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Disney Princess Fancast w/ Women Of Colour

  • Katie Leung as Snow White
  • Antonia Thomas as Cinderella
  • Sofia Boutella as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
  • Gina Rodriguez as Ariel
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Belle
  • Hind Sahli as Jasmine
  • Tanaya Beatty as Pocahontas
  • Gemma Chan as Mulan
  • Aja Naomi King as Tiana
  • Annie Khalid as Rapunzel
  • Aimee Carrero as Elena * actually voices the character
  • Auli'i Cravalho as Moana * actually voices the character
  • Madeleine Mantock & Nathalie Emmanuel as Elsa & Anna
I know it got renewed for a season 7 but I like to think of it as a reboot spin off and this was the end for majority of the cast anyway so i’m gonna do what I did for Glee and rank the endgames of Emma’s Once Upon A Time story

1. Captain Swan

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2. Snowing

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3. Aladdin & Jasmine

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4. Kristoff & Anna{since we got a glimpse of Arendelle I would like to think they’re still together}

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5. all the other TL couples{ ie Cinderella & Thomas, Eric & Ariel, Ruby & Dorothy etc. etc.}

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7. Captain Cobra Swan

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8. Charming Family

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9. Charming Jones Family

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10. Captain Charming

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11. Belle & Happiness/Getting to raise Gideon

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12. Evil Outlaw Queen

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13. Zelena & Happinesss/Robin

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Year-old Kensington comic book store and coffeehouse getting attention

Since Ariell Johnson opened her comic book store and coffee shop in Kensington in December 2015, she has taken the world by Storm.

In fact, her childhood fascination with Storm, the X-Men superheroine, led her to comic book and sci-fi fantasy geek fandom in the first place, she said.

She has been profiled on ABC News, CNN Money, and MSNBC, not to mention various nerd and geek websites, as the first African American woman to open a comic book store on the East Coast.

And in November, she was depicted on a variant cover of the Invincible Iron Man No. 1 comic book, along with Riri Williams, the 15-year-old African American superhero character known as Ironheart.

Storm “was the first black woman superhero I ever saw,” Johnson, 33, said at her shop, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, 2578 Frankford Ave.

“In addition, she was a powerhouse; she was one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe. She controlled the very elements. She wasn’t a sidekick. She was the main event, which was exciting.”

Johnson said all the attention has been good for business.

“I think we’re doing well. We’ve had a very strong first year, and an untraditional first year, with all the hubbub around the shop,” she said.

Diversity in comic books has been met with some backlash from mostly male fans who assert on YouTube videos that characters should not be suddenly changed to black or gay. Some have called it pandering to attract more women and people of color to comics.

Johnson has not hesitated to speak out about the importance of the comic book world becoming more inclusive.

That means having characters who represent everyone - black, white, Latino, Asian, and people of all religions and sexual identities.

She makes sure to carry books written by and for women and people of color.

Johnson said people like them as heroes in fantasy and science fiction can empower young readers.

“When young girls come in here and know that a woman owns the shop, a black woman owns the shop, and they can see titles where girls are the heroes and not just the love interests or the sidekick … when they see women and girls taking the lead in things, that’s really powerful,” she said.

Since word of Johnson’s success got around, celebrity comic book writers have visited Amalgam.

The store was packed a couple of months ago when Ta-Nehisi Coates came for a book signing to accompany the release of a new comic in his Marvel series Black Panther.

She has also welcomed Greg Pak, author of X-Treme X-Men and other titles, and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who coauthored a graphic novel, March.

Amalgam is spacious and colorful, with a red couch at the front window and blue and yellow armchairs nearby. In fact, it’s like entering a live comic strip tableau.

Small round tables have comic book logos: symbols for ThunderCat, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Johnson said she became enamored of superheroes while watching television cartoon shows as a child.

“I’ve always liked shows about super powers,” she said. “I grew up watching ThunderCats, He-Man and She-Ra. But none of those shows had any black characters featured.”

When she was about 11, she saw herself in the character Storm in X-Men cartoons.

“In addition to being black and a woman, she had dark skin. The only thing that didn’t look like me was that she had white hair and blue eyes.”

A Baltimore native, Johnson came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University and earned an accounting degree there in 2005.

It took a decade of working for other people, first in retail and later as an accountant, before she decided to fulfill her dream.

Inside Amalgam the other day, Sam Woods Thomas, the commercial corridor coordinator for New Kensington Community Development Corp., said the coffee shop was the only one in the neighborhood.

Still, he said, things are looking up, with a new apartment development in the next block that people are comparing to the Piazza in Northern Liberties.

But he said it’s small businesses like Johnson’s that are key.

“They bring life back to the block,” Thomas said.

This happened after Fred’s graduation. Roxanne and him stole a lot of fireworks from his dad’s store, and during their vacation on the Shell Cottage, they had a big party. 

In this photo Fred, Roxanne, Felicity, James, Alice, Dominique and Ariel are bursting the fireworks.

Angelina was a little angry, but George thought it was amazing.

Taken by Lily Luna Potter.

Merlin doesn’t name every weapon he has used.

That would be crazy. And take a lot of time.

Besides he doesn’t name them, they name themselves. And reveal it after they save his life.

One drunken night he had tried to explain this to Lancelot who had laughed.

But there was:

Mitchell his assault rifle,

Barabara the knife,

Eloise the watch,

George the garrote,

in a memorable turn Ariel the shoelace,

Thomas the grenade launcher,

Max the Volvo SUV,

and of course his secret favourite, can never ever know it is his favourite weapon,

Harry, the agent.

How I would have wrapped up season 6

Alright, everybody bust out those imaginations because I’m about to share how I would have handled things, if I’d been given the reins…

Okay, so in my version, the final battle is set to go down before the wedding, so everyone is still in Storybrooke, and there’s no Black Fairy Curse to contend with, meaning no side-story with everyone in the slowly-crumbling-Enchanted-Forest, the Black Fairy isn’t the Mayor, Emma’s not in a psych ward, there’s no book-burning, etc….

So, when and where are we?
Storybrooke, “Final Battle” Time, Emma vs. the Black Fairy & Gideon.
Well, this go-around, Rumpel is tempted by his inner-Dark-One to just let the Black Fairy’s last command (to kill Emma) stay in Gideon’s heart, and let him kill Emma. He fights against his temptation, and kills the Black Fairy in attempt to break her command on Gideon, but it doesn’t break it, it just makes the Black Fairy dead. (Haha.) This being the case, Rumpel and Belle kidnap Gideon and tie him up in the shop, hoping to be able to keep him from his fate through sheer restraint. Gideon says it won’t work, he’ll find a way, because it must be so, as fate wills it. In sorrow, Rumpel and Belle grieve over Gideon’s dark fate being sealed, no matter what they do, and profess their love to him. Both embrace him, and Belle kisses his forehead. *BOOM* True Love’s Kiss breaks the Black Fairy’s command that’s tied to Gideon’s heart, so he no longer has to kill Emma. There doesn’t have to be a Final Battle.

In an crisis of conscience, Rumpel laments all the bad he has done, and how he almost gave in to temptation. Belle tells him he did the right thing, for himself, and for his family, and they kiss.
*BOOM* True Love’s Kiss turns Gideon back into their pure infant son, and Rumpel lets go, finally allowing the power of True Love to break his dark curse. He is no longer The Dark One.
Belle’s wedding ring appears on her finger in one last touch of magic/destiny, and she and Rumpel kiss, embracing their unity as a family.

The Captain Swan wedding is not a musical–not hating on musicals at all, because I freaking LOVE musicals, and actually really enjoyed the songs in that episode. I just didn’t feel it fit the formality of the occasion, or match the epicness that is Captain Swan.
The wedding is also no longer spurred by urgency (to get married and live what time they have left before the curse hits) as much as it is about Emma and Killian wanting to and getting to start a new life together. Emma’s wedding dress doesn’t look like it did in the show–a (never stated in show) nod to Grace of Monaco. Instead, it is a long, silver-white silk sheath dress, modern and elegant–very Emma–with touches of sparkle and lace befitting a fairytale princess. Her hair is half-pinned up, gently curled akin to season 1. A long veil trails to the ground behind her. Killian is attired in a dark tux with tails.

Their wedding takes place on top of the library, much like it did in the show, along with the same gorgeous vows, but when they kiss, *BOOM* Captain Swan finally gets their True Love’s Kiss.

It is a truly epic kiss, and the rainbow-light explodes, bursting across Storybrooke. In its wake, the whole town cracks, peels, and melts away (think the intro to The 10th Kingdom, guys), and suddenly, they’re no longer atop the library and Clock Tower–EVERYONE FROM STORYBROOKE IS BACK IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST. Emma and Killian pull back out of their kiss to find they are standing in the Charming’s palace, in the gazebo where her parents were wed so many years ago, and the entire kingdom surrounds them–Henry, Snow & Charming, the Dwarves, Rumpel, Belle, Gideon, Granny, Ruby & Dorothy, Aurora & Phillip, Ella & Thomas, Ariel & Eric…Wilby!!!…Aladdin & Jasmine are in Agrabah, so they’re not there, but the point is, pretty much everyone we’ve ever seen in the series is there (metaphorically speaking–to reunite everyone would be pretty impossible). Cut to shots in the crowd, cameos of actors who were available to step back into their roles for this special occasion…You get it.

After the wedding, Regina meets up with the Evil Queen, and they reunite, both accepting they’re not whole without each other. With Regina finally embracing both sides of herself, they become one person again.

The Merry Men are there, Mulan among them, and Roland runs to Regina.
When she hugs her would-be-step-son, he kisses her cheek, and *BOOM* Wish!Robin appears. He and Regina embrace and he, sensing his True Love in her, on a whim, kisses her. *BOOM* Much like Graham was awoken to his memories in Season 1 when Emma kissed him, Wish!Robin gets all of real!Robin’s memories, feelings, and love for Regina and his son. He essentially absorbs all that his former-self was, all that was “obliterated” by Hades. Regina gets her happy ending, and Roland gets his father back and a family again.

We get shots of the other realms, as happened in the show, but we get more in-depth looks–Merida with her brothers in DunBroch, Anna, Kristoff & Elsa in Arendelle, etc. There is balance between Light Magic and Dark Magic. The kingdom is at peace. And the happy beginning finally begins…

Aaaand Season 7 could still happen, with Henry, Lucy, and the mystery of how their problems began, essentially answering how Henry got back to the Enchanted Forest in the first place. I’m actually interested to see how the show does explain it.

But yeah, that’s generally what I would have done…Clearly, I’ve thought about this way too much!