ariel p

Me: ugh it’s so unrealistic that they have Ariel fall in love with a guy she’s never met and basically puts her life on the line for a high risk bet

Me, ten seconds later: anyways, I fucking love Ryan Ross and he can kill me if he wants you know just for fun even lmao


by Jena Sinclair

You - “So, what have you done today? Been productive? Continued on important projects?” :D
Me - ……… *looks at manip* ………. *sweats* 

So here´s a little manip based on a short story of mine! It´s about a wealthy young lady who is secretly in love with a maid of the household that she has befriended. :3

It´s a secret because 1: She has promised her parents to marry a man of their choice. And 2: The maid she fancies is not at all interested in romance and openly mocks love and the idea of soul-mates. This happens quite often too, because the young lady adores reading romantic novels and often reads the stories out loud to her friend, whom then proceeds to making fun of the scenarios in the books. Even if it makes the young lady laugh, it still stings that her own romantic feelings are constantly ridiculed by the unsuspecting maid.  

Program used: Adobe After Effects
Movies used: The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, The Princess And The Frog, Heidi´s Song