Why the signs aren't texting back
  • Aries:mad at u for some reason
  • Taurus:eating food
  • Gemini:texting someone else cuz ur boring
  • Cancer:u hurt their feelings or they're just watching anime
  • Leo:2 many people texting them
  • Virgo:more important things to do then text u
  • Libra:don't know how to reply to u
  • Scorpio:ur hella annoying
  • Sagittarius:lost their phone
  • Capricorn:don't feel like talking rn
  • Aquarius:they don't like to text and/or they forgot
  • Pisces:wrote the text but forgot to press send
When the signs bake/cook

Aries: nearly burns down the entire kitchen

Taurus: an actual master chef

Gemini: they try so hard to make it perfect but screw some important detail up and get so frustrated they quit

Cancer: tries super hard but just ends up ruining everything

Leo: can’t even cook an egg

Virgo: at least they don’t burn the house down

Libra: can either be very good or very bad, there is no in between

Scorpio: surprisingly very good???

Sagittarius: Thinks they’re amazing but rly it’s just toast and microwave meals

Capricorn: best salad chef ever

Aquarius: can literally make whatever they want

Pisces: ends up injuring themselves

the signs in the morning
  • aries:usually grumpy and doesn't want to socialize
  • taurus:refuses to wake up when the alarm goes off
  • gemini:gets up to watch the sunrise
  • cancer:listens to music while they get ready
  • leo:gets yelled at because they take too long in the bathroom
  • virgo:literally always tired even if they get 12 hours of sleep
  • libra:never skips breakfast or some type of energy for the day
  • scorpio:stressed about their clothes
  • sagittarius:cannot function without coffee
  • capricorn:rethinks their plan for the day to organize their thoughts
  • aquarius:super sleepy and out-of-it until around lunch time
  • pisces:forgets to wake up so they're late most of the time
Pets the Signs Would Have
  • Aries:A dog. Loud, playful, loyal, yet calming and a best friend for life.
  • Taurus:A guinea pig or hamster. Cute, small, playful and fun to just chill with.
  • Gemini:A parrot. Can be sassy and gives them someone to talk to all day.
  • Cancer:A hedgehog. Cute, sweet, cuddly, but you gotta watch out for those pricklies.
  • Leo:A cat. Beautiful, loves attention, enjoys company, makes a good friend.
  • Virgo:A turtle. Long living, low maintenance, and fun to feed/play with.
  • Libra:A chinchilla. Incredibly soft, cute, delicate, and sweet.
  • Scorpio:A snake. Deadly, can be very entertaining, but also cute.
  • Sagittarius:A ferret. Sneaky and sleek, constantly on the search for new things.
  • Capricorn:A rabbit. Big and fluffy or small and sweet, they're adorable.
  • Aquarius:A lizard. They'll probably pull the tail off and watch it grow back just for fun.
  • Pisces:A fish. Graceful and calming, can make great models for your art btw.
the signs and cuddles

Aries: smiles against your shoulder
Taurus: strokes your hair softly
Gemini: pokes your cheeks
Cancer: doesn’t let you move away
Leo: lets you rest your head on their belly
Virgo: tells you stories
Libra: stares into your eyes
Scorpio: suffocates you with love and kisses
Sagittarius: hands on the booty
Capricorn: licks your cheek jokingly
Aquarius: lets you drool on their shirt as you fall asleep
Pisces: shares their earbuds with you

The signs finding out they’re/their partner is pregnant


Taurus: cries out of happiness


Cancer: faints

Leo: cannot contain their smile and just hugs their partner and never lets go

Virgo: immediately begins planning the baby’s room and buys a crib and decides on wallpaper and stuff

Libra: devises a really witty pregnancy announcement to tell the world

Scorpio: starts picking out names immediately

Sagittarius: dad jokes. dad jokes forever. starts telling to their s/o (even if they’re not necessarily going to be a father)

Capricorn: what if it comes out a L I Z A R D wouldn’t that be cool??

Aquarius: we need to get a puppy. babies and puppies together would make the CUTEST family photos ever.

Pisces: also faints

The signs when sad
  • Aries:Calls their best friend while pacing around their house crying
  • Taurus:Takes a long walk, often when it's cloudy and windy outside
  • Gemini:Watches sad romcoms while eating ice cream
  • Cancer:Usually just stares up at the cealing while laying on the floor
  • Leo:Storming outside and sits down on the porch, sobs for ages
  • Virgo:Tries to think of the positive things in life but fails
  • Libra:Acts productive but constantly has to wipe away tears from their eyes
  • Scorpio:Almost gets angry at themselves but violently cries when a friend asks what's wrong
  • Sagittarius:Calls their parents
  • Capricorn:Listens to depressing music while thinking of every negative thing in life
  • Aquarius:Starts to question themselves and runs away from their loved ones
  • Pisces:Cries under their duvet until they fall asleep from exhaustion
how often do the signs shower?
  • Aries:everyday but takes .3 seconds
  • Taurus:every 2 days; doesnt want to at first but then showers for like 3 hours
  • Gemini:every day
  • Cancer:never, prefers baths
  • Leo:every other day
  • Virgo:every other day but pretends to shower every day
  • Libra:every other day
  • Scorpio:every day
  • Sagittarius:twice a week ya nasty (doesnt smell tho)
  • Capricorn:every day
  • Aquarius:three times a week but smells amazing . how
  • Pisces:every day