ariel ooak


Here is my Ooak Thumbelina.

I used a classic 2016 Ariel as a base.
They originally look alike and are both voiced by the amazing Jodi Benson so I thought it would be perfect. I created her little flowers and gave her a full re root and my friend made me the dress.
My partner did an amazing job on her eyes! The Ariel doll has really dark eyes.

Hope u guys like her, I totally LOVE her and she came out way better than I expected 😍


Hey guys, it’s been awhile but I’ve been so busy with cosplay and college I haven’t had the time to do much. But, I did manage to finish my newest custom Disney doll: Ariel in her seafoam dress from the ending of The Little Mermaid. I really wanted her to look like the ocean had formed around her when the dress was made, so to start the dress is made from three layers of metallic blue fabric, a sea blue organza, and a powder blue organza to create a look like water. The dress is beaded in holographic sequins and seaglass beads, cascading down in a pattern reminiscent of ripples in a pool. The scoop neckline is finished with string beads, and the dress ends in concentrated rhinestones like a wave coming to shore. Her look is finished with starfish earrings and a zipper in the back. I hope you guys like her!

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Here’s a video of my mermaid box in action!! This piece took me several weeks to make (the wood box took about a week, I painted it all this week, and the mermaid herself took about a week in her own right). It’s inspired by The Little Mermaid, with a lot of inspiration coming from the Glenn Casale-directed production of the musical with designs by Bob Crowley, as well as classical painting and woodcut illustrations. I hope you enjoy it!!


Just finished a custom OOAK Princess Ariel 17″ LE Style Doll in her pink gown! She came out so pretty!!! She has a voluminous dress made of quality low sheen casa satin—all trimmed and edged in AB (Aurora Borealis) faux gems, and embroidered pink ‘shells’ at her skirt’s hem, as well as a fully poseable LE body and custom LE box and stand! The box inner panel has been redone with Eric’s dining room background so it’s made just for her! :) She has been given real eyelashes and an enhanced faceup and hairstyle with cascading curls. :)

She’s for sale on eBay HERE.
If you can, let me know what you think of her?

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My very first OOAK Ariel! :)
I never planned on doing an OOAK Ariel because so many versions of her have been made and I just felt nothing else could be done.
But I had this sketch in my phone for months and decided to just recreate it.
Of corse it doesn’t look exactly what I sketch out, but it’s still close… Kinda lol.
Her seashell bra is made of an iridescent fabric, I kinda wanted to go for a “magic”/“fairytale” feel :)
Her tail is made of a sequins and more iridescent fabrics.
The hardest part of this outfit was her fins at the bottom, each one was cut out, layered with 3 fabrics, then sewn/hemmed to give it somewhat of a trim!
Also thank to all my supporters! Thank you for all your amazing comments and support! I officially reached 100 followers :D I know that isn’t a huge number but I never even planned to get that many when I made my Tumblr, so THANK YOU!!! :D