ariel's grotto


Meant To Be by Jackie Nell


Finally Feeling by Jackie Nell  


New video is up for this week! Decided to hangout at Disneyland with my sister! Comment, like and Subscribe! 🕷💖😍


War Face by Jackie Nell

This is by far one of my most favorite moments with Ariel. Earlier that day she saw me during the Festival Of Fantasy Parade, and waved at me. When I got to her Grotto, she squealed, and screamed (yes, screamed) just how excited she was to see me. She told me she remembered me from earlier that day, told me exactly where I had been sitting to help verify her story, and then brought up a conversation her and I had 2 WEEKS BEFORE. I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Ariel has, and always will be my idol. As a child, I looked up to her courage and kindness, and always wanted to mirror that in my own life. This meet and greet changed my life forever. <3

if anyone happens to know this friend of Ariel, can you let her know just how much her friend Ariel means to me?

Thanks everyone!