• Dreams have no beginnings.
  • People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. People who are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams equally vivid involving their other senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion.
  • We can control our dreams. This is called Lucid Dreaming.
  • Within 5 minutes of waking half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10, 90% is gone.
  • In our dreams, we only see faces that we already know.
  • While dreaming, we become temporarily paralized.  This can be attributed to the fact that sometimes we may be so moved with certain dramatic dreams as to fall and hurt ourselves, thus, as a natural response the body goes into a temporary inactive state physically. 
  • According to Plato, dreams originate in the organs of the belly. 
  • Those who watched black-and-white television as youngsters tend to have more monochrome dreams than children who watched color television.
  • Dreams carry deep meanings that only the subconscious mind can understand. 
  • Most of us dream every 90 minutes, and the longest dreams (30-45 minutes) occur in the morning.
  • Around 70% of the characters in a man’s dream are other men.
  • You cannot snore and dream at the same time.
  • By the time we die, most of us will have spent a quarter of a century asleep, of which six years or more will have been spent dreaming
  • Although we tend to forget about 90% of our dreams once we wake up, many great scientists have made discoveries in their dreams and written them down the moment they woke up. Newton, Graham Bell, Van Gogh and even some poets have received their inspirations from dreams. 
Photo Credits: Ariel Magyawe. Follow his Photo Blogs





2011 wouldn’t be as colorful as it was without the help of these people. They are the ones who have inspired me to be who I am today. They somehow molded me into the Oswald whom you know. They are exceptional in inspiring people in their own little way.

  • Kuya Marjan ($) - The small but terrible engineer has made it here. Thanks to the common denominator between us - engineering! This man has been a constant inspiration. I don’t know but I feel the same towards all engineering graduate. Probably, we could understand the language hence it is easier to communicate with them. Plus, they know what it takes to be an engineer.
  • Kuya Ron (@) - The man says it all. The Mechanical major graduate has inspired me to think over a million times of how my life would be in engineering. He is more of a friend more than of a mentor; little did he know that through our simple conversation, he has made it clear that I am really for engineering.
  • Sir Ariel (#) - I would describe him as the Photo God for manipulating it so graciously. He really has put my interest in manipulating photos into another level. I must say that the colors he put into the art piece speaks of how colorful my dream is. I get inspired, I tell you. He has this magic of urging someone to pursue one’s dreams.
  • Sir Claren (*) - Another great artist. The works he has posted in his dash is such an attention-grabber. Look at his portfolio and you’ll discover why I am looking up at him. You’ll also get inspired with the things that he does.
  • Sir Pabee (^) - I know you wouldn’t be asking me why he has made it to my list. The photographs speaks of it already and you’ll get the chance to see how he does it - with passion. His works are just awesome and it wouldn’t fail to be the apple of your eyes after seeing those. 
  • Sir Toto (+) - Have you seen his photographs? I bet you have. And I am pretty sure that you have fallen in love with this guy’s pieces. Who wouldn’t fall for them, right? He is one of the two people who have captivated my heart to drag my feet to follow their footsteps.
  • Ate Kash (!) - I have known this Iskolar ng Bayan since my high school days. She has built her name the way she want it to be - girly but full of wit. She is one of those people whom I look up to when it comes to writing. She has this charisma that she puts into her work.
  • Sir Robx (~) - Now, I will kill you if you do not know who this man is! He is the living legend, at least for me, of the world of art! He has indeed proven his worth to the world and justified to where he is right now. Ever since I saw his work, I started to dream higher and believe that I could also make like those of his works. 
  • Kuya Kleinzh (%) - The funny thing about this man is that he doesn’t know that he is indeed a great creator. He is humble enough to claim things as his own.  I tell you he is such a funny guy and when you get the chance to text him you’ll understand me. A great adviser, when it comes to courting. LOL!
  • Kuya Toni (&) - This guy is my inspiration in being loyal to my girl. He is the perfect epitome of the guy who’s every girl dreams. Long distance relationship may be their setting but it didn’t made his love for her girl any less.
  • Ate Arcell (=) - The girl that knows how to loves truly is hard to find especially if you’re placed in a scenario of being away with your love. She amazes me on how strong she is despite the fact that her guy is in Dubai. Both of them have inspired me to my girl and made me realize that distance could never destroy love.

I would like to give you my biggest and fattest thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better me because without you, I won’t be the Oswald people know today. You have greatly impacted my life! No words could actually explain how much grateful I am to you. For that, may you continue to inspire other people as you have inspired me.


   HIS BLOG. A Mecca of eyegasmic photo manipulations.

            – I’ll take you back that one fine evening when my room mate showed me this tumblog he came acrossed. Just like a tumblr newbie, i was at awe with every single photos posted. But just like any tumblr homies, this is the blog that deserves a slot in my dash. Follow that bastard! Through keen observation brought by curiosity as to who this creative guy is, i learned that he is a friend of a friend of mine. And with all the chances in front of me, i texted this friend of mine (let’s call him beben-eleben). I asked him if we could set a meeting with this guy. Beben assured that the meeting will happen, for he is scheduled to do a photoshoot with him, for a portfolio he was planning. I just found myself riding a bus on my way to Balagtas, Batangas, off to beben’s humble abode. That day, all the worlds collided, and right before my very eyes, this guy (let’s call him Ariel Magyawe Jr.) is in action. I must say, Ariel was one of the most (if not, the most) humble tumblrista that I met. He have no idea that he’s doing magic with his creations. And that with these creations, he is earning our admirations to his talent, that following him on tumblr isn’t enough to prove it. Believe it or not, he told me that he follows back right away everytime someone follows him. Walang simoy ng kahit na anong hangin sa utak ng taong ito. With all his excuses in our aim to pursue this issue, (excuses regarding him helping out his siblings with school works) I learned that Ariel is a family guy. I keep on telling him this, Y U SO HUMBLE!? Isa si Ariel sa pinakamabait na taong nakilala ko. It’s through his eyes and through his actions, two things that just won’t lie.

            In a span of three months, we at Tumblr Mag will be celebrating our first anniversary. Every month we strive to make every cover as remarkable as possible, and always better than the previous ones. What we want to achieve before we turn a year older, is to  put a highlight on people we would like everyone here in tumblr to discover. In our 10th issue,  tumblrmagazineaims to hunt down the unheralded young minds of tumblr and filter out the reasons why you should check their tumblogs out. We will collate some of the deepest, weirdest (even the darkest) secrets of your resident tumblristas.

            Also in this issue, we’ll get to know one stranger that you just can’t ignore, fierce and compact, juvenile and nonchalant to all the tumblr fuck ups, MaikhoFranco. Magnifying his tumblog will be our tumblr mag insider, Pael (@bulalakawblues).

            Plus! The hit comic, Ate Gay and why it took him forever to pull our funny string. With his witty mashup of old and modern songs, no one can hold his breath and avoid bursting to laughter. We will also feature the famous showbiz insider and blogger byxspeaks, straight from twitter landia, and all the hullabaloos happening in the entertainment industry today. And for this month’s tumblr project, we will squeeze out all the positive reinforcement and introduce to you some random tumblrista and give you reasons why you should stalk them out.

            Over a cup of Starbucks coffee jelly that Ariel gave me, I gave birth to this issue. An issue of Discovery. That in life, we are always on a journey to figure out something. The world will show us everything. The world will make us experience everything. The world allows us to discover everything. All we have to do is take a leap.


P.S.  Special thanks to PAEL (@bulalakawblues), for without him, this dream cover won’t be possible. To the collaboration we had in coming up with this layout and other insights, i owe him a lot. It took us a lot of drafts and scanned handwritings just for the perfect “THE DISCOVERY ISSUE” to grace the cover. Also, to Beben (@beben-eleben), for helping me out meeting our cover boy for the month. 

I was there standing on my little spot. That was my share and it was just fine with me. I make little movements comfortably, thinking that it would be best for me to move a little but stay there. I am better off away from all the pain. The world spins and I stay put, enjoying my little space. People come, people go, and still, I am not going anywhere. This is where I am safe. But then, in just a snap, I’m going to the open and risking myself to get exposed to everything again. Sure, it would be painful, but hey, this time, it is worth it. 

(photo from arielmagyawejr)

#078 Tumblr Magazine Layout Vol.1

Issue No: 1

Cover: Ariel Magyawe Jr. —-> I’ve been looking forward on making a cover for this blogger pero dahil sa dami ng super lupit niyang shot eh nahihirapan akong mamili. I’ve been following his blog for quite a long time now & I’m really impressed the way he edits his shots. His concepts are superb. Nakakainggit talaga. You guys should check his blog posts and follow him also. Visit his blog HERE.

May nakita kasi ako sa tracked tags ko, nag search daw sila ng HOTDOG NI at lumabas ang litrato ko. Tinignan ko at nakita ko nga! Nagkaroon pa ko ng kakilala at kasama. DARWIN NANDITO KA! HAHAHA! 


Pati gatas ni ariel nandito. Haha!

Hotdog ni Rhadson. SHET. :))

Try mo sa google. Search mo “ Hotdog ni ” tapos images. Hahaha! Find me there :))

1. How did you discover tumblr?

Ms. Tricia Gosingtian’s works at deviantart linked me to her tumblr blog. I’ve been a fan of her photography ever since I got interested on this craft. Also, I found out that there’s an iPhone app for Tumblr and thought that it would be easier to have an online diary.

 2. What is your blogging style?

I’m not really aware of what style of blogging I have, I think it would fall on the random category. Hahaha! at the first place, I don’t really consider myself as a blogger. It just happened that I post photos and I find Tumblr easy to use.

 3. Tell me something about yourself.

My tumblr URL tells my fullname and I’m 26. Shocks! what a shame revelation. I’m an Electronics Engineer by profession and a photographer by heart. :) 

 4. A lot of tumblristas admire you for the magic that you create with every photo manipulation you make. How do you do this, tell us something about this magnificent talent you have.

I am really thankful for every bit of appreciation my works are getting every time I post them. Those appreciations help a lot for me to be inspired and improve. Technically, I see this kind of installation art as a collage - a detailed collage. My working process includes:

1. Imagination - i think, all kinds of arts started with this. It may come from a dream, an emotion, or a certain event. Sometimes, I make a draft by sketching what final artwork I want to achieve.

2. Shooting - most piece I made include myself so I have to shoot instead of getting resources from the web. I use a tripod, Canon500d and 18-55mm lens.

3. Getting extra resources - currently, my own resources are not enough to make some scenes I want, so getting free stock images from the internet is really helpful. But if i’m going to pursue this kind of art, I’m planning to shoot photos for my own resources.

4. Editing -  This is really where the magic happens. Need not to explain more. Hahaha! I use Adobe Photoshop. Also, listening to music helps to extract creative juices. I listen to instrumentals while working.

 5. When did you discovered this talent you have?

It started with my 365 Project last year (A self-portrait project that I wasn’t able to finish). When I reached the 50% mark of the project, the winds of creativity blew me to this category. By that time, the last time I use other photoshop’s tools aside from brightness and contrast, was when I was in highschool doing my English Journal.

6. Of all your creation, which one is your favorite? and why?

I have some favorite photos of me. Though the order varies according to my current feelings.

This is one of them. A self-portrait I did a year ago. An interpretation of “No one is more responsible for ourselves but ourselves”. For some reasons, this photo reminds me that, more often than not, we have choices and the so-called second chance. I called this piece “Rebirth.”

7.  Is inspiration important for you to create these images or you’re just there eager to make one every time you want?

Of course, inspiration is the driving force to create something art related. (Well, I think, there’s  art in everything, so does inspiration). When I feel blank, or uninspired, I don’t shoot or if I do, there’s a big chance that I am going to delete what I have taken right away. I try to make every photo with a personal touch - something close to my heart.

 8. 3 tumblristas you look up to and why.

a) Ms. Tricia Gosingtian is a huge inspiration to me. It’s a bit ironic that I idolize a lady fashion photographer, but I really find her works calming and something that breathes class. She’ll forever be my local photography hero.

b) Mr. Robbie Bautista is another big inspiration. Though he’s not really active on tumblr anymore, I am a frequent visitor of his personal and travel blog. The creative dork made me really palpitate the day he followed me. I really love his works!

 c) Mr. Vin Quilop made my mind went blank for a number of times whenever I saw his new masterpieces. I lost my drawing/painting ability back then when I held a camera (not a fair trade! since drawing is my first love). I am really amazed by the talent of this guy. Because for me, when it comes to visual art, the traditional drawing and painting will still be on the highest place.

 The list goes on and on. There are a lot of talented people in this microblogging community.

 9. 5 things we don’t know about you.

a) I loved watching anime’s during college days. Cardcaptor Sakura was my #1 favorite. I even put a wing symbol on my signature as a tribute.

b) Speaking of tribute, I am fond of making tribute videos (photo slide shows) before. Visit my abandoned youtube channel (arielmagyawejr) if you want to see it.

c) I used to draw and bring a sketchpad with me during college days even if it was unrelated to my course. I am really inspired by Yesha (the Meteor Garden II character). I’m an F4 fan too. I bought 2 of Vic Zhou’s album.

d) I freak out on cockroaches. Who does not?!

e) I like the idea of having a cup of coffee while reading a book, but I don’t drink coffee and read books that much.
10. How does it feel to be featured here in tumblr magazine. You’re our 12th cover! :D

I feel so honored to be featured by tumblrmagph. Upon reading the previous issues, I knew that you already featured interesting and talented Pinoy Tumblristas. Really feels really great. Your invitation is like a bucketful of inspiration poured to me! Thank you!



Naalala ko nung una kaming nakapagkita nitong si Kuya Ariel sa ATC MeetUp nitong May lang. Nagulat ako nun nung sinabi niyang pipicture-an niya ako ng solo, siyempre hindi naman ako masyadong nagpapa-picture ng solo dahil mejo may pagkamahiyain ako lalo na kung hindi ko pa masyadong kilala yung kumukuha. Pero, nung si Kuya Ariel yung nag-aya, iba sa pakiramdam ‘eh, pakiramdam mo secure ka. Sana maulit ulit ang pagkakataon na 'yun. Alam naman siguro ng lahat kung bakit siya napabilang sa Featured Bloggers ko. Kilalanin pa natin siya lalo…

Name: Ariel Magyawe Jr.
Active blogger since: April 2011
What can you say about yourself?
I’m a typical lad. An electronics engineer by profession, a photographer and art lover by heart.

Who are your closest tumbloggers at the moment?
TMTM (Too many to mention) – pang slumbook lang. :)) Kidding aside, I had some good friends on here, na kahit I am not as active as before, we still have ways para makapagkamustahan.

What/Who is/are your inspiration/s for effective blogging?
Inspirations indeed come in many forms. For me, they can be from other person, or other person’s work. But it is more fulfilling for me if what I made was inspired of my own experience, emotions, whether they are heartaches, bliss, dream, nightmare, fear, joy, or even anger. Blogging is truly a self expression.

Besides writing and blogging, what other activities do you enjoy? How do you like to spend your chill-out time?
When I’m out of Tumblr, I am usually spending my time with my family. Sometimes, going out with friends. Sometimes spending quiet times with myself - maybe sleeping, or reflecting.

A short message to supersande: Dear Miss Sandy, I would like to thank you, of course, for still giving me this chance, though I was so later, and share a little space of me on your wonderful blog. Maraming salamat and keep inspiring people! God bless! :)

A short message to all of your followers: Dear friends, thank you for letting me appear on your dashboard everytime I want to share what my eyes, lens, imagination can see. Your presence contributes a big percentage to my inspiration. Maraming salamat!

Thank you Sir Ariel for taking the time for this interview, you really are truly inspiring. 

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