Mr. Blue AU (aka Klance shoujo manga AU) backstory: link
Mr. Blue Scenario 7 (aka the Halloween pageant scenario): link

Hello (; ・`ω・´) So I made a comic for the Mr. Blue AU does anyone still remember that to cope with a mountainload of work I got swamped with recently. Wanted to draw something from one of my favorite scenarios, so please have Hunk motivating Keith to be the best Prince Eric there ever was kjdshfkjsdfh

Moana/Ariel (B2) 

That’s it @magicsophicorn , I ship it. I had never even considered drawing these two ocean souls together, but now that I have, I love it.

 This is was so much fun to draw. 

Thank you for submitting! Also, requests for this couples meme I reblogged are closing today! (11/01/2017)