

Benefits of your Rising Sign:

Aries Rising: You are edgy and intimidating even when you’re not trying to be! No one likes messing with you because you aren’t afraid to speak up if you feel an injustice has happened to you. Sweetie, you’re strong don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Taurus Rising: Your presence has a calm mood to it. You can be energetic but others can really get a sense of your beauty you sometimes don’t even see in yourself. You relax everyone with your aura.

Gemini Rising: You are straight-up irresistible to people. You know how to walk the walk and talk the talk EVEN if you’re not aware of your own energy. You charm those around you with just being your self. You can convince people and bring them to your side with your charismatic friendly and no bs personality.

Cancer Rising: You can sway even the toughest hearts. You know exactly what other people need just by being around them. You have such a caring energy that others are drawn to you and want to be around you because you feel safe and make them feel valuable.

Leo Rising: You have an electric energy to you that people can feel this passion and love coming off of you. You know your strengths and you know your weakness and people love how open you are about your soul.

Virgo Rising: You have a mysterious energy one that rivals that of scorpio but you also have this intellect and sweetness about you that others want to protect and hold. You make others feel important and essential in your life.

Libra Rising: You have SUCH an intoxicating personality that can be so irresistible to people. You have this charm and elegance to you that others want to be around. It’s as if they feel like if they are around you they too can also be this way. You love helping others and making sure they are taken care of.

Scorpio Rising: YOU. ARE. FIERCE. even if there’s a timid quality to you. Your gaze is mysterious and people can’t tell what you’re thinking. you have this dark beauty to you that people find intriguing and want to spend the rest of their life uncovering and experiencing. Your personality is addictive.

Sagittarius Rising: You are a free spirit and inspire others to feel the same way. You show others just how much beauty there is, how much enjoyment life has to offer. You have such an inspiring aura to people that is so hard to forget.

Capricorn Rising: You actually have great humor. You see the things others don’t normally see and can find the laughter in it. You are serious and intelligent which makes you absolutely entrancing. There’s something about you that makes people feel like It’s okay to be serious as long as you’re having fun. People love you for making them feel stronger.

Aquarius Rising: Your aura is quirky and it gets people to feel like they can be their true self around you without being judged. You are so completely approachable yet intimidating because of how sure you look to people. Your energy shows people that it’s okay to be what they want to be no matter what anyone says. This type of energy attracts people who need guidance and looking up to.

Pisces Rising: There is an artistic charm to you. People get a sense that you understand the deeper side of life and have this deep empathy for the things around you. You make people feel beautiful like art. You easily capture hearts because you love so many things. Your unpredictable personality, changing from one thing to another, feels like a puzzle someone is always trying to solve. You are alluring.