aries in the mornings

My mother taught me
the distinct smell before the rain,
the promise of cleansing.
Didn’t anyone warn you
I’m what natural disasters
are named after?
I am a river,
good luck controlling me
good luck slowing me down.
There isn’t an ounce of age
to my soul.
—  Michelle K., Aries in the Mornings.
How Would the Morning Go, if the 12 Signs were Living Together!

6:00 am - Virgo takes a shows, scrubs the bath, washes his teeth and puts the tooth brush in a special sterilizing container away from all the other tooth brushes.

6:15 am - Capricorn wakes up and switches off the boiler. The daytime expensive tariff electricity has started, after all!

6:20 am - Aquarius wakes up and goes for a morning run

6:30 am - Leo and Libra are in front of the mirror, fighting for the moisturizer and hair gel

6:40 am - Taurus is having breakfast-Nutella  with a spoon

6:45 am - Sagittarius wakes up and switches on the boiler again

7:00 am - Cancer is making sandwiches while Virgo is squeezing fresh fruit juice. Gemini is still in bed checking his emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

7:05 am - Scorpio opens the bathroom door—Libra storms out of there insulted, carrying their toiletry and make up bag.

7:10 am - Aries wakes up and starts the chronometer.

7:11 am - Aries is all dressed and ready and running down the stairs. He switches off the chronometer.

7:15 am - Our Taurus friend is licking the spoon and the jar. There is no more Nutella.

7: 18 am - Gemini has been awake for an hour but is still in bed checking his emails, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

7:20 am - Libra and Leo are in front of the mirror again, checking their appearance for the last time and admiring themselves before they go out!

7:30 am - Aquarius is having a cold shower, because the Capricorn has switched off the boiler again!

7:40 am - Everyone goes out

7:45 am - Gemini comes back because he has forgotten one of his 3 phones.

7:50 am - Gemini comes back again, he has forgotten his wallet this time

8:00 am - Pisces wakes up and realizes he has been locked in the flat!


the signs as platinum era songs

Aries:  3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT !
Taurus: Appare Kaiten Zushi
Gemini: Kimagure Princess
Cancer: Nakidasu Kamo Shirenai Yo
Leo: Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
Virgo: Shouganai Yume Oibito
Libra: Seishun Collection
Scorpio: Ai no Hoono
Sagittarius: I’m lucky girl
Capricorn: SONGS
Aquarius: Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara
Pisces: Nanchatte Ren’ai

The Signs as early morning things/moments 😚☀
  • Aries:the most massive case of bed-head; you can already hear the busy waking house around you<br/>
  • Taurus:the taste of your pillow, and the little guilt after dirty dreams<br/>
  • Gemini:stretching from head to toe, and curling up your fingers and toes <br/>
  • Cancer:exasperated sighing when you see your stuffed animals on the floor<br/>
  • Leo:waking up on your back with the sun in your eyes<br/>
  • Virgo:the slow, warm wake-up into soft sheets and distant birdsong<br/>
  • Libra:the screaming alarm clock, someone’s already cooking downstairs<br/>
  • Scorpio:dry mouth and the agonizing wait while the coffee brews<br/>
  • Sagittarius:waking up before anyone else and stumbling around in muffled sock-feet<br/>
  • Capricorn:looking at sleeping loved ones and thinking that they’re the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen <br/>
  • Aquarius:the lingering fragments of really, really good dreams<br/>
  • Pisces:an early-morning shower in an empty house</p>

i need to touch up a few things in the morning, but anyways, here’s my first sticker sheet that i’ve been working on. hopefully i’ll be able to sell them in a few weeks once i get sticker paper. ; u ;

the signs based on christine mcvie quotes

aries: “a duck walked into my kitchen this morning”

taurus: “i’m forgetting a whole two-year episode with a swedish guy i was engaged to”

gemini: “how does it feel being a sex symbol in rock and roll? i don’t know, ask stevie nicks”

cancer: “i do like my wine”

leo: “i want people to just go away”

virgo: “we enjoy all this, but i don’t think we’re strutting around like peacocks"

libra: “you don’t have to be a bitch to be successful”

scorpio: “hunky dinkum dorum as they say”

sagittarius: “we are resident aliens — which means we walk around with antennae on our heads”

capricorn: “the hassle of birth control was making me crazy”

aquarius: “i suddenly realised how cute guys were and i wanted one”

pisces: “i’ve been very unlucky in love, it’s been a real drag”

{ Seven Minutes in Heaven }


“Good morning,” Ari’s voice sounded to Mako, and she gave him a smile. She was wearing a big tshirt and absolutely nothing else as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

The signs as Maroon 5 singles

Aries: Animals 

Taurus: She will be loved 

Gemini: Maps 

Cancer: Sunday morning 

Leo: Moves like Jagger 

Virgo: Payphone 

Libra: Sugar 

Scorpio: This love 

Sagittarius: One more night 

Capricorn: Wake up call 

Aquarius: Misery 

Pisces: This summer’s gonna hurt

The Signs As Songs From Monstercat 023 - Voyage
  • Aries:Final Boss // Nitro Fun
  • Taurus:High Tide // Grant Bowtie
  • Gemini:Saturday Morning Space Ride // Hyper Potions & Stephen Walking
  • Cancer:Restart // Subtact
  • Leo:4U // Aero Chord
  • Virgo:Drift Away (feat. Charlotte Colley) // Trivecta
  • Libra:Glow // Richard Caddock
  • Scorpio:Supercell (feat. Veela) // Varien
  • Sagittarius:Feeling Stronger (High Maintenance Remix) [feat. Charlotte Colley] // Muzzy
  • Capricorn:Concrete Jungle (feat. P. Keys) // Rootkit
  • Aquarius:Swamp Thing // Pegboard Nerds
  • Pisces:Watching (feat. Colordrive) // Summer Was Fun
The Signs As The Weeknd Lyrics - Part One

Aries: From the morning to the evening/complaints from the tenants/got the walls kickin’ like they six months pregnant/drinkin’ Alize with our cereal for breakfast/girls callin’ cabs at dawn, quarter to seven - The Morning // House Of Balloons

Taurus: And you will never feel this pretty/and you will never feel this beautiful/when I make it there, oh when I make it there - Pretty // Kissland

Gemini: With your Louis V bag/tatts on your arms/high heel shoes make you 6 feet tall/everybody wants her, you can have them all/but I got what you need - The Party & The After Party // House Of Balloons

Cancer: Don’t you shy away from me/just sacrifice your every last inhibition/I’m on your side/don’t patronise - Wanderlust // Kissland

Leo: Baby you could have it all/ baby you could have the clothes, the cars, the jewels, the sex, the house/baby you could be a star - Lonely Star // Thursday

Virgo: When the sun goes up you’re searching for a love/but your heart won’t lead you to anyone/when the sun goes down I know what you become/you become awake unlike the rest of us - Adaptation // Kissland

Libra: You did many things that I liked, that I liked/and you like diamond rings/I can provide, I can provide for you/you made me feel so good before I left on the road/and you deserve your name on a crown, on a throne - The Town // Kissland

Scorpio: Welcome to the other side/your lost/baby step outside your mind/you been really gone, you been really gone/you been thinkin’ ‘bout being bad since I put you on - Life Of The Party // Thursday

Sagittarius: I think you lost your morals girl/but its ok cos we don’t need ‘em where we’re going/in that two floor loft in the middle of the city/after rollin’ through this city with me - Loft Music // House Of Balloons

Capricorn: And its the most you’ve worked/even though I probably don’t deserve this, girl/but you been dreamin’ for this moment so you have too/baby its ok, I got show money baby/I wanna show you how I blow money baby/I wanna show you how I throw money baby - The Fall // Echoes Of Silence

Aquarius: They’re in love with this idea of love/its a shame that they’ll believe it will come/from us all, from us all/they’re in love with something bigger than love/you believe in something stronger than trust/wanderlust - Wanderlust // Kissland

Pisces: This world’s not for us/it’s not what it’s seems/you’ll learn to love how to dream - Love In The Sky // Kissland

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Hi, my name is Cassie, and I shouldn’t write at two am in the morning.
This drabble deals moooostly with Ary’s self-consciousness and self-doubt. It’s not angsty, but it’s not very exciting either.
Light mentions of zelarise​ & taye-is-troublesome​. It does also hint at Xaan, but probably not enough to count.

Willowy limbs and knobby knees. Ringlets of white blonde and eyes the colour of mint. When she looked in the mirror, Ary could only pick the obvious. As she rolled her weight across the balls of her feet, the priestess’ thoughts drifted to the bamboo she remembered seeing in the Jade Forest – pulled easily by wind as if though nothing in the world could bother it.

What a shame she was entirely unlike bamboo.

If the woman was to place how she felt at the current point in time, she would have called herself a weed. For, as hard as she tried to bloom in the garden of friends and close acquaintances, she found herself wholly underwhelmed by what she saw in herself. Pale complexion did not hold the hue of life; nor did her frame emanate all that was womanly in curves and delicacies. No, her frame was petite and sharp – her bones jutting out sharply from skin covered in thousands of tiny, healed scars. Her index finger hung loosely in her mouth, draping her other fingers across her face as she drank in her reflection and the utterly strange attire that donned it.

In all honesty, no one could fault her for trying. Zelly had always suggested that she try to be more… ‘enchanting’. Yet the way that she did it verses how such a thing looked on poor Aryette – she looked like a lamb trying to be a lynx. She did not have the character, and so it was a poor attempt to imitate something she could never hope to be. It was insulting.

Though it was not as if the lingerie fit her poorly. The contract of black lace to white skin was truly something to behold, and the knee-high stockings were warm and comfortable despite everything else. As she twisted her frame, she tried to ignore how her hip-bones rolled over her skin and pressed sharply to the garter she had fastened to her person. She let her free hand press just above her stomach to feel the tiny lines that arched up to meet her open palm, and she gently shook her head as if though unruly hair might somehow add what was missing.

No dice. A daisy could not become a rose simply by willing – nor could she be them when she was herself. Aryette was pastels and soft lace; not leather, stockings and black. And, while she was the only one to see, she was the only one to decide.

“Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

Repeating the word over and over, the young priestess grabbed hold of her bra strap and undid it – tossing the item of clothing over her shoulder and onto the bed. The garter was unfastened, the stockings pulled off ( even if she almost tripped doing it ) and it plus her panties were removed and shoved back into the box she had taken it home in. Caring not for her nakedness, she picked up the blankets draped over her bed so that she could kick the box under the bed to join the storage of things one ‘hid’ from plain view.


Standing there for a few seconds, Ary turned her head once more to look at herself in the mirror once again. Long curls draped down over her back, hiding larger scars bought from healing and the various work the woman had undertaken.

This was her body, she realised. And, regardless of how she felt, she wouldn’t get another. A daisy certainly could not be a rose, but it could bloom just as brightly if it tried.

Surely that was what Zelly and Taye were overlooking.

At the old folks home...

Scorpio: *Being snarky with Capricorn but is secretly into him*

Capricorn: *Starting an argument with Scorpio and hating herself for being into him and ‘that damn fedora” *

Libra: *Ruining the fun for Scorpio and Cap by trying to mediate and getting them to “see both sides. She doesn’t even know what the argument is*

Aries: *Tries to break out of the home*

Pisces: *Enjoying her morning water aerobics because her arthritis is bad*

Cancer: *Sits and stares at her husband while picking off flower petals whispering “he loves me, he loves me not,” because she can’t remember him or who she is*

Leo: *Is watching Cancer out of her peripheral vision and not crying out of pride, wishing she would have told her how much she loved her before she stopped remembering her name*

Virgo: *Busies himself cleaning his “grotesque” living quarters to keep himself from thinking about his wife, Cancer*

Aquarius: *Talking with his granddaughter about her new science project on extraterrestrials because the rest of the family thinks it’s silly* 

Taurus: *Takes up residence in the cafeteria wearing her fuzzy slippers and wrapped in a plush blanket* 

Gemini: *Playing chess with himself to hide the fact that he had seven jello shots in ten minutes*

Sagittarius: *Rolls through in a wheelchair with a blanket around her neck like a cape. She made the prohibited jello shots*