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My Shireen Baratheon fics 

The Distance to Where You’d Be (WIP)

Stannis Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, his daughter Shireen is his heir, a princess prepares herself for ruling, a marriage is proposed.  

The Other Queen

Father, I will sit the Iron Throne, as was your wish. He would not have condoned her means of getting there, but she had long forgiven him that.

Miles From Where You Are

Stannis Baratheon, Shireen Baratheon and a late night conversation about Edric Storm, leaving Dragonstone and sailing to the Wall.

this fair child of mine, shall sum my count

“l know how your father died. Tell me how he lived, Father.”

Shireen asking Stannis about her grandfather Steffon Baratheon.

A Sum of His Parts

Why should that surprise her? Her father, after all, had held on to this maxim like a lifeline – that a good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad the good. A man is a sum of his parts, good and bad, and neither part could be erased, consigned to oblivion, forgotten.


What is it that I’ll want from you? Not love: that would be too much to ask. Not forgiveness, which isn’t yours to bestow. Only a listener, perhaps; only someone who will see me. Don’t prettify me though, whatever else you do: I have no wish to be a decorated skull. (The Blind Assassin)

Stannis & Shireen, leave-taking.

Pies, Lies and Misdemeanors

Peach pie, onion bread, and a touch that lingered too long.


Shireen Baratheon meeting Devan Seaworth for the first time.

A Home at the End of the World

Stannis and Selyse at Shireen’s wedding.

The Queen’s Man

As children, Shireen and Devan prayed together at the nightfires. Now they prepare for the coming of the dragon fire, bent on stealing Shireen’s crown.

Only You

Two fathers, two children and a boy with a king’s blood who cast a long shadow over them.


A collection of Shireen/Devan drabbles.

“You are too clever for your own good, Cassana,” her grandmother had snapped. “Men do not want clever wives.”

“So I should be dumb instead?”

“No. You should be clever enough to hide your cleverness.”

The truth was, she had spent most of her life hiding her true self from others. Her impatient self, the self who abhorred empty courtesies and pleasantries, who was always on the verge of biting, unpleasant remarks. She had realized from an early age that the world was not kind to girls and women who were perceived to be unpleasant or ‘difficult’. Or headstrong. Smile and look agreeable. Say yes now even if you disagree, and find a way to get what you really want later. She had taught herself all these from an early age.

So it frustrated her that her younger son, who reminded her so much of herself, would not learn the same lessons to accommodate the world. I need you to learn this so you would be happy, you would be loved, you would live a fulfilled life. She wanted to scream at him at times. You are not a girl and you will not grow to be a woman, but you are the younger brother of a charming, adored and beloved man, and the world will judge you for lacking his qualities.

She had tried explaining this to her husband once, all her fears and worries about their younger son.

“But perhaps he is different. Perhaps he truly doesn’t care what other people think of him.”

She had given her husband an incredulous look. How is it, she thought, how is it possible that this kind, gentle, thoughtful man, this loving husband and wonderful father, how could he be so entirely clueless about one of his sons?

“Of course he cares! Why else do you think he’s so unhappy and miserable?” She had shouted the words too loud, and her husband’s wounded look cooled her anger immediately.

“I never thought he was miserable. Only that … well, he doesn’t show his joy the same way as Robert. But if he is truly unhappy …” Steffon’s words trailed off into silence.

She sighed. He continued. “What did we … what did I do wrong? Did I fail him in some way?”

She went to him, gently stroked his hair and whispered, “No, my love. You did nothing wrong. Every child is different, my mother used to say.”


Picking the team Part 1

I quickly flip through the blue file folder Coulson had given me earlier. As it turns out, I’m going to lead a team of Inhumans. I laugh to myself. It looks like Raina had been right all along. We could be like the Avengers, but less famous. The whole keep-the-team-a-secret-and-anonymous part pretty much sealed that fate. I guess we’d also be less cool since we aren’t going to save the world from Loki, or from Ultron. But that’s not what matters. It’s the people we save, the people we get to help hide from society that matters. If people knew about the Inhumans, we’d be treated like outsiders and experimented on.  My team is going to keep them and everyone else on the planet safe.

Before I can help anyone, I need a team. I put the folder down. I need to clear my head. I get up, deciding to talk a walk. It’ll help me decide who to put on the team. As long as I get one member decided, I’ll be happy.

I stand up and walk out of the room. As of right now, I only had one member on my team. Me. I don’t know who else should join. I know a few people who I don’t want on the team, but I don’t know a single person who I want on the team. I spot Fitz looking at something on a computer through an open door. Fitz was smiling at the screen like smiley giraffe. Unless he was watching some hilarious Youtube videos, I don’t why he would be smiling at his computer. Time to investigate.

“Whatcha looking at?” I ask him as I step into the room, inconspicuously trying to see what he was looking at from the doorway. Drat. I’m too far away.

“Dinner,” he responds without looking up from the screen.

I walk closer to the computer, reading some of the restaurants that were displayed on the monitor as they came into my sight. “You going somewhere nice to eat?”

“Um, yeah.”

“By yourself?” Fitz doesn’t answer. He’s hiding something.

“Fitz?” Still no answer.

If he isn’t going by himself, then he has to be going with someone. It couldn’t be Hunter, because he was with Bobbi. Actually, if it was a guy, I’d figure he’d tell me. So that means that is has to be a girl. May was leaving, he wasn’t fond of Weaver, Bobbi was hurt, and it certainly wasn’t me so that left…

I gasp and Fitz turns around. “What?” he asks.

I grin evilly. “You’re going to go to dinner with Jemma, aren’t you?”

He pauses for a moment. “Yes.”

I squeal and try to dash out of the room. I have to spread the news. It’s about time those two got together. And to think all my attempts at matching making had epically failed.

“Skye,” he calls out, managing to grab my arm.  “You can’t tell anyone, Skye.I don’t want everyone on the base to find out because you told them. Jemma and I are perfectly capable of, uh, telling them ourselves.” He blushes a little, probably thinking about his date.

“Fine,” I respond, pouting a little bit. “I’ll just ask Jemma how it went when you guys get back.”

He nods, and begins to step back as I broke out into a run.

“Guess what?” I yell out to anyone who’ll listen. “Fitz is going out on a date with Jemma!” I laugh.

I hear Fitz yelling at me as I spread the word. Sorry Fitz, but I bet you know that I’m you and Jemma’s number one fan. I just have to spread the news. I smile as I run through the base.

Two hours later, I finally get a chance to go on my walk. As it turns out, everyone on the base was excited to hear the news. Who knew Agent Weaver was such a gossip? At first Fitz was a bit mad, but then he got over it as everyone congratulated him. He made his way back to computer to avoid further embarrassment. That was because the rest of us were telling stories and talking about what would happen during the date. Good times.

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Trip down memory lane ;)

My first Stannis fanfic. Actually my first fanfic ever, period. It’s the length of a drabble, really, but I had to start somewhere.

(Eeep it’s kinda embarrassing reading it now, excuse me while I go hide #*!!)

It was written during my “obsessing over Stannis & Ned why the heck couldn’t you guys just work together?!” phase. In Good Company is my later (misguided?) attempt at fix-it, you could say.

And hey, my first ever fanfic already had Justin Massey making a cameo, hehe. (#best boyband knight in Westeros # best hair in the known world #it is known)

Say His Name

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