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Sleep Station

Sleep Station by Chicosci

Will I forever see you only in dreams

Should I close my eyes just to see

You’re beautiful and I can’t wait to sleep

Were strangers and I’ve never lived

So deep inside my mind

I’ll be a fool for you.I’ll be such a fool for you


With every breath, I wish for you

For you to wake, that’s all I hold onto

maybe someday so I close my eyes and pray

I dream of her full of life

I guess the meds have been doing her right

she’s beautiful and I cant wait to sleep

But maybe I have something

that something to finally make it go away

but who am I to say? who am I to stay?


With every breath, I wish for you

For you to wake, that’s all I hold onto

maybe someday so I close my eyes and pray

I remember turning my head

I remember the angel of year’s end

Watch on
We Breathe Together, Hunt As One

11/17/12. The day I did not expect what was gonna exactly happen. I was just thinking that I’m finally seeing them live for the very first time.

Oh my, God this is definitely one for the books!! I met Chicosci with the help of three fangirls I randomly talked to because I’m so makapal. Well, here’s my story:

Saw a tweet the night before the show (yeah, thank God for that tweet) so I texted everyone the next day if who wants to go with me. Apparently, they’re not interested but whatever, I really wanted to see them live so bad. I’ve waited five years wow. An hour and a half before the show, they started selling their albums for meet and greets. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring money that time because I was really planning just to watch them pero hindi ko talaga napigilan, hindi ko kayang hindi sila ma-meet. While waiting, I was just staring at the CDs, hanggang tingin na lang ako eh. When they finally came up on stage, I feel really delightful that I finally saw one of my favorite local bands live. The funny part of the show was when Miggy said, “Alam nyo pag may mall show kami binababati namin yung mga sotres sa paligid. Bear Cuddles, National Book Store, (mentions other stores). You’re doing a great job!” hahah He’s funny. Oh, and also the part when they he saw the other shows at SM Baliuag, he saw that boy band called “Chicser” and they have a style and poses like One Direction and lol they copied the pose and oh God, it was really attractive I couldn’t control my hormones. AND OH MY GOD Miggy went up the barricade at our place. And I couldn’t breathe because crowd went wild to think that it was just a mall show, feeling ko natatabunan ako pero keri lang it was such a great experience and I started touching his hand and his body and everything. I tried to hold his hand and when I did, never let go of it until he came back on stage. AND!!!! while he was singing we had a moment where his red face was super duper close to my face so close I should’ve kissed him oh my god!!!!! His mic ruined the moment!!!!!!!
After the show, the band went backstage to prepare for the signing/M&G. When they came back, I called Miggy, and took a shot too bad my camera sucks it went blurry.

Very First time he noticed my existence. I’m proud.

And that’s when I started thinking of ways on how will I get up there and meet them. I was planning to talk to some fans on the line kung pwede nila akong tulungan but I didn’t make it because I felt shy. Then these three girls beside me have done signing their CDs and meeting them and so I was like, ‘this is it! kaapalan ko na mukha ko’. So I talked to them if they could help me, luckily, they didn't hesitate to give me a CD to meet them. and I was actually nervous for what might happen. I said just want to take a picture, so they supported me omg we instantly became friends aw. This is surely on of the best nights of my life. The cutest among them was Macoy. I swear, he’s really cute and all of the are so nice and attractive. What more could I ask for?

After I took picture with Ariel, Macoy talked to me omg.
Macoy: Patingin nga ako ng picture nyo ni Ariel. (so I showed him) Ayun ako sa likod oh!

He was super cute aawww I cannot.

And after I got a photo with Miggy, I asked for one more and asked him if he could do the derp face.

Me: Miggy, can you do the derp face?
Miggy: derp faaaace!?!!!!
Me: *laughs* Is it okay? :-)

then he just smiled hahah omg cutie 

Right after the signing, I told my instant friends if we could go outside and wait for them. Of course they agreed, we run going there even though all of us were so tired and my feet hurts. When we got there, there was already two fans waiting at the backstage door. We waited for them, and when they came out, we started screaming and Macoy screamed with us too oh my God I have a new crush. And I was looking for Mong because I didn’t meet him at the signing because of Miggy and because he left the stage already. And when Mong showed up,

me: Moooooooonnngggg!!!!!
Mong: oooooooooyy!!
me: Pa-picture?
Mong: sige ba!

This is my favorite of all even though my hand on his shoulder seems awkward.

That moment when they stayed for awhile to smoke and they chatted with us. We were so lucky. They transfered to their other van and we decided to go there too and four of them seems to avoid us lol okay and Miggy’s face when we saw him: “Miggy!!!!!!!!” him: O_O
We chatted him him while he was smoking and he’s nice and attractive I don’t even know what to say anymore. The only thing I regret was that I forgot to tell him that he’s my Pinoy version of Pete Wentz, idk, I just see the resemblance. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t believe you. 

Then they left already. That night was so so so great!! I was really happy!! Chicosci were very great live and their new record is sooooo gooooood! I recommend anyone who’s reading this to listen to it! I met some fans at the concert and we instantly became friends! I am really greatful. I can’t even thank you enough, Chicosci. xx

Happy Birthday To The Man We Love and Always Will Love

I know a post in this blog is long overdue and that most of you have never checked this for a long time. There are so many things to write about our favorite band, and more for out favorite man. 

Happy Birthday to one of the awesomest person I’ve met. I am sure all of you are well aware and have seen/felt it first hand that Miggy is definitely the nicest. Miggy, Calde, Ariel, Mong, and Macoy are a few of the humblest people in the OPM industry. And Chicosci is one of the most underrated bands ever. 

Some people don’t like Chicosci because they change sound every now and then. Some don’t like Miggy because he is not always a good singer. A lot of people say they like Chicosci more during “Revenge Against The Giant Robots” and that the newer records are too “emo” (as if none of us ever walked that path). While it’s true that a lot of Chicosci “fans” are “Miggy fans” and they only did listen to Chicosci because they liked Miggy, it doesn’t represent the whole band of followers. Most of us really did love the band first before we loved Miggy and the rest of the boys. 

So here’s to the REAL music-loving followers of Chicosci. To the ones who stood by from Revenge to This is not. To the ones who came in along the way but still took time to listen and discover Revenge,Method of Breathing, and Icarus (yo the real MVP!). To the ones who saw our five favorite boys grow up into men and into loving husbands and fathers. With a bottle of beer in my hands, I say cheers to us! 

This is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIGGY but so much more, this is thank you, Chicosci. Without the band, we would not love this man. With hearts on fire and horns up, we declare 2016 a good year for our favorite band and for our favorite man! 

Photo credits to Raymund Lloyd Tonolete. Shot was from “HBD Miggy” @B-Side last January 22, 2016.