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Watching the Little Mermaid again with my kids, I realize that Ariel gave up her voice, her family, and her entire world for a man she had never actually talked to. Ariel had a gambling problem.

The Night Before The Wedding, Chapter Two

Summary: Belle French has come to Las Vegas to get married. Complications arise when she wakes up married to not her fiancé.

Author’s Notes: Wow! I’m completely floored by the response to the first chapter. Thanks, guys. Also, it pushed me over 200 Followers so I will shortly be having a promptathon so feel free to come put a prompt in my inbox. Please let me know what you think and happy reading! (BTW: I don’t promise to have a chapter everyday. This just happened.)

Chapter 1


“Did you see that guy out there?”

Belle shook her head at Ruby as her friend reapplied red lipstick.

“The redhead. Apparently there’s some lawyer convention or something that he’s with. Do you think I should sleep with him?”

Belle shrugged.

“Okay, what is your deal?”

“I can’t tell you who to sleep with, Ruby.”

“No, but you’ve hardly said anything all night! Are you excited? Nervous? What?” Belle didn’t respond. Ruby groaned loudly. “Speak to me, Belle!”

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