ariel's melody

Legit loving this Moana x Ariel friendship or relationship thing BUT imagine different generations y'all.

Imagine Gramma Tala being friends with Ariel. No one believes her stories of the mermaid because she’s the village crazy lady.

Imagine Ariel’s daughter Melody exploring the oceans and meeting Moana during her own explorations.

Imagine Gramma Tala’s spirit watching out for Melody as a tribute to her best friend from long ago. Guiding her the way she helped Moana.

Imagine Moana bringing up mermaids as a thing to Maui and Maui laughingly explaining that they definitely are a thing and telling her stories of adventures he has had that involved them.

Uuggh I need more of these 2 Disney worlds colliding. I mean also, Finding Nemo y'all. They’re not that far off geographically from Moana. Imagine!


Yet another cover/poster collection post for an old animated movie. :D But this time when I write “nostalgia” in the tags it will be a lie; I saw this movie for the first time as an adult. :o

PS: Am I the only one who thinks Snow here looks like Melody (Ariel´s daughter) all grown up?

“Anastasia” , “FernGully” , “The Swan Princess” , “Thumbelina” , “Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas” , “The Princess and the Pea” , “Quest for Camelot”, “The Road To ElDorado” , “The King And I”

A la persona que es capaz de dar vida, a la mujer, que tiene el don más precioso y maravilloso, de crear, la que ama con un amor perfecto e incondicional, quien enseña, cuida, y que me ha traído al mundo y gracias a ella estoy aquí, feliz día mamá.

“Melody, do you remember how to walk?”
“Not really,” she responded with a laugh. 
“Well it won’t be easy, you’ve been under the sea for years now…”
“Oh how hard can it be? I won’t be up here for long!”

when I first started my blog, I had a request for the scene with human legs as Melody. I tried it again and I am much happier with how it turned out! ❤
Crash || Tell Me What to Edit Manips
This was so fun!! I'm thinking about doing this again :D I felt like I made more progress with short manips than with a whole video :D Anyway, this was from ...

The full video from the few manips I posted ;) 

Things I want In Descendants 2:

-2:More Jaylos moments,like,come on people.
-3: Oogie Boogie man’s son.
-5:Gil and Ben bromance/romance.
-6: Okay, but imagine this: GOOD kids gone bad.
-8:More Malvie.
-9:Shan Yu ’s son as Lannie’s love interest.
-10: Ariel and Eric’s daughter Melody.
-11: Bruh…bring ESMERALDA’S SON!