The Signs as Puppies

*In respect for national puppy day*


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The Signs Hold a Crying Baby


Taurus: Keep your tears inside your eyes where they belong, you pathetic excuse for life

Gemini: Continues the one sided conversation, “so I said to Tom, I said Tomas, that’s MY fucking sandwich- wait, is it okay to cuss in front of a -what am I saying, you don’t understand words yet- anyway I said to him…”

Cancer: *is the Crying Baby* 

Leo: Worry not, I will calm you with my talent for, uh, singing, “rock-a-bye baby in the -” baby: *screams louder* leo: okay well, fuck you too

Virgo: Gross pls tell me this thing didn’t poop OH MY GOD IT POOPED GET IT OFF GET IT OFF

Libra: Smiles and patiently calms the child, artfully hiding their discomfort and disgust, thinking “why the fuck do people keep making these things I hate them I hate them I fucking hate them ughh”

Scorpio: *glares* shut the fuck

Sagittarius: Tbh if you were my kid, I’d probably “forget” you in a shopping cart at the grocery store… shit, where is your mother? Don’t tell me she-  HEY LADY, YEAH YOU, COME GET YOUR KID

Capricorn: Calmly sets the child down and walks away forever

Aquarius: According to some scientific studies, crying indicates that in later life, the infant will adapt qualities of…

Pisces: Me too, kid. Me too.  By the way, it only gets worse from here…

Aries Rising answering the phone or door 

Taurus Rising answering the phone or door

Gemini Rising answering the phone or door

Cancer Rising answering the phone or door

Leo Rising answering the phone or door 

Virgo Rising answering the phone or door 

Libra Rising answering the phone or door 

Scorpio Rising answering the phone or door

Sagittarius Rising answering the phone or door

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Capricorn Rising answering the phone or door

Aquarius Rising answering the phone or door

Pisces Rising answering the phone or door 

The Signs As KitKat Flavors

Aries: Hot Japanese Chili

Taurus: Red Bean Sandwich

Gemini:  Wasabi

Cancer: Purple Sweet Potato

Leo: Citrus Golden Blend

Virgo: Cinnamon Cookie

Libra: Blueberry Cheesecake

Scorpio: Shinshu Apple

Sagittarius: Edamame Soybean

Capricorn: Hojicha Roasted Tea

Aquarius: Matcha Green Tea

Pisces: Strawberry Cheesecake

Mercury Signs

Mercury in Aries: You never slow down and you want to jump to conclusions; Your mind is quick as lightning and you have a direct and energetic way of expressing yourself. Although you may be impatient, competitive, irritable and often having difficulty concentrating, you are never boring or tasteless (when people know you). You are ready to dictate your law if necessary. You express yourself in an authoritarian way, and people generally know what you are thinking. (If Mercury is in your twelfth house, you will try to conceal your opinions, but generally without success)

Mercury in Taurus: You are thoughtful, conservative and remarkably sensible. You study the facts, construct carefully an argument, and present it diplomatically. After that, it is very unlikely that you will change your mind. Having made a reasoned decision with the necessary time, you see no reason to change your opinion. You tend to be inflexible, and it’s hard to talk to you, partly because it’s not easy for you to open up new ideas.

Mercury in Gemini: You are intelligent, curious, insightful, playful and playful, expeditious and incredibly clear. Your intellectual speed and intellectual agility are extraordinary. Your mind readily embraces, and you can talk like a mill. But you can also bow to the wind. You are far too adaptable, and you can reason on anything.

Mercury in Cancer: Sensitive and understanding, you are intuitive, thoughtful and available to listen. You can communicate with compassion, and you can absorb information so easily that it seems from time to time that you are a soothsayer. You have an astounding memory. But your moods sometimes flood your discernment and you tend to take your desires for realities.

Mercury in Leo: Theatrical, full of dignity and ambitious, you think creatively, express yourself in a colorful way and you have confidence in your opinions (less so Sun in Cancer). You never lose sight of the whole situation. You are persuasive, eloquent, and your thinking process is organized. You can also be dogmatic and bragging, but unreservedly in your enthusiasm - as often happens with positions of planets in Leo, your heat controls your tendency to brag and prevail over it.

Mercury in Virgo: You are intelligent, subtle, persistent, knowledgeable, astute, analytical and purposeful. Nothing escapes you, and especially not the logical inconsistencies. Idealist who secretly deplores the discrepancy between the state in which things are and the state in which they ought to be, you may be fussy, and exercise the profession of criticism, or of attorney. But you are also a brilliant thinker and a leading talker. Be confident: you have a fine mind.

Mercury in Libra: With your rational thinking and elegant speech, you are looking for a balanced perspective and intuitively understand that the best solution is usually the simplest. Prudent, discreet and endowed with a strong aesthetic sense, you are charming, objective and diplomatic. The opinions of those you respect are of interest to you. But in the secrecy of your mind, your thoughts oscillate from one position to another, you are prey to uncertainty and you will take time to arrive at a reasoned decision.

Mercury in Scorpio: You possess a penetrating and resourceful mind, which is constantly probing the underside of the surface. You never take anything for cash, so you often suffer from suspicion and even paranoia. But you are also analytical, sagacious, able to find all kinds of information. This is an excellent position for a detective, researcher or therapist. Mas it can be dangerous because it also confers a biting spirit and tendency to use words as a weapon.

Mercury in Sagittarius: You have a research intellect and a broad breadth of mind. Reflecting on the big questions, as you love to do, inspires you and gives you greatness in your philosophy of life. You like to speak well, and you are distracting and wise. But you can also be dogmatic, hypocritical and weak when you get into the details, and direct to the point of lacking tact. Your sense of humor saves you.

Mercury in Capricorn: Methodical, realistic and organized, you are a systematic thinker. You do your homework ; You concentrate; You act as an adult. Although you may be conventional, rigid and pessimistic, you try to be impartial and cautious to draw your conclusions, even if this means that you must overcome your prejudices. Thinker applied, you are responsible enough to make sure of what you advance, and you communicate clearly and thoughtfully.

Mercury in Aquarius: Fed with ideas, you possess an inventive spirit, often brilliant. Turning to progress, human and happy when you commit to a cause, you express yourself in a unique way and you have flashes of inspiration that often bring you an excellent understanding of things. You can completely pack yourself up for a social problem or for an abstract theory. But you can also attach yourself to an idea to the point of becoming inflexible, and deny that facts - or people - hinder you.

Mercury in Pisces: Any planet in Pisces brings the triumph of feelings on the facts. You react instinctively to people and situations, often making the right decision without knowing why. You understand how people work. And you adapt easily to changing circumstances. Your mind is receptive, subtle, compassionate and imaginative, but logic is not your forte. On the other hand, you have easy access to your intuition, which is a river of impressions and instincts that flows just below your conscious thoughts.


“Quizá lo que necesitas es tiempo, tiempo para pensar y reflexionar en lo que estas haciendo,¿Por qué lo estas haciendo? ¿a donde quieres llegar?”

Para: Aries, sagitario, Libra, Piscis, cáncer, leo,  Acuario

“Quizá lo que necesitas es dejar de pensar tanto, dejar de sumergirte tanto en tus pensamientos y vivir mas” 

Para: Virgo, capricornio, Escorpio, tauro, géminis 

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Los signos como frases icónicas de Tøp
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> estoy tratando, tratando de dormir pero no puedo, no puedo.<p/><b>Tauro:</b> Soy un desausiado, alguien puede recuperar mi aliento.<p/><b>Géminis:</b> paz vencerá, el miedo va a perder.<p/><b>Cáncer:</b> mi nombre es Blurryface* y me importa lo que piensas.<p/><b>Leo:</b> no encontré una gota de vida, no encontré una gota de ti.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> ahora me siento en silencio.<p/><b>Libra:</b> somos gente rota.<p/><b>Escorpio:</b> mantente vivo, por mi.<p/><b>Sagitario:</b> estoy cayendo, así que voy a tomarme tiempo en mi camino.<p/><b>Capricornio:</b> a veces para mantenerte vivo tienes que matar a tu mente.<p/><b>Acuario:</b> metafóricamente soy un hombre, pero literalmente no se la verdad.<p/><b>Piscis:</b> a veces la calma es violenta.<p/><b></b> Espero que les guste, trabaje mucho en este post porque Twenty øne piløts tiene letras realmente hermosas, Besos y unicornios imaginarios ♥<p/></p>

Each sign has its own way of reaching achievements. Its own, individual pace of walking in the world, of overcoming their fears and insecurities.

Aries dares, throwing their head forward without caring about what awaits on the other side.
Taurus waits, takes precious time to weigh which key will open the right door, which will work at all.
Gemini shifts, peeking from any possible corner of the room, speaking and thinking every world.
Cancer feels, the pouring of time, the smell of love and beauty, using embraces as portals to others’ souls.
Leo asks, for the most small things to the greatest of them all, always leaving room for more.
Virgo reflects, with the eyes of their mind reading through rows of “maybes” and “what ifs”, in a life of careful planning.
Libra plays, accepts challenges of all sorts, picks dreams and portrays them as bats of butterfly wings.
Scorpio fluctuates, with great waves storming down into quiet puddles, the occurrence eternal.
Sagittarius enjoys, purely and deliberately setting their eyes and soul on anything bright, warm enough for their gaze.
Capricorn formulates, putting in clear schemes every move, preferring to simulate the board mentally before anything else.
Aquarius climbs, always feeling halfway from the mountain’s peak, the ground so far away they’re seeing only clouds.
Pisces aspires, to live the beginning and end of everything wonderful, to have their hopes answered.

Potential By Polarity

In the context of astrology, the term “Masculine” refers to a sign whose energy is naturally projected outwards. “Feminine” means a sign’s energy is naturally tuned to receiving and turned inwards.

“Masculine” (+) signs express their energy positively when projecting it outwards, onto the world and other people. “Feminine” (-) signs express their energy positively when turning their focus inward.

Aries (+) : you are at your best when leading/initiating projects with others instead of just going off and doing things on your own

Taurus (-) : you are at your best when you work on being self-possessed, instead of trying to possess things and people outside of yourself

Gemini (+) : you are at your best when you communicate clearly and directly with others, instead of hoarding/manipulating information for yourself to meet your own ends

Cancer (-) : you are at your best when you nurture your own insecurities and take care of your own emotional needs, instead of expecting others to nurture you or taking care of others’ needs in hopes of creating dependency

Leo (+) : you are at your best when you shine the spotlight on other talented people and make everyone around you feel special, instead of trying to get attention and recognition for yourself (note- if you make someone feel special, you automatically become special/beautiful in their eyes; you get love by being generous with your own love, so this is a good way to go about it, and leos are all about getting love; just be genuine)

Virgo (-) : you are at your best when you are self-critical and strive to improve your own perceived flaws, instead of pointing out others’ shortcomings

Libra (+) : you are at your best when you bring/match other people together, instead of trying to attract them to yourself to meet your need for attention, admiration, and partnership

Scorpio (-) : you are at your best when you practice self-control and deal with conflict quietly, instead of trying to control others and bringing hidden issues out into the open (it’s best to let people figure out and resolve their problems on their own, as hard as that might be to watch)

Sagittarius (+) : you are at your best when you escape and find freedom in the external world, with other people, instead of by withdrawing into yourself or using drugs/alcohol/addiction as a means of escape

Capricorn (-) : you are at your best when you isolate yourself to get work done and depend on yourself, instead of trying to isolate others and getting them to depend on you to assuage your fear of abandonment (each sign carries traits of the preceding sign; sags actually have the mother of all abandonment issues, and it is passed on to capricorns; the difference is in how these two signs deal with it- sags avoid dependence of any kind, while caps try to force it from others)

Aquarius (+) : you are at your best when you use your image/status to help others and improve the world at large, instead of using external things/people to improve your own reputation

Pisces (-) : you are at your best when you keep your internal fantasies separate from external reality, instead of projecting them onto other people/the world at large, creating delusions

the signs as classic literature
  • Aries: The Call of The Wild by Jack London
  • Taurus: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  • Gemini: The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • Cancer: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
  • Leo: Macbeth by Shakespeare
  • Virgo: 1984 by George Orwell
  • Libra: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  • Scorpio: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Sagittarius: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
  • Capricorn: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Aquarius: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Pisces: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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