ariel vega

Rychel||Awesome Vegas adventures

Ryder loved doing the cons for his job, mostly for seeing the fans. He wasn’t a giant fan of leaving lately since he learned he had a daughter. Spending time with Ariel had become one of his favorite things in the world, she was everything he could want in a daughter. Even more that he manage to up her superhero love by him reading her comic books to bed. He and Rachel had been back together for a month and it kind of killed him that he had to leave for vegas for a couple of days. He was glad that Rachel decided to come along while her dads watched over Ariel. Since Vegas wasn’t the best place for a 4 year old to be. After the con ended and he hung out with his fans and his cast a little bit, him and Rachel went back to their hotel to figure out what they wanted to do that night, or even if they wanted to leave the room.