ariel x megara

We all know about Ariel x Moana but what about Maui x Hercules? Like can you imagine that? Hercules is such a goody two shoes and Maui is a bit of a bad boy it would be great.

“C'mon Herc’! The super cool rare artifact is in the tomb!”

“I dunno Maui. Isn’t that bad? The gods are not gonna like this. And what if the guys spirit doesn’t like us breaki-”

“Oh my gods Herc’! No one is gonna care! The guy in there is dead! And what the gods don’t know can’t hurt us.”

(And because I don’t want to leave Megara out in the cold now that Wonder Boy is dating the Demi God of the Wind and the Sea I’ll pair her up with Eric since he’s similar to Hercules in that he’s a genuinely nice guy and all.)