arielle kibbel

Arielle Kebbel as;  Mariam Wayne, Sophomore, Vampire, Member of the Marino Clan, House of the Night Children

“Ave pulchritudo”-Marino Clan / Hail Beauty

  • Mariam isn’t malicious like her fellow members. In fact, she’s quite the charmer. Oozing with friendliness and utter grace, she’s the nicest of her clan on the superficial level. To prove this, she befriends Farrah Keonley, whose reputation is known to be the weakling of her species. But not all is kind about this girl. Once you go past the shallow looks of happiness, one can truly see the darker side of the two faced chick. Mariam can prove to be a ferocious killer when upset and has an amazingly short span of patience towards those she dislikes. Usually this results in mangled bodies and an innocent look from the said vampire. Maybe an occasional, “I warned him.” but nothing more and nothing less revolving around guilt.
  • The girl has a huge grudge against Aslan Callahan for not letting her join her clan. Not fulfilling expectations, which were of course experience as a vampire for the minimum requirement of two centuries, the new born vampiress was taken under the wing of the Marinos instead. Because she dislikes her clan members and despises Aslan, Mariam will deliberately go out of her way to ruin her life by A.) Killing or seducing every male that comes in contact with the leader and B.) Ruining her dorm room.
  • Mariam is one strong headed girl. Her willpower, determination, and stubbornness are usually what gets her into so many spats with other students but they strengthen her into a more solid character. She knows exactly who she is and never allows doubt to sway her in her times of need. She believes she’s a generous vampire who only serves justice when needed and vengeance where it belongs.

Likes: Pissing her clan members off by hiding their mirrors around (not like they really need it seeing they can’t see their reflections without their rings, which she also hides), swapping perfumes with colognes in stores, ruining Aslan’s life, teasing Farrah, making people laugh, and enjoying herself.

Dislikes: Having Aslan be happy, being denied of the things she wants badly, idiotic people, and plastic soldiers.

(Open / Taken / Reserved)

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