ariel tyco


So I’ve been wanting an Ariel doll as she’s one of my favourite Disney Renaissance era princesses but nothing really suited my tastes since she’s a difficult character to perfectly translate into a doll.

So I decided to just create the “feeling” of Ariel rather than duplicate her movie form cuz it’s so inconsistent.

I used my favourite Ariel sculpt which is the 90s Mattel version cuz I have the most nostalgia for her, while her body is the 2014 Collectors Mattel Ariel which has a more petite torso and jointed limbs. But because she had no wrist joints I just did a quick switch of her lower arms with a Style Raquelle doll so she has matching arms and joints.

Her tail is a Simba Ariel tail with a Tyco Ariel fin and her bra is something I quickly sculpted until I track down a plastic version lol.

I ended up overpainting Ariel’s eyes to be side glancing to make her less googly eyed and I love her so much now.