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I’m gonna need people to stop saying that Esmeralda chose Pheobus over Quasimodo because he was handsome.

The reason Esmeralda chose Pheobus over Quasimodo AND Frollo was subtle, but important:

Quasimodo put her up on a pedestal and thought she was perfect

Follow demonized her just as much as he wanted her and thought she was sinful.

Pheobus talked to her, empathized with her, and fostered an actual romantic relationship with her. He treated her like a beautiful but REAL woman.

Everybody remembers Hellfire, but I’m gonna need you guys to remember Heaven’s Light which was Quasimodo’s song about her sECONDS before. That was not an accident. BOTH idolization and demonization are BAD.

And while I’m at it, Belle does not have Stockholm’s Syndrome (though she’s probably a furry), and Ariel did trade her voice for a man but the moral is about how it’s NOT WORTH IT.


just a really short comic of Ariel getting her legs from Ursula but to be with Moana. I can see her doing it just so they can easily be together instead of persuading Moana to be a mermaid with her because she would dislike separating Moana and her people since she cares about them and is the only future chief (Ariel is pretty important back at her home too but she has like dozens of sisters to where she feel as if they can take her place). With Moana finding out about this and Ariel loosing her voice, she’s worried of the consequences this might bring. An angry powerful sea god who would want his daughter back putting her people in danger, and her people reacting negatively to an odd outsider. I can see the two work things out, and despite what consequences they might face, they’ll still spend fun times with each other.


I had just an amazing time last night (∩˃o˂∩)♡

I got to met my favorite singer of all time for the second time and it was just incredible!! There’s a pic of me showing her the Ariel drawing I did for her ;v;!! I was able to give her a copy and thank you letter for being just a big inspiration in my life.

I still can’t believe but I’m so going to make a nice collage out of all this 💖🌺💖


One of my favorite Disney Princess
The little Mermaid
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if any of the background of the lockscreen are yours please kindly tell me I’ll give you credit or take it down 😘😘😘
Between the Dead and the Living -- Oliver/Felicity AU

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Rated T.  Alternate Universe. Reaper!Oliver.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Trigger warning for dead people, but not anyone actually dying. 

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Felicity couldn’t breathe.

She had been wandering the halls of this empty, decrepit house - mansion really - when from out of nowhere, this thing appeared. She couldn’t quite make it out in the darkness, but the shape of it was impressive. It took up the entire hall. It could give t-rex a run for it’s money.

It hissed at her, the decibels increasing until the sound became a screech. A tug came from inside her chest, and her mouth popped open unexpectedly. A bright white ball that spun and glowed drifted between them, like when Ursula stole Ariel’s voice from her. And she should really stop thinking about disney movies at a time like this.

Suddenly, a figure to her right jumped through the window, cascading glass shards around her. The human-like shape snagged the glowy thingy from mid-air, causing the screeching to abruptly shut off. A gloved hand slapped the ball into her sternum, hard enough for the wind to be knocked out. A pull in her gut happened simultaneously, accepting of the bright light thing that had come from her.


He grabbed her hand and took off down the hallway. She had no choice but to follow him. Down the halls, a left and a right, another right, through a sitting room – was that a grand piano?– through to the otherside. The moonlight from the window illuminated his image and she recognized it from the news.

The Vigilante.

She could see the quiver on his back, full of fletched arrows. His suit was green, at least she assumed it was a he, seeing that he was waaay taller than her, and quite bulky. But hey, if it was a girl all the more power to her.

They came to a staircase, but that’s where the trouble was. Stairs had never been her friends, two left feet and all that jazz, but add old, shoddy stairs and it’s a recipe for disaster. One of the steps gave way, and her leg sunk through it. Her other knee crashed down, but the other step thankfully held her weight. A glove shot out and took a hold of her wrist.

“We have to keep moving.” He said, and she could hear the tension in his voice. The fear, hinted with a bit of panic. Whatever that beast was it had him worried.

The Hood tugged her up, as though she was fairly light, but the motion jostled her more. She couldn’t help but scream. Looking down, she saw a large splinter (more like log) jutting out from her thigh. Blood poured from around it.

With a muttered curse that sounded Slavic, he picked her up across his back, legs held in one arm, her hand in another, in a fireman’s carry. He took off running, the motion that made her leg ache more, but she understood that now wasn’t a good time to complain. It was either this or be eaten by the soul monster thing.

Felicity must have blacked out, because the next thing she knew was they were in a graveyard; her back cold against engraved granite. The vigilante was bent over her leg, wrapping what were strips of.. Denim? He must have cut off her pant leg and then fashioned a bandage from the resulting fabric. The bloody stake rested next to her hand.

The sight of her own blood had her heaving over to the side, her stomach revolting. A hand held back her hair, smoothing it away from her face. Felicity coughed when she was done, running her sleeve over her mouth to wipe away the excess.

The man didn’t say anything, dark and somber, just gazing at her. Would it hurt him to say something nice or comforting? Probably.

She sighed. “At least we didn’t die.” She deadpanned, hoping a little gallows humor might strike a reaction out of him.

Which it did. Just not one she was expecting.

“I hate to say this, Felicity–” Wait! How did he know her name? ”– but you’re already dead.”

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i’m so ready for bughead to have more than 0.3 seconds of screen time together. don’t get me wrong, i love what we’ve gotten, but *ariel voice* i want mooooore 


Cristina Vee’s “Part of Your World”

I need a Miraculous Ladybug/The Little Mermaid crossover NOW 

As we all know, Wreck It Ralph 2 is currently in production at Disney, and we have some news on the movie!👾
For the characters’ voices, the reprising cast members are: John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz, Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix Jr, and Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun; Alan Tudyk (voice of King Candy) is also going to voice a character in the movie but we don’t know who it’s going to be.
Also, Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel from the Little Mermaid) has signed onto the movie, as well as James Corden! As for the plot, there have been many ideas and rumors on the internet, but we all know that the main premise is going to involve the characters interacting in/with the internet.
The film is scheduled to be released on March 9, 2018.



If you’ve been following me for quite some time, or even of recent since I’ve been posting the tutorials, you will know that last October (2015) I created 5 Twisted Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes Halloween pop-up event, and the theme they gave me was ‘Happily Never After’. 
So I chose my 5 favourite Princesses and came up with SFX wounds that were related to the main aspect of their storylines.
For example, when Ursula, the sea witch, wanted Ariels voice in exchange for the legs she so desperately wanted - only in my version of the story, Ursula took Ariels voice by force and ripped it out of her throat. Brutal, but hey, it’s Halloween!

In this video I show you how I achieved the SFX wound. 
All the products used are listed / linked in the description bar of the video.  

You can follow me on Snapchat for ‘behind the scenes’ of my looks before I post them anywhere else: @shonaghscott


Oh my god, I finally found it complete! I’ve been searching for a long time and now I’m thrilled to present you the full Ariel’s Voice Unedited Version!

For those who don’t know, it’s Jodi Benson’s original voice, before Disney edited it and put it into the movie. It’s really creepy and I wanted to make this video similar to the first one uploaded by snaggs015, which has been deleted. I think this way it is be as creepy as possible. The ending part is the best and it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

Originally, Disney intended to make the little mermaid in 1940, but the project stopped because of World War 2. It was supposed to be much darker with gruesome elements such as the witch cutting the mermaid’s tongue and the blood that came out, being eaten by eels nearby.